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  1. Although I think putter fittings are overrated and in 99% of cases unnecessary, it seems like that would be your best option considering how you feel about your current bag. After a putter fitting, a new putter, and an upgraded shaft (assuming that is what they will put you in) you're looking at $500+ at least. Use the rest on a new driver shaft plus a few wedges and you're all set.
  2. @TWick is right. March would be much better and less different from a temperature perspective compared to January or February. Even then though you have to remember that Huntsville is a good 300+ miles north of Mobile so there will be some differences in temps. FWIW March tends to be the wettest month of the year for Alabama so plan on packing some rain gear if you do end up making the trip.
  3. @danglingangler what time of year are you planning on making this trip? Outside of the summer when it's hot as you know what everywhere in Alabama, there can be a significant difference in temps in different parts of the state. I'm no weatherman, but experience has shown me that places further south in the state (Mobile/Montgomery) are going to be on average a solid 10+ degrees warmer in the winter to early spring months compared to somewhere like Huntsville / Muscle Shoals.
  4. I can't play the V1x. It spins wayyyyyy too much for me. To the point where my drives balloon straight into the air and I'm spinning back 8 irons off the front of greens. My ball of choice is the Bridgestone B X. Plenty of spin around the greens but much lower spinning with the driver and mid-long irons. Just goes to show how different players can have massively different results with the same ball.
  5. If the focus of the bach party is all golf, then an RTJ trip is a solid, reasonably priced idea. However, the "nightlife" in Huntsville and/or Montgomery isn't exactly anything to write home about. Sure both cities will have restaurants and bars, but that is pretty much where it ends. You'll find a significantly better bar scene other places in AL (Birmingham, Auburn, Tuscaloosa, etc.).
  6. Courses can do whatever they want, but my opinion is that they shouldn't charge full price for at least the 2-week period after they punch the greens. Part of the responsibility is on the course to make players aware of the greens, but part is also on the golfer. If I ever make a tee time for at another course I make sure to ask about their aeration schedule if I know its that time of year.
  7. A pair of knockoff brand Under Armor cold gear tops and bottoms 5-6 pair of performance "golf" pants I also wear to work Various assortment of polos I wear year round 4-5 1/4 zip pullovers I rotate between A beanie Rain pants for those really windy winter days That's about it for me. If it's not going to get above 45-50 degrees then I'm usually not playing. Fortunately there are only 2 maybe 3 months out of the year where I live when that's the case.
  8. Have to agree with @golfortennis on this one. Once the club finds out what happened (and I'm sure they will at some point) someone will get in trouble over it. Whether it's the pro, the clerk who checked them in, or etc. I doubt it costs anyone at the club their job, but it's not going to be an "oopsie now let's all have a good laugh about it moment." Based on your description of him, I think your friend sounds like a bit of a Richard and needs to grow up / mature. On the off chance this actually comes back around to him and he did in fact use a company credit card he might be the stupidest person on the planet. If someone in my IT department did that and I found out about it they wouldn't be working here anymore. FWIW it is illegal in certain circumstances to call from a "spoofed" number. Under the Truth in Caller ID Act, FCC rules prohibit anyone from transmitting misleading or inaccurate caller ID information with the intent to defraud, cause harm or wrongly obtain anything of value.
  9. @John Wenger for what you are trying to do this is probably your best option. Either that or send it off to someone and have it professionally done. Unfortunately, I don't see any way you could simply paint that section black and have it look good or match up exactly with the color of the putter.
  10. If you haven't played much you'll probably shoot a million and most likely damage one of your brand new irons when you accidentally hit a hidden rock that was below your ball and you didn't see until after your shot. Excitement contained... In all seriousness though enjoy! It's next to impossible not to be happy about getting out and playing regardless of how you score.
  11. To answer your fist question... Depends on the season (how quickly the grass grows), the weather (rain or sunshine), and how frequently they mow. I'd say minimum 3-4 days and maximum well over a week. As for the second question... It makes the green look like garbage in my opinion. If I were you I'd run it by your head pro or greenskeeper before you do it. Otherwise you risk being "that guy". At my club a player from one of the local college teams that we let play out there did two chalk lines on one of the practice greens this summer without asking anyone. They were visible for over a week and we mow the greens 6 times a week. Needless to say no one within the club management was happy about it, and I'm not exaggerating when I say it almost lost that school their playing privileges. You're much better off just getting one of those training aids that is a string attached to two slim spikes. You get the same benefit of a chalk line without damaging the putting surface.
  12. As @nikeblades00 mentioned anything leather like is going to be pretty simple to clean. All you have to do is wipe it off with a wet rag/towel. Anything cloth (like the codechaos) are going to be a PITA to keep clean. The only way I've been able to keep those type of shoes relatively clean in the past is to take some hot water, tide detergent, and a toothbrush to them after each wear.
  13. That's what first came to mind, but I can honestly say I don't think I ever seen one of those in person. And that's coming from someone who played multiple sports at the biggest high school in our state. Come to think of it I don't even know if it was an option to get one when I was in school . I guess I just sort of assumed it was a trend that faded out after the 90s. Obviously I was way off on that assumption...
  14. My opinion tends to follow yours. It would be great to have a caddie when I walk, but considering I play 5-10 times a month when the weather is nice I don't think I could get on board with spending an extra $500 - $1000 each month just to have someone carry my bag. As much as I'm in favor of caddie programs, the scholarships they give out, and the life lessons kids learn through them I think a major flaw in the execution is that it just isn't reasonable for the members at 99% of the clubs to spend that much extra money to support it.
  15. This might be an ignorant question, but what is a "varsity letter"?
  16. I recently ordered a Taylormade club via my pro at my private club. Long story short I had a bunch of pro shop credit that would be expiring soon, and I didn't have anything else to spend it on. Yeah yeah I know... First world problems... I found out today that even though the club I ordered is in stock, TM considers any item not ordered directly from their website a "custom club" which takes the shipping/delivery time from 15 days max (direct from TM) to 6-8 weeks (not direct from TM). I'm not necessarily mad or upset at anyone about this or looking for any sympathy. After all this club was ordered mainly as an experiment, and it's not like it's something I desperately need. Although I wish I would have it before it gets too cold to play regularly. I guess I was just surprised to learn that TM considers a stock speck, in stock item to be "a custom order" because I didn't purchase it directly from them myself. Just thought I'd give people a heads up so they aren't surprised if they run into this themselves.
  17. Seems like a good idea if it were executed perfectly, but I don't really see courses biting on it. From a Head Pro or GM perspective - I'd probably ask you how this is any different than having a food/beverage cart driving around. To me this seems like it would just require the course to have to hire additional staff to make deliveries all day. Plus maybe some additional kitchen staff that could cook the "on demand" orders since the existing staff would be busy with people eating in the clubhouse. Aside from possibly a few extra dollars in food/drink sales, how do you envision the courses making enough additional money off of this to justify potential costs? From a user/golfer perspective - Would you be charging me a "delivery fee" similar to Uber Eats or Door Dash? If so, I would just stock up on food/drinks before the round or at the turn.
  18. Out of curiosity... Why Texas? There's nothing wrong with Texas, and I have no doubt you'll have fun. It just seems like a random (odd if you will) place for a road trip for people coming from Sweden.
  19. The rules / instructions are the first thing you see if you click on the classified section... GENERAL RULES - Members must have 75 posts to create a new listing in BST forum. ClubWRX members are exempt from the requirements or $5 per ad can be paid to post an Ad within 3 days of purchase. Post runs (more than 10 posts per day) to reach 75 posts are monitored and will result in account suspension. Please PM Gxgolfer for payment questions. - Pinned listing fees are $10 per week. Please PM Gxgolfer After purchasing in store. Pinned listings may have up to 10 items and additional items may not be added to the listing.The maximum period of time for a pinned listing is 30 days and ALL BST and Board Rules apply. - Sellers must combine their listings and cannot post new listings unless their previous listing is closed or deleted. Repeated improper reposting of listings may result in suspension of forum rights. - MEMBERS MUST CLOSE THEIR OWN LISTING once the item(s) is sold, traded or no longer available by clicking on the >>>"Moderation Option"<<< button and Lock. If you cannot figure out how to close your listing, please PM a moderator or REPORT! your post to have it moved to the BST Archive Forum or have a Wanted to Buy listing deleted. - DO NOT DELETE THE CONTENT OF YOUR LISTING WHEN YOU SELL AN ITEM OR CLOSE THE LISTING. Closed listings will be moved to the BST Archive Forum for future reference. You may, however, delete the photograph attachments to listings as well as the listed For Sale price if a different price has been mutually agreed to. - All Want To Buy (WTB) posts are locked. Replies should be sent by PM or Email. Listing items For Trade requires pictures and prices and should be placed in the For Sale section, not the WTB section. Multiple WTB ads are allowed. LISTING RULES No selling of items won through GolfWRX Offerings, Contests or Testings. The BST is for personal use only. Items may not be listed for your business or for a friend. There will be absolutely no unauthorized commercial postings, bulk selling, or liquidations of inventory. Listed items must be golf related. Clothing must be golf clothing, dress shirts/pants etc are not considered permissible for the BST. However, electronics that are commonly sold in golf stores - such as portable golf speakers, golf GPS and laser rangefinders and accessories commonly used to record your swing - are acceptable. Determination of what items are "golf related" is in the sole discretion GolfWRX Marshals and Management. All items must include a sale price, including items listed "For Trade". All items must include in-hand photographs that clearly show the items being listed. Small or blurry images in your Listing may cause it to be removed without warning. No watermarked images from Ebay or similar type hosting services are allowed. Members are allowed ONE open listing with a maximum of 10 items. All individual items count as one “item†– selling in lots is not permitted. The only recognized exceptions are: a. Matched iron sets up to 10 irons Wedges, even when sold as a set, count as individual items; b. Matched grip sets up to 13 grips - only ONE GRIP SET PER LISTING; c. Matched sets of iron shaft pulls up to 10 shafts; d. Golf balls in original packaging (Dozen or 15-pack = one item per pack) balls sold as individual sleeves count as one item per sleeve. Loose lots of golf balls (used or new) are not allowed. No item may be relisted within 30 days of the start date of the original listing. Members are entitled to only one listing per 24 hour period. Members must wait 24 hours from the time they close one ad before they are allowed to open another one. Violations will be deleted without warning. Absolutely no selling of new uninstalled shafts. Shaft must be butt cut or tip cut, prepped and tipped. Absolutely no negative comments. No advertising of "Gifting" or other means to circumvent payment service fees.
  20. Knowing this may hijack the thread a little bit... How would you all feel if your course (private or public) moved to "walk only" and developed a caddie program? I walk and ride pretty equally. Usually ride in the summer when it's hotter than you know what, and I'll walk/carry in the colder months to keep warm or if it's cart path only. One thing that never really gets mentioned is the cost of a caddie. Once you factor in the standard fee + tip you're probably dropping $100+ for that round (not including the green fee if it's a public course). Compare that to $20-25 for a cart rental and it's a pretty big difference in the price someone is paying. I understand that just because a course has caddies doesn't mean you have to use one, but it's worth thinking about.
  21. That is pretty disgraceful. I wonder how they plan on getting all of those kids back to the clubhouse once they finish up? Back in my day (old man voice) our state championship was a 2 day event and everyone had designated tee times going off of #1. If I remember correctly there were 10-12 teams competing all with 5 players each. Day 1 pairings were random, but day two was based on the round 1 scores. Always made for an exciting finish. At least it did for me and my team since we won 4 out of the 5 years I played.
  22. It obviously depends on how frequently the members play. At my club for example we are capped at just over 300 members and have a waiting list a mile long. In reality, we probably have closer to 400 once you account for spouses/children. I'd say the majority of those members play somewhat regularly, and it's a mostly younger crowd (maybe 70% or more under the age of 50). When the weather in good in late spring through early fall it can be tougher to get a tee time on a weekend morning. At the same time we have groups/games that play during those times so it's easy to just join one of them if you're interested. When the weather is less ideal (late fall through early spring) or during the weekdays you can pretty much get a tee time whenever you want or just walk up and tee off.
  23. Typically yes, but it's common and encouraged practice to tip on top of the fee. As someone else mentioned, just ask the pro shop what the suggested tip is. Let's say they tell you is $50 per player... If you feel your caddie went above and beyond then tip over that. If all they did was spot your balls all day then the minimum suggested amount is fine.
  24. No love for the TM bubble shafts?!?! Tried to attach a pic but couldn't get it to work. Probably because they are too ugly to be posted publicly...
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