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  1. Good to know, I'm a member at Hartefeld but like to get out and play the other courses every now and then. I went to the casino last night and it looks like it's in amazing shape so I'll probably give it a shot before the year is over.
  2. I know it's a little late but Broad Run, Rock Manor and Glen Mills are my favorites in the area, Wyncote if you don't mind a little drive. Haven't played White Clay because I've heard it's so challenging that it's not even fun.
  3. So I've watched the series 3 times and taken this to the range twice. Don't have any videos yet but after months of chasing a shallow shaft from the start of my downswing Cast A has gotten me on the right path. The result still isn't consistently pretty but I hit a bunch of balls yesterday and drew or even hooked 85% of them which is something I've never done. Finally felt like I understood what my club face was doing. I think the feeling that stuck with me on cast A is to instead of feeling like I'm pulling the handle down with my right hand is to cast to 8 keep my right wrist in extension but rotate my right palm to the ground. if I start this at the top of my back swing by the time I get to cast B I felt like I had a square club face and could throw the club head through the ball. I was hitting mostly 8 irons but pulled out the driver and was absolutely launching some balls between duck hooks and pulls. Can't wait to see what the left side of my home course is like! I live in the right rough/bunkers/OB so this will be like playing a whole new game.
  4. Done and done, will pick it up after my round today! I'm knew here so haven't heard the broken record. Appreciate the advice.
  5. A lot to take in here but unlike a lot of swing advice I actually understand everything you're saying. Seriously thanks for the time. One thing to clarify, what do you mean by hands too deep. I'm assuming you mean going out too wide, should they be more vertical to the ground? Thanks
  6. I've put hours and hours at the range, watch all the Mike Bender videos, video tape my swing, hit an impact bag, you know the drill. All trying to shallow the shaft of and avoid my miserable misses right and slices. I've made big progress the last 2 years but I'm still off in my downswing transition. I also think I need my front leg more straight through rotation so I get my hips through. The first 2 swings in the video are my bad missed (taking the club out way too wide and coming steep over the top and the 2nd two swings are about as good as my swing gets. I put a slowmo then full speed swing for each. Any thoughts or drills to help my down-swing transition and rotation? I'm a former baseball player so have a lot of weird muscle memory I have to change.
  7. Is it that outrageous? He's describing basically every baseball player I've ever met that picked up golf in their 20's/30's (myself included).
  8. Wondering if anyone here has followed a similar path. I'm back in the game after a decade long layoff and have really wanted to dedicate the next 2 years to improving my ball striking and scoring with a single digit HC goal. Played a bunch of rounds this summer with my old GI Pings and got my HC down to ~16, former baseball player, good eye hand coordination long off the tee and a ~175 7i distance, the problem is I have a very steep swing and a nasty slice/push slice so I am rebuilding my swing from the ground up. The old Pings shovels I was playing are very forgiving with mis-hits but with my goal of fixing a broken swing and not just hitting the most forgiving iron I picked up a set of MP20 MMCs from someone here for a smoking deal with the logic that if I'm determined to fix my ball striking I should have a set of irons that highlight my misses. I have lots of time to practice and live <5 minutes from my club, so I guess what I'm asking is has anyone here played irons likely out of their league and successfully practiced their way in to them? Fixing my slice and ball striking is my number 1 priority over immediate scoring. It took me a few weeks to get used to the thin topline and smaller body but I'm confident taking them on the course now but my scoring has definitely taken hit.
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