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  1. I have only bought Golf Pride Tor Velvets off eBay and they seem legit. Usually $3 each or so.
  2. My M1 5 wood is 17* and is awesome both off the tee and off the deck. Just like my hybrid, I tee it very low almost like off the deck.
  3. I hit my 18* Lazrus hybrid off of the tee. I tee it low like I do for my irons and hit it like it's a perfect lie. Hole 5 is a very narrow gap off the tee with a pond on the left (where my miss goes). The hybrid is most reliable for that hole, but I hit different things all the time.
  4. Yeah, I think I have ruled out SLI. While I understand the concept and think it would work well for some folks, my game is too different to change up for single length. If I had a single swing, sure. But after my swing analysis it's clear I don't. As cool as I think it is, I am pretty sure at this point it would be an epic fail.
  5. Close. https://sterlingirons.com/5-pw-steel-shafts-left-handed/
  6. I'm also kind of weird in that I am not new to golf, I just haven't looked at new equipment much in the last 20 years. My current iron set is from '01 and don't conform to the groove standards. But they were NOS and everything I read said they were one of the purest feeling forged iron out there. Considering what I spent to build them, they were so totally worth it. So it wasn't about the latest tech, it was a search for the best feeling and I might have found it in a new old set of forged Japanese irons.
  7. Sorry, it was like $2800 for heads and a set of clubs from Maple Hill for $1200. With shafts and grips, even if I didn't want them. <edit> I didn't price full clubs from TXG, they might be totally reasonable.
  8. I had played with the set I bought in '97 until last summer. Granted I was playing once or twice a year, at best until then. First month in I upgraded my irons and my game showed. I upgraded 2 months later, and more improvement. It's been 6 months, I am on my 2nd shaft in my 3rd set of irons AND I just bought a set of BGD irons (because I said I was gonna). 3 drivers, 4 fairway woods, 5 wedges, 5 hybrids, and I MIGHT be done if I get the 22* GAPR Hi or Mid. But I also might swap the shafts in the BGD's. Then, maybe I am done. I feel like a combo of my playi
  9. I was just looking at a Taylormade GAPR Hi 22*. I will wait and see where my yardages are with my 4 iron with the new shafts first. But I have a spot and think it might be a cool option.
  10. I sell all my crap on eBay and have also bought a lot of crap there, too. I am not sure how I ended up with this many club boxes, I swear I haven't bought that many. But apparently I have.
  11. Yeah, I can feel it. I have enjoyed this process of building my current set of irons and that's what made me consider this. I am still interested in trying a SLI setup, but I think to give it a fair shake, I should start with a legit setup. The Sterling SLI set is $800, not cheap, but seem like quality pieces and I could almost justify it.
  12. Similar, yet different. I am a software engineer who likes to play video games. I learned early in my career that working for a game company is the easiest way to kill my love of video games. My guess (and based on others responses) is golf would be the same deal. It sounds awesome, but in reality, it would kill my enjoyment.
  13. I started with a high bounce 56/14 for everything, but I hit thin on fairway lies. I got a low bounce 52/8 and a slightly lower bounce 56/12 and this pair seems to be working well for me.
  14. I will say my brush sticks to my towel a bit, but no biggie.
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