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  1. I bought my Lazrus wedges because they were a small shop I interacted with on Facebook who happened to make lefty wedges and hybrids. My Byrdie Golf Designs irons were the same deal. A small shop not far from me willing to make some lefties. I know how small the lefty market is and it's an investment for companies. I chose to support them and I have been very happy I did. My irons and wedges are great. The hybrid is great, too, just not a spot for it currently. If you don't support local business that do great work, you can lose them.
  2. Since we are heading back into the office starting next month I got a 6:04 Monday and will see if I can squeeze 18 before I head in. I don't think I can, but my first meeting isn't until 10 and it's 40 minutes to the office, so it might be close. But this is another reason why I'm usually good with a quick 9.
  3. But will the raw version rust? <edit> at least it doesn't cost more.
  4. I really like these. And I have yet to lose one (lost a Bridgestone e6 today). I am not seeing a mark on it so far in a single round.
  5. The 0211 driver for $230 is damn tempting.
  6. I guess this is my fear. I think they look fantastic, but I would like to try them first.
  7. So a little over a month and over 2 dozen rounds. I beat the hell out of this poor pitching wedge and it barely has a few chatter digs. This finish is holding up well, damn. I thought it would look like the copper and I was wrong.
  8. I still can't find one. I play 3-4 different balls each round. I seem to be able to play each equally good/bad. A good shot with a cheap ball still seems to be a good shot. And bad shots are equally bad with a more expensive ball. I play a mix of good, mid level, and cheap as hell. I tend to like the cheap as hell for that reason alone.
  9. I really like the 500. The dispersion I got on 4 was epic. Almost a straight line just left of the pin. Spalding SD Tour Inesis 500 soft Bridgestone E6 Spalding Pure Spin
  10. My hero shot of the day from the 3rd fairway to the 2nd green with a pitching wedge. 8' from the pin, I was happy. <edit> you have to bend it or you clip the tree and will be short.
  11. There was a thread a few weeks back about the number of brands in ones bag. Mine is currently at 4. One challenge for me as a lefty is fitting a whole bag from one OEM. I have like 5 to choose from. I tend to match my woods, that might be weird. <edit> I like that most tour contracts seem allow at least 1 club from just about anywhere. Like Ping only requires 10 Ping clubs.
  12. What you do with your balls is your business. Just saying. <edit> I barely wipe my ball off half the time.
  13. Yeah, I keep saying that then I buy 6 dozen TP5's because I got a coupon. I don't want to think about how many I have now, but I've been losing them quick enough.
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