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  1. I will hit a shot that just feels right, looks great, falls right where you wanted and think maybe you got the hang of this. Then the very next shot you shank. At least that's me. Sometimes it's the same shot. Hit one that looks great, but maybe a little left or right. I'll drop another to see if I can square it and shank it into the woods.
  2. I'm 49 and yesterday was almost too cold for me. I am playing tomorrow, but it's close. 48 is the high tomorrow. I've got thermals on and a hoodie. I wouldn't feel comfortable playing in much more than that.
  3. As a quality engineer (software mind you), I for one am excited. I think it has incredible potential and the idea is awesome. Mine shipped today, so with any luck they will see some play this weekend.
  4. Practice with what you play with unless at the range.
  5. I would love to see someone do GPS in a golf ball that didn't change the characteristics of the ball. Not really possible considering what the usual core looks like. RFID is your best option and my guess is the ball is different.
  6. I just got a set of 5-PW, God I love these irons. I am looking for 3 and 4, but it seems there aren't a TON of these in lefty. But these were exactly what I was looking for in an iron. I had never hit draws on demand with an 8i before. But my old clubs were Gi.
  7. I just started playing regularly and still have some work to do, but Sunday was awesome. I hit 4 of 9 greens in regulation. I haven't been far off, a lot of pin high but left or right 5 yards, or short 3 feet. I am good with my wedge, so making par hasn't been too tough. For me there is just something about hitting a green from 180+ yards out. Even if it's still a mile from the pin, to hit the green from yardage makes me feel good.
  8. I have only played the NXT for 2 rounds but have really liked how they are performing. I only got a box of 50 to try, so it sounds like I might want to stock up or start trying something else.
  9. There was a few interesting points about Tigers impact, or lack there of in the new Doc on ESPN. With Bryson juicing (you can't convince me he isn't), no telling where golf is headed. Maybe the next gen of golfers is Brodozers and lifted golf carts.
  10. I tried it myself and failed. It's $3 to have a grip put on, I just have to drive into town to do it. Minimum order was 3, I got 4 to try. I have a set of brand new Golf Pride wraps that I have been trying to get installed for 2 weeks now. If these totally suck, they will be on eBay and I will drive to town. If these don't suck, great. Considering my old grips were original and nearly 20 years old, I don't see me doing a ton of my own grips. This would work out awesome. See about the swing weight, I doubt it will be an issue for me, but who know
  11. Your approach might SEEM sane, but I think your numbers might say otherwise. Florida, where natural selection is a way of life.
  12. They spent a half day on the first green, it got the worst of it. It seems they hang out between 1 and 2 near the road, but will spook and tear through like this a couple times a year. I thought it was pretty funny.
  13. They were $10/each and they charged me $5 shipping because it was less than $75. I paid almost $10 for my last grips and haven't had them installed yet because I need to drive into town to do it. I have pretty low expectations, but seemed like a cool idea.
  14. I just ordered 4, see how they work out. I need to re-grip 6 of my clubs but I prefer the wrap grip. So I am not fully committed yet.
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