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  1. Anyone have any idea what the closest match to a Hzrdus Smoke Yellow (60g/70g stiff) would be for a hybrid? PX doesn’t currently offer an 80g hybrid version. Would a smoke black be at all similar? Do I need to look to other brands? Kind of a shaft noob here but really want to stick with what works if I can. - Michael
  2. Negative ghost rider. I may experiment with one down the road but these 6.0’s are so money I doubt I’ll move to anything else. Gotta pay for a full bag of fitted clubs right now but my other 6.0 isn’t going anywhere.
  3. I can’t really comment specifically because the plastic is still on the head and I haven’t rolled it. I also haven’t seen another Hive putter yet with the star milling. My guess is it is somewhere between fit face and fancy face.
  4. 1) Bettinardi Inovai 7.0 Prototype Hexperimental Kool-Aid - 1 of 1 - 303 Stainless Black Oxide Honeycomb FIT Face / 6061 anodized aluminum body - crescent neck / approx 20* toe hang - 35” long / 70* lie / 3* loft (standard) - 360g head weight - Bettinardi sink fit jumbo grip - Blue T-hive cover included - Shipped & insured to CONUS. International buyers pay shipping. - Gamed but in good condition. —-> $OLD 2) Bettinardi Inovai 7.0 Hive Blackout - Brand new - 35” - std loft/lie - 358g - Bettinardi jumbo sink fit grip - $475 retail - Brand new original cover included —-> $OLD 3) Bettinardi Limited 1/11 Veterans Day Inovai 6.0 - Brand new - 1 of 11 - 303 Stainless Fancy Face / 6061 aluminum fangs / all black PVD, distressed American flag RWB finish - “spud neck” (single bend) / approx 10* toe hang (nearly face balanced) - 35” long / 70* lie / 3* loft (standard) - 358g head weight - Bettinardi sink fit jumbo grip - Original Distressed American Flag cover included ($600+ market value) - Shipped & insured to CONUS. International buyers pay shipping. —-> $OLD pin 10/1
  5. Thank you for taking the time to explain this so clearly. I find your answer much more believable than the fitters’. After all, physics are physics. Two distinct tip shapes cannot feasibly bend the same exact way; while it’s likely I wouldn’t tell the difference between them, it seems worth it to me to replicate the exact setup I was fit for and not leave anything to chance. Great to finally understand all the angles so well. Off to Billy Bobs golf I go to pick up some taper tip collared ferrules and tip cups! Cheers everyone! Thank you!
  6. Dumb question here, but does SW = Sand Wedge in your comment?
  7. Appreciate the responses gents! My fitter finally responded to my question about it. Interesting answer. Let me know what you guys think: "The tip size actually does not affect how the tip plays. The taper and parallel perform exactly the same, and are designed to take the change in diameter into account when they measure torque, flex, etc. The PXG iron heads can accept a parallel, but it has to be prepped (shaved) down a lot in order for that to work. We always use Tapers when dealing with PXG. They are really wide at the end of the hosel and taper really hard toward the bottom of the hosel. They actually require special ferrules on them just because of that." Not sure if it would change anything, but my spec sheet calls out zero tip trim and a 37.5" 6-iron. My usual club builder said he's always used the parallels for PXG's, and there's a good chance he'll be building the clubs. I guess IF the above is true, I should just go with whatever shaft technique he's most familiar with...
  8. Hey all, My latest fitting spec sheet calls out “Steelfiber i110 R taper” which I assume would mean the 0.355 taper tip. Pretty sure Steelfiber makes a 0.370 parallel in i110 R flex, so why would my fitter specifically call out the 0.355 taper when PXG irons naturally accept a .370 parallel? Does the tip size really impact the shaft profile that much?
  9. Was the yellow sight line an option from TaylorMade or custom/aftermarket? Cool either way, just curious; haven’t seen that before.
  10. What exactly is a tour issue ball? I had no idea there was such a thing.
  11. Good prices for the swag covers. I spend a lot of time on the swag FB pages and these are reflective of what I've seen there.
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