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  1. What I wouldn't give to have an extra $750 right now
  2. Hello all! This is my first sell post here so apologies if the formatting or pictures are off. First up: Nike Roshe G Tour shoes, size 11.5. - $40, shipped Price Drop to $30, shipped Bought these on a business trip out of necessity and tried to make them work as a second pair rotation but just didn't fit my foot. Worn approx. 5 rounds. Only blemish is a line mark under the swoosh on the right shoe (see pic). Next is my old gamer set, finally moved on from bae: Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Wood Set, 10* Driver Neutral / 5 Wood Draw. - $SOLD Driver has a 65g Stiff shaft, 5 Wood has a 60g Regular Shaft, both standard length. Comes with both headcovers. Gamed these guys for about 8 years, probably 125-150~ rounds, and many range sessions. They show age but still can put a ball down range. Would be great for someone getting into the game or who wants to rollback technology on themselves. Next is a shaft pulled from a Rogue Driver: Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75 Graphite 6.5, Callaway tip, plays at 45.5in installed. - $40, shipped Bought as an experiment to my new driver, just couldn't handle the weight. Speaking of bae's, this was the hardest one: Odyssey White Ice Teron Putter, 35.0, new SS Pistol GT 2.0 installed in 2020. - $SOLD Finally got me a Toulon after years of looking, and just hate to see her sit in the corner. Always catches eyes due to it's unique shape, and always rolled well for me. Gamed for about 8 years. Comes with a generic Odyssey headcover. Now, the clothing: North Face Fleece Zip Up, Large - $30, shipped Nike LSU Pullover, Large - $30, shipped Take both for $50 Both gently washed and hang dried each time, no noticeable wear, snags, etc. The North Face is getting close to on the edge of "will I wear this at a golf course," but for me it was a great range jacket, a little warmer and gets me loose faster. The LSU pullover just doesn't get as much love as it should with other jackets in my closet, would love to see someone rep the ole Alma Mater. All payments will be through PayPal G&S, and I will be shipping either USPS or UPS, based on packaging / item. Feel free to ask any questions or shoot me a DM, hopefully this formats right. Thanks!
  3. Never even close lol. I have a bad tendency of trying to "make up" for poor shots with an even more improbable one after it. As you can imagine, it does not go well. As Chipa said, there's a handful of drives I crushed and remember them like it was yesterday, so I think that's what my goopy lizard brain is going for.
  4. I'm going to go a little literal here and just say I wish I could afford that Ping Hoofer Tour bag. I'd never buy another one. Lol
  5. I feel like there's a correlation to the "carry only" people and the "pants only" people. Lol.
  6. I have yet to buy any *new* wedges. I have always gotten hand me downs from family or friends, or from BST here or reddit. Even then I've only ever owned 4 or 5 total, so maybe I should change that...
  7. This is my first year with a new driver in about 8 years. Pulled the trigger on a CPO Mavrik. 9* in the standard draw setting, Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 60g. I used it as a rental on vacation last November and fell in love. Can't wait for the first full year with it. Speaking of old clubs though... still rocking my OG Diablo 5w. Looking to replace that this year as well but not sure what I'm going to go with. The TSi2 keeps catching my eye but not sure I have the wallet for it at the moment. Most of the courses near me are shorter so I rarely even use this part of the bag, hard to justify.
  8. I'm currently gaming 54/58, seems to be performing just fine. I've had them less than a year so don't want to bail to another setup quite yet. Definitely use the 54 more.
  9. I just realized I'm turning 30 this year as I was looking at those breakdowns. Ugh. I'm definitely "older" physically than my friend group, due to my height. Just means I have to do all that stretching I was talking about.
  10. Two Apple Watches (Only wear one, other is in a closet somewhere), a couple Citizens, my grandfathers Seiko.
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