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  1. Messed around with my Sub70 wedges. Switched to True Temper Tour Issue S400’s. I play 3/4” over and just started to play with swingweight, so attempted to do some port drilling to get them to D6+. Tour Velvet 360 Midsize grips. Originally had KBS Ctaper Lite x’s in them and they were like D9/E0. Figured 300+ gram heads, 130 gram shafts 3/4” long and 60 gram grips, counterweighting the shaft would be too heavy……like I could tell the difference anyway . Definitely could tell the difference between E0 and D6/7 though! It’s just fun to work on my own clubs
  2. Looks like Trottie and LA have the over hosel figured out. There are some instagrams of Dustin Johnson testing it out in a spider today at the US Open.
  3. Like How?!?! Being on the board has some perks! via @trottiegolf
  4. 6’5” and just reshafted to 36”, irons are +1” and 2 degrees upright.
  5. Ordered direct from Garsen. Check out their Instagram @garsengolf or www.Garsengolf.com. You’ll have to drop them an email for the TPE version. Couldn’t be happier with the grips. The trapezoid shape combined with the firm TPE feels great in the hands. After about an hour of practice the hands fall repeatedly on the grip the same way. The shape gives instant feedback of hand placement. For me, it gives me the feeling of a solid flat back left hand heading to the hole, as I would generally be to strong with the left hand, and completely opposing right hand. G
  6. It had some type of spacer or shim ring starting about a 1/4 way down inside the hosel, wound up having to drill it out. No amount of heat or twisting was taking the old shaft out. Tipped the new shaft a bit and had to use a brass shim to take the slop out.
  7. Nope easy off easy on, that odyssey though was a pain in the a**...
  8. My Sim2 10.5 with HZRUS Smok RDX Blue 6.5 shipped out, should be here Friday!
  9. Reshafted and gripped my two putters, both with KBS CT Tour shafts and Garsen QuadTour TPE grips. Spider Tour Black and a White Hot Tour 1.
  10. Rebuilding an old Odyssey Whitehot Tour #1 from 07/08....heated the hosel as normal with a butane torch to pull the shaft. Some epoxy boiled out revealing some space between the shaft and hosel with some type of tray or ring at the bottom. Long story short did they have some weird attachment? No amount of heat or twisting will budge this thing.....
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