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  1. And I totally do. But I don't know if I'd like SLI or not until I've hit them. Issue being lefty is I will likely have to buy some to hit them. I feel pretty lucky in that my last few sets have gotten progressively better and haven't regret switching. Problem is it makes me wonder if these are this good, then how good would those others possibly be? I feel like I will end up with a player set, a fancy set, and a floater set of irons. The floater set being whatever floats my boat at the time.
  2. My forged blades are from '01 and are basically the same as the blades today and pretty much the ones before it, too. Not much tech in smashed steel.
  3. I really love the looks of those Honma TW-X. They are really high on the list.
  4. I have come to grips with the fact I might never reach the green on 9 in two. But as long as I can put number 3 this close, I'm ok with it. Left was 30ish short 2nd, right was 40ish short 2nd shot.
  5. Damn, I wish I could find a set of Mizuno's for less than $200. I would have them already.
  6. I hope to be close to scratch by the end of the year, but I don't swing nearly that hard. I'm not willing to give up the ability to hose myself for the sake of single length.
  7. Finally broke down and got a cart bag of Facebook Marketplace for $40. I am happy.
  8. Dammit, I just agreed to buy a TM bag. It's only $40, so if it lasts this year, I'll be happy.
  9. I've considered putting right just for the hardware. Nobody makes a fake lefty Cameron, dammit.
  10. I remember when everyone got pissed about the long a** putters nobody uses anymore. They aren't illegal are they?
  11. Ping is like close to, if not 100% lefty. They are really the only ones. Taylormade Sim 7 wood in lefty.
  12. To be fair, the only things I've bought new were my wedges and putter. Everything else I've owned less than 3 months. So not sure how loyal I am.
  13. My fear is I'm kinda good and if I use single length shovels, I'm not going to have the best experience. If I get bored enough, I'll drop a couple hundred on a set to try.
  14. I'm not a long driver and my 3 and 5 woods were negligible in distance with the 5 wood being more consistent.
  15. Driver = 3 5 Wood = 5 Hybrid = 2x2 = 4 Irons = 20 Wedges = 2x6 month = 1 year Putter = 1 34 years young.
  16. Congratulations, that's awesome. I have accepted the fact I may never. Now it's a game of how close, but not.
  17. Me either until a couple months ago. Someone on here had mentioned it, I searched, then Facebook started showing me ads. I asked about lefty and they said "only wedges and hybrids currently" so I bought a 3h and 56/12 to try. I liked the wedge enough to get the 52 as well for more options. <edit> they are in Boise, ID so shipping to me was 2 days.
  18. So there are a couple component setups. The Heater 3.0, Heater F35, Pinehawk, Turner LX22, there is a set from One, but they are $400. The others are less than $200 basic, $250 built out nicely. I can't seem to find any real reviews of any of them.
  19. I currently use a Lazrus 52/8 and 56/12. I am very happy with both and they are also pretty cool folks.
  20. My current set is basic stock lie and loft, stock length shaft and they play amazing. I might build up a set of component heads at some point. Major issue is I like nice stuff, but I'm a cheap bastxxx. If I got fitted for my KZG's, they would be $220 a club. I built them for $40 a club. I might have them adjusted at some point. But so far in 3 rounds they are amazing.
  21. It's never been up to me to prove they are. Last time I bought sunglasses they were obviously fake. I sent pictures, they asked the seller for proof, I had a refund in less than a week. Wish now has "certified authentic" items now because of a lot of fakes. I'm not saying anybody should, I'm just saying if I could I would.
  22. I started playing in college for credit and played 3-4 days a week. We always got a cart because it part of the lazy aspect of golf and I've always held onto that. It is a legit sport, at least more so than bowling and certainly more than poker (thanks ESPN). I don't think I will ever understand the need for a caddie, there are apps for that now.
  23. Also Walmart for Spalding Tour. I am dying to try these, but can't buy more balls yet.
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