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  1. That’s exactly it. Don’t bother trusting it.
  2. I’m in Alberta,Canada and it just snowed on the weekends and I won’t see green grass for 6 months, so I’m in no rush unfortunately. Not sure why I live here
  3. Need everyone’s help here... which grip do I go with? give me a like for GOLFPRIDE OR thanks for LAMKIN
  4. In order to get proper spin numbers indoors trackman needs metallic dots on the ball if you’re indoors. I know this for fact and I learned it the hard way after going through a fitting from what was supposed to be a reputable fitter. 600-800 rpm high. If you see an those numbers in italics, it’s a wash. Higher the speed the worse numbers you’ll get with trackman. If your numbers were coming from a quad or gc2 go with it. Outdoors trackman is arguably better but indoors nothing beats a gc quad. So feel good you weren’t wrong.
  5. Arccos has my average at 312 yds over 142 rounds. I am Canadian but I never played a ton of hockey growing up but it definitely was my first sport to play. Being 6’3” helps for sure. +1 hdcp. Speed comes down to technique and mechanics mostly imo.
  6. Data from Hundreds of millions of shots. No lies and,no pre and post back and shoulder injuries, no perfect conditions,no cart paths, no ego.... just ACTUAL AVERAGES across the board. #TheTruthHurts #ArccosKnows
  7. Hit both of these again tonight after being fit two weeks ago and my fitting had 921T come in on top with p7-mc a close second, both hit in the kbs $taper 130x. hit 6i during the fitting and hit 7i tonight. Results tonight mirrored what I saw two weeks ago which is nice because it gives me some confirmation. I am coming from my classic Adams cb2 idea pro black irons which have stayed in my bag for years and honestly there are still only marginal improvements. Anyway on to what I found. I am a +1.0 Hcp and feel like I hit the ball well and I feel like these irons fall into a 0-6 han
  8. A fellow Alberta!!! I’m ordering my tours this week, won’t make it, but it’s going to really be a slow winter now.
  9. Got fit for the tour 921’s w/KBS $ taper 130x this week, with the TM p7-mc’s a close second . Can’t decide on if I go chrome or black shaft? Has anyone one ordered this with the black s tapers? Which way should I go?️
  10. Can anyone compare the Clicgear to the sun mountain speed cart GX?
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