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  1. Great win for a great guy. Also really interesting to see way more happening at the top end of the bag.
  2. I mean I hate heavy putters but still not sure how a more consistent flow of headweights would mean much since putting is so much different compared to all other shots. Just whatever is comfortable for you, which is why there's so many styles and grips for putting.
  3. SIM looks so much better with the black instead of chalk, wish the other clubs in the line were the same way.
  4. Would be a nice choice for Ping players as another user said above.
  5. Just picked up a TSi3 9.0 head, going to get either a TB or Ventus to complement it. Anyone have experience with this shaft and Ventus Blue, thoughts on feel/performance differences?
  6. Saw that thing everywhere back when I played golf in HS. One kid even had a clone driver of that called the Turbo Power Ti11, thing sounded even more obnoxious than the SQ Sumo lol.
  7. He looked automatic with it, so straight.
  8. My Arizonian is legit, feels and rolls amazing. Even with a Left Dash Pro V1X and a smooth face the feel is so nice and deep. Ended up ordering a son of a GOAT too as the Arizonian is a touch heavier than what I'm used to. I'll get used to it after time but what a great product, money well spent.
  9. Crappy indoor lighting pic but this thing is amazing. I'm playing Monday and will have more info then on how it feels on the course but just in my hands rn it feels great. Glad I didn't have to shell out hundreds more just to get a premium putter with a sight dot.
  10. I'm a PP58 guy. Cannot stand big grips, they make it impossible for me to feel the clubhead.
  11. IMO would look much better if they just swapped the TM logo outline and the SIM2 script.
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