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  1. I got slate. I like how it's a bit more unique than classic navy but navy does look great too. Can't go wrong with either color.
  2. Yeah openings should be the same. The pockets and strap system are different.
  3. No I have the member's bag. This pic shows the differences:
  4. FINALLY found some plain white/black Icon shield tips in my size. Tarlows are nice but I like this styling much more.
  5. Love how it looks. Feels pretty good when on my back. Space is a bit tight (my Players 4 is a bit roomier) but it's not an issue for me since I carry very little in my bag anyways. Some tangle but it's nothing I can't handle. Very pleased overall.
  6. Got one coming in soon, went with slate for color. I have a Players 4 and like it so it'll be a nice upgrade that's functionally just about the same. Love the minimal branding for a super clean sleek looking bag.
  7. My Son of a GOAT and my 681 Ts. The putter is everything I want in one (light weight, smooth face, sight dot, minimal branding, squared off profile). Irons on the other hand are pretty obvious.
  8. A. Cleveland RTX-4, but I do have a Vokey T grind coming in soon to test out. B. I'd say so (Srixon). C. 46, 50, 54, 60 (PW is from the iron set). D. Mid/10 in 50/54, low/6 in 60. E. S400 TI
  9. You'll get all the workability with some added forgiveness if you go T100. They won't feel nearly as good as the 620 MB though. If you're not too picky about feel, you could look on ebay or the BST forum for a gen 1 T100 set to get that pre-worn leading edge and save a few bucks. Another good option is Srixon as others have said since you're steep. I love my Srixon irons and they feel amazing but they're a bit large for the iron category they're in. Titleist will be a much more compact package.
  10. Some of the cleanest blades out there. LOVE the low offset and long hosel.
  11. 620 MB easy. The new T100 don't have the pre-worn leading edge like the first gen (and the 620 MB) and don't get through the turf as well. And the 620 MB looks absolutely amazing.
  12. I've had mine in the bag for about half a year and absolutely love it, won't be changing it out for a long time. It feels and performs great, and it looks amazing at address. You can find them on ebay head only for $200 or even under sometimes.
  13. I don't right now (Tour Velvet 360 on woods, MCC +4 on irons, Crossline Cord on wedges). I plan to go Crossline Cord midsize on all my clubs in the future though (whenever I put my other set of irons into play).
  14. Absolutely LOVE my ZX5 driver, coming from a G410 Plus. Also I should point out how good it looks at address for the more forgiving version. Doesn't have that super ugly elongated pointy back like most other drivers in the category (notably TSi2).
  15. Just go up a size, or add a few additional wraps of tape. Larger size will make it easier to feel like you have a good grip. If anything a softer grip could be worse.
  16. I play Z Forged and Z785, Z Forged is a nice deep feel and Z785 is very soft. Not sure if you prefer one feel over the other but I'd assume ZX7 would lean towards the softer feel of the Z785. Something to consider, cannot go wrong with either option performance wise though.
  17. Pretty much none, 620 MB has very low offset for Titleist blades. Closest you'll probably get is 681 with its constant offset of .08" (2mm).
  18. Thanks, definitely looked like Asia with all those trees and the way the hills roll.
  19. ~105 mph, 1-2 HC, Tour B X. Going to test out Z-Star XV a bit though. While I prefer to play the same ball I don't really have an issue playing pretty much any top-end ball.
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