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  1. I kinda have my heart set of trying a set of PXG’s. Thanks for the offer though! Great sticks.
  2. The pics speak for themselves. Gamed two rounds with iron covers on. Looking to trade for a similarly pristine set of PXG 0311P’s with Elevate 95 stiff shafts (NOT the TOUR elevate) or comparable, like Nippon 950 gh. Will consider heads only as well. ***WILL ADD CASH DEPENDING ON GENERATION & CONDITION*** Specs: - 3 through AW - Factory shafted w/ TT Elevate 95 Stiffs. - Std L/L/L - Original grips in like new condition Ca$h price: $OLD shipped CONUS. This final price drop is firm. Will happily keep these as
  3. Will consider anything w a stiff shaft (5.5 or 6.0 if project X). Minimal wear preferred.
  4. Looking for a hybrid shaft, stiff flex, for my apex 3 hybrid (20*). Tip adapter doesn’t matter since the apex does not have an adapter. Tensei Orange or Tensei Blue strongly preferred (standard, not pro/tour). Will consider any length reasonably close to a 20* spec length, I.e., from 17*-22*. The longer the better though since I could cut it down to size.
  5. Ideal specs: - Gen 3 (not ruling out Gen 2) - standard length - standard lie, 1* flat, or 2* flat - stiff steel shafts comparable to Elevate 95’s, Nippon 950gh, etc. Would also consider steelfiber 95’s. - minimal bag chatter and wear, if any Also considering picking up. 54*/58* forged 0311’s or sugar daddies. No dark finishes please. Satin/chrome only.
  6. 1) New Out of Bag Swag Two Face Special. 1 of 28. An OG, low-volume cover guaranteed to appreciate. Never been on a putter, only in sunlight for these photos. $1350 shipped CONUS / OBO. 2) NOOB Swag Camo Skull, 1 of 84. Never been on a putter, no sunlight. $625 shipped CONUS / OBO 3) Swag Handsome One “Flair” Limited Edition. 1 of 100. Gamed one round. Original head cover included, NOOB. Sticker isn’t even peeling. $OLD Trade consideration: Set of mint PXG Gen 3 0311’s. T &/or P. 1) NOOB Two-Face Special
  7. Sorry for the slow response time everyone! Had some personal sh*t to deal with last night. The hybrid has sold to the first full asking price offer.
  8. 1. Callaway Epic GBB 5 wood - 18* - 1/2” off OEM length - Aldila Tour ATX60-S - New midsize golf pride tour 360 - cover included - gamed 3 rounds, excellent condition. - $OLD 2. Ping G425 3-hybrid (19*) - Stock Tensei Orange hybrid Stiff shaft (OEM length) - stock arccos-equipped grip - stock cover included - gamed 1 round. Extremely faint brush marks on back of crown, no idea where they came from. Very hard to capture on camer or see in broad daylight. - $OLD 1. Callaway Epic GBB 5 wood
  9. Gamed one round, G425 hybrid in excellent condition. Cover Included! - OEM length - 22* (4 hybrid) - Original Tensei Orange 80HY Stiff shaft - OEM Arkos Grip, protective sticker still on - Minty! $OLD shipped CONUS OBO HZRDUS Black - Standard 3/4-hybrid length - no adapter tip - golf pride grip $100 shipped CONUS OBO
  10. Used for 1 round each, and yes I use iron (wedge) covers. Zero bag chatter. All high bounce, ideal for playing anywhere in the south or rainy conditions. - 60/14 WS Grind (SOLD) - 58/14 WS Grind (SOLD) - 54/14 WS Grind (SOLD) - Ping ZZ115 lite NS stiff shafts - Original Ping grips - All black dot, standard L/L $OLD each, shipped CONUS 54/14 58/14 60/14 Right to left, 54/14, 58/14, 60/14 pin 4/1
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