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  1. Being the club hoe I am, I've definitely tried a few. Forged Tec's were my favorite of the type. Super long and surprisingly workable in the shorter irons. Sub 70 699 pro's were good as well. i500 felt like hitting hollow rocks, wasn't a fan. Although not hollow body, (super similar target audience) the JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro's were amazingly forgiving. Terrible toe shanked 6 irons would go 5 yards short. Best part was the small amount of offset. They were super hot off the face though and I would get the knuckle ball flyer a few times, especially the 7 and 8 iron.
  2. Wendy's 4 for 4 Hostess Cupcakes Four Lokos Jello Shots or, if that gets vetoed (cant imagine it would) Reverse seared new york strip with broccoli, country potatoes, crockpot mac n cheese and Portillo's cake shakes.
  3. My first set was a set of Wilson irons with golden bear woods. That 3 wood was so long lol, super deep face. Got them from my uncle when I first played when I was about 12. Was a big baseball player, got along okay around the course and shot in the low 110's probably. First set I bought was 2018ish. Callaway X-18's from PGA Superstore for $60, 4-PW and a XR16 driver. From there caught the bug and went from a 22 HC in summer 2018, to low single digits now. Bag looks a little different now!
  4. I play Project X LZ in my irons, could definitely play them in my wedges. The only reason I don't, is I just don't take many full shots with wedges. I feel much more comfortable and accurate clubbing up and hitting knockdowns. The DG TI Spinner has been great for those. May move to a LZ in my 50* though.
  5. These will be absolutely BUTTER. Last year I had a set of the 639MB's and they beat out my Apex MB's easily. Some really, really, underrated blades.
  6. Callaway: Driver, 3 Wood, Putter Mizuno: 5 Wood Titleist: 23* Hybrid Srixon/Clev: Irons, Wedges Last years bag had Callaway, Tour Edge, Mizuno, Sub 70, Wilson and Ping at one point.
  7. Had an Epic Flash Sub Zero for a couple months now. Love the head, need to look at other shaft options. Just not a huge fan of the feel. Previously I had a Callaway XR16, and I regret selling it. Was a great driver, super forgiving and really long.
  8. A sleeper pick that I would put up against anyone else on this list is Gary Woodland. Absolutely unbelievable.
  9. The ones that initially pop in my head are Rose/Honma, ZJ/PXG, Bubba/Volvik.
  10. Epic Flash SZ with Tensei Blue and Mavrik with Rip tide LOVE the 3 wood. So easy to hit off the deck, been hitting an absurd amount of greens in two this year. Easy to work the high fade. Driver, meh. When hit on the screws, super high low spin bombs. Everywhere else just loses too much ball speed. Might go back to a G400 MAX, but want to try some other shafts first. Not a big fan of the feel of the Tensei. Probably will try an Evenflow riptide, since I love it in my 3 wood.
  11. Purely off opinion and personal experience… Adams Idea CMB 2007 X Forged Srixon ZX7 Honorable Mention: Apex Pro Double Dot and 2018 X Forged
  12. I would look through your last few rounds, and see when you pulled the 210-220 club. Was it off the tee or coming in to long par 4's/short par 5's? It may be better for off the tee to have a lower running shot from the hybrid, and the opposite for the 7 wood in to greens.
  13. This is my exact problem. Its a non issue for me with woods, hybrids and longer irons, but gets bad with wedges and short irons when I forget. Makes my shots leak right more than id like. My best way to fix it has been honestly to just beat balls at the range with the face slightly closed. After 20 balls or so, what ends up being square looks normal finally. Another good reminder for me on the course is to line up club face before stepping up to the ball at address.
  14. Club Champion is definitely on the higher end for prices. For 2k difference I think its a no brainer to add lead tape, hot melt, or whatever after that to hit that swing weight, it it really matters to you. Swing weight is easy to change for that much money.
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