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  1. I use a wire brush on my irons and the finish still looks incredible. I have at least 50 rounds on my irons now and only a few scratches on the soles.
  2. So you can feel my struggle. These are truly the sweetest irons I've ever hit and if I ever find a 6, I might just keep them. But the Haywood MB's are supposed to come out soon and I will likely get those as my blade set.
  3. It's the original KZG blade, same as the first picture. Only lefty, that's been the catch. I have seen one in a year as part of a 6-PW set I got outbid on.
  4. Here are the ZO specs, they have roughly the same offset as the OG's. https://kzg.com/forged-irons/zo-specs/
  5. You realize they are 20 years old? I can't find a 6 iron. <edit> I could say "ask Jennifer" but I don't hate you. She's lovely.
  6. Relax, it's totally a game. Unless your tour card is in jeopardy, then I feel for you.
  7. It's a good thing I don't keep score.
  8. Not much. Here's the 7 iron. <edit> also the sweetest irons I've hit so far. OG KZG's are legit.
  9. Lofts are 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48 for 4-PW
  10. Ha, that's a 2001ish KZG blade. I have a full set (minus the 6, dammit).
  11. My 3 wood showed up yesterday. Shipped 9/28, expected 10/6, arrived 10/18. If it hadn't sat in Portland since the 10th, it might not be so bad.
  12. Looking at the lofts of the Takomo 101's, I'm basically a club up. So my PW is now my 9 iron in my blades, so I hope that works.
  13. "a whole bunch of crap". I have a few brands represented.
  14. Nice work. If I'm solo first out I can do 18 right at 2 hours with a power cart. I am averaging 1:15 for 9 before the office and that has been working until recently. It's a bit dark before 7:30 these days.
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