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  1. It's the original KZG blade, same as the first picture. Only lefty, that's been the catch. I have seen one in a year as part of a 6-PW set I got outbid on.
  2. Here are the ZO specs, they have roughly the same offset as the OG's. https://kzg.com/forged-irons/zo-specs/
  3. You realize they are 20 years old? I can't find a 6 iron. <edit> I could say "ask Jennifer" but I don't hate you. She's lovely.
  4. Relax, it's totally a game. Unless your tour card is in jeopardy, then I feel for you.
  5. It's a good thing I don't keep score.
  6. Not much. Here's the 7 iron. <edit> also the sweetest irons I've hit so far. OG KZG's are legit.
  7. Lofts are 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48 for 4-PW
  8. Ha, that's a 2001ish KZG blade. I have a full set (minus the 6, dammit).
  9. My 3 wood showed up yesterday. Shipped 9/28, expected 10/6, arrived 10/18. If it hadn't sat in Portland since the 10th, it might not be so bad.
  10. Looking at the lofts of the Takomo 101's, I'm basically a club up. So my PW is now my 9 iron in my blades, so I hope that works.
  11. "a whole bunch of crap". I have a few brands represented.
  12. Nice work. If I'm solo first out I can do 18 right at 2 hours with a power cart. I am averaging 1:15 for 9 before the office and that has been working until recently. It's a bit dark before 7:30 these days.
  13. Hey, my bag was $30 off Facebook Marketplace. The range session was good and she is excited to try them out on the course. I found a set matched pitching wedge, so that comes Friday. She will likely need a specialty wedge eventually, but for now she has 13 solid clubs.
  14. A text update on my package Thanks FedEx. FedEx: The estimated delivery time window for your shipment isn't available. You'll receive an update if it becomes available.
  15. She really likes her putter, I knew better than to mess with that. But she did pick out a very nice bag. Way nicer than mine Burton Lady LDX Plus Cart Bag
  16. Her driver showed up today so she's excited to hit the range tomorrow and see how it goes. She wants 2 range sessions before we play a round. But with any luck she will be with me next weekend on the course. She said she likes that I put thought into it vs just giving her my old sticks.
  17. I am waiting on my GI irons (Takomo 101's). I have a blade set and am currently playing split cavities. I prefer the blades, but am enjoying my SC's. I want to see what difference, if any it makes. I will likely upgrade my blades when the Haywood MB's come out in lefty. No idea what my handicap is, but I shoot close to par most days (I don't really keep score).
  18. So this year for our anniversary I decided to upgrade my wife's clubs. She's been playing with her ex's hand me downs since she started, so I figured I would get her clubs of her own. After a lot of reading and research, I found a hybrid iron set (Adams A5OS), newer driver (Cobra King lady F6) and new 3/5 fairways (Cobra lady F7 max). The clubs all looked fantastic and I barely spent $300 at this point. But the grips on the irons were very dry, so I ordered new grips and thought I was done. Until I ran across the Karma purple sparkle grips. Returned the regular grips and got the purple sparkle. She saw the clubs and was so happy to have "clubs all her own" but it was the grips that totally sealed it. They were $25 for a set of 13 and so totally worth it. My wife loves the girlie look and is very happy to go with me now. I could have probably regripped her old ones and got off a lot cheaper. But I know she will play better with these and she likes them. Sometimes I get it right.
  19. Nice. I would like to do something similar in mine this winter.
  20. Yeah, as much as I would like to see an American in F1, I also want them to earn it, not like Mazpin. I thought it was awesome to watch Sainz charge up the field. Also watching Perez battle Hamilton was clearly the highlight.
  21. Not even close, maybe 8? I've narrowed it down to one, but I still have a ton of all the others. So it might be a while.
  22. I knew they made great baseball gear, I had no idea they made golf gear until last summer.
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