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  1. I just had a few fitting sessions and got some decent data regarding my swing. Of course, I was very interested to see my driver and iron swing speeds. The averages were 93 and 82 respectively. That got me thinking about golf balls, and how different compressions are supposedly better suited to different swing speeds (i.e. the conventional wisdom that you shouldn't hit a compression higher than your swing speed). But I'm curious if anyone sees real noticeable differences between balls that are "designed" for your swing speed vs. ones that are not? Especially when it comes to varian
  2. Haha...yes! This is exactly what I've been thinking lately. Just go back to the 845s. Maybe consider throwing a new shaft in them and/or upgrade the grip, but why change what was working! So true!!
  3. Thanks for sharing your story. One of the things I've come to realize as I read all these replies (as well as hunt down other threads with similar themes) is how much of an (expensive) process finding the right "fit" can be. It's rough that it often comes down to pulling the trigger on a set, realizing it might not be the best, pivoting to a private sale so you can recoup some of your cost, and then lay down more cash on another go-round. Yikes. This gets a little off topic, but I had a class during my MBA studies that challenged students to come up with a new business that would
  4. Yes, thank you, I totally agree...taking a quick cruise through Ebay it looks like I could get around $600 for the irons. I'm okay taking a little bit of a bath on the irons, but a $400 dollar bath is a little extreme!
  5. Absolutely, and thanks again to everyone for your time in helping me sort this all out. 845s have the original Tommy Armour Tour Step (stiff) shafts. I'm not sure who these were manufactured by in 1988, but I believe later iterations of the 845s (early 2000s) it was TruTemper. Ping have the AWT 2.0 (stiff) shafts made by (I think) Nippon specifically for this club.
  6. This is extremely helpful information, thank you. I have steel shafts in the 845s. I still have the original shafts in almost all of them...Tommy Armour Tour Step (S). It looks lke the swingweights are considerably different between the two sets of irons...which would seem to suggest my struggles hitting the G410s flush. I guess my next question would be...is that just something you just eventually get used to, or is worth trying to get the weights dialed in on the G410s?
  7. This is great, thank you so much for the advice! I hope (maybe) that the fitter will be able to speak to the weight of the shafts? I will definitely bring it up.
  8. Thanks everyone for taking the time to provide your input and advice, it's very much appreciated! I snuck out to another fitter this morning, Golf & Ski Warehouse in NH for those of you who might know it. This was a very different fitting experience in that the fitter took his time to walk me through each iron he was having me try, as well as why he was changing the shafts, and what he was looking for. The data we got from the G410s was good, but he was surprised I was fitted into a GI iron since my swing is pretty consistent. He then had me try some better player iro
  9. Thank you, I've added them to a short list of other irons I'd like to try. Others on the list include: Mizuno JPX919 Forged Callaway Apex 19 TaylorMade P790
  10. Thanks for the reply, great advice and very much appreciated! I'm hopeful the fitter will work with me to straighten it all out (no pun intended). Good to know about Ping C.S. too...again, thanks!
  11. I do still have my 845s, so will definitely bring them with me when I go back this week. Thank you for the advice! I definitely think it's more pronounced with the 4-7, but even the 8 and 9 are prone to have hits out towards the toe. The PW is fine. Curious...if it's a swing weight issue, is that something that I will just adjust to over time, or should it be an adjustment to the clubs to bring it in line with my swing?
  12. Thanks so much for the response. The fitting was the first I had ever done, and it was information overload. The fitter clearly knew what he was doing, but I was getting hit with so much new information (ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, efficiency ratio) that it was hard to process everything on the spot. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have done a whole-bag fitting in one go, but instead parsed them out over time (driver and woods one day, irons another, wedges another, etc). To answer your questions: I hit about 8-10 shots with the G410s during the fitting and they were g
  13. New to the forums, and I'm pretty sure this post belongs here, but please let me know if not and I'll move it. I haven't had new irons since my dad bought me a set of Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scot back in 1988 when I made the high-school golf team. I've cycled through new drivers, woods, wedges, and putters since then, but the irons have remained constant. I'm a 10 handicap, average swing speed of 90mph, and reliably hit my 7-iron about 150yds.This summer I made the decision to get fitted for a new iron set. I went to a reputable fitter just north of Boston and got placed into a set of Ping G4
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