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  1. I'd say look into the ball you play too, I went from Tour B XS to Tour B X because my gap wedge was spinning shots back off the green, and now I don't have to worry about that but I still have plenty of check around the green. But since you mention height being way too high for your liking then I think the shaft is the main culprit. Just another thing to consider though.
  2. Those are way different. PM grind has a ton of relief and the F grind has basically 0 relief, it's pretty much what you'd find on the bottom of an iron. The closest thing to PM grind in Vokey's line would be the D grind, high bounce and good toe/heel/trailing edge relief.
  3. After using this shaft for a few months now, I don't see myself changing my driver setup for a long time. Feel is amazing, super smooth and it's stiff enough to not feel like rebar or a noodle, just perfectly in the middle. I've also been working on slowing my transition down a bit and pausing slightly at the top, and there's no issues with loading. It just WANTS to go dead straight. The TSi3 head wasn't for me and swapping to a ZX5 made everything click. If you get a chance to try this shaft out, do it.
  4. So it's a bit hard to compare the ball flight since I did have a 9 degree for the TSi3 and 10.5 for the ZX5 (got a good deal on that head) but the ZX5 feels much better, TSi3 felt a touch harsh even with perfect contact. I did use the adapter to loft up but even then it didn't help too much. I'm only like a degree up on my driver so the lower and further back CG on the ZX5 helped out with height. The TSi3 really is more comparable to the ZX7 and the ZX5 to the TSi2.
  5. I haven't hit the other 2 to compare but I have the Atmos TS Red 7S in my 5 wood and love it, it's so easy to hit and launches high. Not whippy or boardy, just perfectly in the middle, very stable and feels great. I think you'll like it.
  6. Slightly older Mizuno sets come to mind. They generally had offset on the slightly higher side but not crazy. Here's the specs for the MP-64: Maybe not as high as you're looking for but those are some great looking irons.
  7. Can't hurt to occasionally check the classifieds here, blade sets pop up often.
  8. I was testing a Diamana TB with the TSi3 and used it with the ZX5 too. Love how smooth and stable it feels.
  9. Just took it out for the first time and wow this driver is legit. Looks really nice, feels and sounds great, super easy to hit. Might end up kicking the G410 out of the bag.
  10. Blade designs differ a lot from one manufacturer to another. Sole design is the biggest one that will have an impact imo. But if you like your VR Pros I'd stick with them personally, those are one of the best blade sets ever in terms of a total package.
  11. The crappy glow balls with a slot for a glowstick. Those things are absolute rock solid garbage. Great if you want to cave in a driver or fairway wood.
  12. I just looked through Getty Images and it honestly might be different than either of those lol. It has the same stamping on the face and neck as the one you posted, but also has stamping on the bumpers and the cherry bombs look quite a bit larger.
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