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  1. NO longer interested in Swag. Horrible community.
  2. FYI you have to lock the thread for the admins to close. Look for the "moderator actions" button (or something like that) at the top of the post, and click Lock.
  3. 1) Ping G5 iron set 3-PW in great shape • Green Dot • Regular flex (original steel shafts) • Standard length • $OLD shipped to CONUS 2) Low Tide Flow Masters Edition • Std L/L/L • Salty grip • Gamed a few rounds, in great shape • $OLD shipped to CONUS
  4. Looking for a Tour Suave or Handsome with these features (flexible): • Stainless (Satin finish / open to others) • No swagee or Chicago models • Headcover not required
  5. It’s not a flow neck! The base Savona 2.0 is a flow neck yes, but Piretti made this custom version with a double bend shaft, face balanced.
  6. https://pirettigolf.com/product/savona-2-elite-custom-4222 Since Piretti went to a flow neck with the Rev 2.0 Savona, this is the only face balanced model. Limited edition / sold out. 34”. Weight kit, wrench, & carry bag included (355g/365g/375g) $OLD shipped to CONUS
  7. Nothing sells quick here unless the seller is willing to lose big.
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