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  1. OP here... Thx for replies... Again, any concerns with cutting 3" off of a shaft and causing issues? Thx!
  2. Upgrading to TS1 Driver for my 10 1/2 yr old from USK TS. My question is am I better off ordering Flynn custom shaft where I can get a 40'ish inch, or cut down a Speeder or something similar. Thats a lot of shaft to cut where some of these other companies don't come less than 44",46". I'm aware a lot of "tinkering" is required for getting the weight back in sync when a shaft is trimmed that much. Thx!
  3. Club fitter says shouldn't even make a difference in performance... maybe just a fluke.. just odd..
  4. Please tell me if I'm crazy here, but we put new grip on Cobra SZ 39 1/2 and cut .25 inches down based on club fitter recommendations. My son was hitting this great but choking down. He isn't hitting this club good at all ever since we modified it. Can .25 inch really make that big of difference or is it most likely his youthful inconsistencies. Thx!
  5. OP here... thx for the replies. We had a chance to play fri evening and hit about 3 balls each on a par 5 with USK TS and Cobra Jr Speedzone. Luckily he hit both clubs at this best and reporting back that Cobra definitely longer by 10/15 yards. Ball comes off the head completely different than USK. USK TS is a good driver, but we will be switching to cobra full time.
  6. Anyone have any good feedback from winter training with 10 yr old boy drivers? Looking at Speedzone, Prodi G, F9, etc.... Thx! Spring is finally here!
  7. Thanks all! Yes it’s used so just going to find a shorter shaft and save the one that came with it for down the road. Excited to see how this club pans out!
  8. Was able to snag a great deal on a Cobra SZ Junior for my son. Could only get the 41' length shaft and he really needs 39'ish as its too long. Question is should I get a new shaft or cut existing? Thx!
  9. Wondering if Ping Prodi G flex chart is the Bible? Son is 56’ right on their cut between reg/stiff. Swing speed only 60-65 though. 9 1/2 yr old... on smaller side for age
  10. Some good stuff here... Everyone has different preferences of course, but my 9 yr old switched from Chrome Soft to Titleist Tour Soft end of fall competition and really liked it better. Seemed to have a nice feel all around for him vs Chrome Soft. Definitely putted better with it for some reason... better price too!
  11. Went to recommended club fitter to choose between us kids and prodi g. Conclusion was US kids TS3 57 would be best for my 9 yr old coming off Ultralight 54’s. They did not however have any woods to hit. Some on here have spoke negatively on us kids woods mainly hybrid and 3. Thoughts on buying ping woods and mixing w TS3 irons or should we just stick w same brand for everything to maintain consistent feel since he is young? Thx
  12. Thx for all replies and glad I found this site! Sounds like graphite is way to go. We are 54 now and extremely close to 57 in us kids sizing. My son is average for Height/Weight for 9. He’s played for 4 yrs and first year for us kids fall tour on top of local course jr league competitions last 2 yrs. he averaged 42 through 6 us kids tournaments I believe. Distance wise hits 7 100’ish on fly and driver about 180/190 with roll. I think graphite will work just fine for him thx
  13. Anyone have experience with Graphite vs SS with USKG Tour Series irons. Obviously a lot of variables and subjectivity but looking for any guidance. My son is 9 and plays US Kids Ultra Light currently and will upgrade to Tour Series this winter but not sure what shaft to get. Thx!
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