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  1. I currently was just in this conundrum myself. I opted to go PW(44)/48/54/58. Here's a link to the thread with some more input:
  2. Congrats on the T100S! Been resisting the urge to hit the newer gen because I know I'll take the plunge myself hahaha
  3. Update - Played a couple rounds with 48/52/56 and personally wasn't a big fan. I think some of it is just mentally being used to a 48/54/58 setup, but overall I felt that yardages between 48 vs 52 were just too close. It made me more indecisive and unsure of what club to pull at yardages I normally am familiar with. Some of that I'm sure is just me but it left me thinking there was no reason to force myself into a different setup if the results weren't obviously and immediately better. So right now the decision is to stick with a PW(44)/48/54/58 setup. Appreciate everyone's opinions and feedback.
  4. Yeah like everyone else is saying, kirkland by a mile. Price and quality combo cannot be beaten.
  5. Bit of an update - gonna get some range time and play a round with a PW/48/52/56 setup sometime this week and will report back. Still sorta leaning towards the idea of bending my PW to 45 or sticking with a PW/48/54/58 setup as of right now but we'll see how it goes!
  6. Some of these responses make me grateful I'm not a member at some of these clubs.
  7. You're gonna love em. I was fitted last year for these and had my current 54/58 wedge setup. The fitter said gapping from the 48 to the 54 was gonna be pushing it but I just kept on rolling with them anyways. Can't say they haven't been good to me, its just sometimes I find myself in one or two positions a round where I think a 52 instead of a 54 or a 50 instead of a 48 would be great.
  8. Agree, I honestly have been shocked at how much I have loved the 48. I don't have the greatest touch with it inside 105-100ish but man, it is always spot on when I need that 105-110 number. More people need to give their iron set gap wedges a try because I can't imagine a specialty GW being much better.
  9. I more or less currently do everything you're saying except instead of a 50/56/60 do it with the 48/54/58. I've got less touch with my 48 inside 105ish though. My 58 is my go-to bunker club as of late (firm bunkers around my parts so I really like it when I need to really dig under).
  10. Thats not a bad idea. I'm with you on the 60*, lot of folks just carrying one because its become the "traditional" thing to do.
  11. I know, I really try. But sometimes you play a round and walk away from a hole or two going "man, if I had a ____ wedge I could've been spot on" and then thats all you think about during and after the round until the next lol.
  12. I feel pretty confident in my distance control and versatility with my 54*, not as confident with the GW. If I'm inside 100 yards and a specialty shot with the 58* isn't needed, my go to is the 54*. I have given some thought to bending stronger/weaker. I do like the idea of bending the PW and opting for a 50*, 54*, and a 58* or a 60*.
  13. I'm in the market for some new wedges and was just wondering what the config looks like for players with similar setups or lofts towards the bottom of their bag. I game the 100S first-gen irons and the lofting of the PW/GW make the bottom of the bag weird. My top of the bag setup certainly doesn't help either lol. Currently my bag looks like this Driver 3 Wood 5 Wood 4 Hybrid 5-GW (PW 44*, GW 48*) 54* SW 58* LW I don't really need to replace my 48* GW, but I'm open to doing it to sort out the gapping a bit better. I've been thinking about keeping the 44* PW, 48* GW and replacing both my 54/58 with a 52/56. I've also thought about just keeping the same setup but was just wondering what people with similar configs do.
  14. I think for most players the most important part of the game is getting yourself off the tee and not into trouble (no penalties, no need to punch out, etc). If you can do that then you're setting yourself up for success.
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