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  1. Damn those are sweet, gonna have to demo these.
  2. Lamkin Crossline Cord will be softer than Z Cord if you still want a full cord grip.
  3. Quick recap in 1 post (I only looked at the standard version for ~30 seconds): -Very sleek look, all black (looks so much better at address without the white) with some red accents on bottom -Overall profile is pretty much just like the SIM 1, sliding weight track is back -Face color is a flat red (look up RGB 180, 60, 60 to get an idea), can be customized through MySIM -Face is very light compared to a titanium one, allowing more overall weight to be behind the face Most of this has probably been said already but just trying to give my personal thoughts. If what's being said about the performance is true, it'll be a real beast. I'm not a TM guy and haven't cared for their stuff for a while (mainly due to looks) but this would be on my list of products to try out. Great blend of classic and modern overall.
  4. Not sure, I had it in hand for no more than 30 seconds and mainly was curious at the profile so didn't notice if it said so on the corner of the face. But I'm sure they retained twist face.
  5. Absolutely love mine, been using it for around half a year now and can't see myself changing it out for a long time. Feels and performs great. I really can't stress how good it looks at address for being the more forgiving version, Srixon nailed the shaping. It doesn't have the super long pointy back section like most other drivers. Think of a TSi3 with the performance characteristics of a TSi2.
  6. It's pretty neat, way lighter than the conventional face. It's a deep muted red so not too crazy looking.
  7. Just saw the driver in person. I'm not a big TM guy but it looks way better than SIM and SIM 2 imo. Much less polarizing and love the sleek look. Customizable colors for the face too but the red honestly doesn't stand out like crazy.
  8. Driver: modern Titleist 975D. 3 wood: modern Nike T-40 Tour. Irons: 2-PW NCW, straight mid muscle, pre-worn leading edge grind, squared off toe, traditional lofts (49* PW). Wedges: 54* and 60* NCW. Putter: Current gamer.
  9. If the 221s had a straight muscle like the Fli Hi those would look insane.
  10. Think I'm gonna have to get a 54 S grind, liking everything I'm seeing about these.
  11. Z785 V-sole has 19 degrees of bounce so the closest you'll really get is taking something like a Cleveland Full grind/Vokey F grind and giving it some trailing edge relief.
  12. When I upgraded from my old junior clubs way back at the start of high school and got some new 588 Forged, I just got a 54 and 60. I've stuck with that since, and I almost never take full swings with my 60 so I don't really feel inclined enough to test out a 58.
  13. I'd say 56/60 is the "older way" compared to 54/58. Back when 47/48 degree PW was common a lot of people would go 52/56/60. Now that most PWs are 46, 50/54/58 has gained a lot of popularity but some still go 52/56/60. It really just depends on the loft of your PW. My current irons have a 46 degree PW, and I go 50/54/60. My other iron set has a 49 degree PW and I would still just go 54/60 as I've been using that for a decade and am comfortable with taking half shots or choking down to hit in-between yardages.
  14. Got a 3-PW set of MP-37s up for sale. Bought these used a few years back, only played a few rounds but didn't really vibe with them. Been lazy so just had these sitting. These are in great shape. Chrome is still nice and shiny, faces and grooves still have tons of life left, minimal chatter present (irons were cleaned right before taking pics so some water spots are still lingering). Do note the PW has 2 small gashes in the sole. DG S300 shafts, standard length/lie/lofts, Golf Pride MCC grips, original ferrules. Asking $280 shipped CONUS.
  15. TM - don't really care for their stuff anymore. Liked some of their offerings years back but not really a fan of their brand now. P7TW is pretty much the only exception. PXG - ugly, would have to perform absolutely amazing to get over the looks. Scotty - $$$$$$. To be really honest though there's generally a category from each manufacturer that I don't care for.
  16. If he wins again I don't want to hear anything about Jack.
  17. Can only comment on the Linksmaster as I haven't used the other 2. I got it because of the nice materials and the classic look without any branding. Perfectly fine for walking and riding. I don't carry a lot in my bag so it's fine (few ball sleeves, tee pouch, rangefinder) but if you carry a lot I'd look at a bigger one. My only real dislike is the 3 way divider instead of 4. Having all the clubs slide to one side can be annoying when riding but walking is fine. That's the only thing I'd change and even then it really isn't too big of a deal.
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