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  1. Do you have any more pics of the stealth wedges? Sole/cavity area in particular.
  2. I use the longer irons but I’m moving toward hybrids. I was fitted using a 5 iron on a lie board, G410 only which is 38.25” long standard (38.75” in my case). I agree it has a lot to do with what generation of iron I’m hitting and I need to be careful translating that to older sets, if at all. I don’t disagree with your statement that anyone can be called a master fitter. It was a bit surprising to put me in the 1/2” long category by WTF alone, then put me on a lie board and “confirm” that with one iron in black dot without even trying a blue dot std length. Again, s
  3. I have a feeling we’re all saying the same thing, but getting confused over the nomenclature. If you buy a “more upright” club, like a blue dot is 1 degree upright, it could be said that you’re essentially playing the iron on the right in the above image, except the flatness has been corrected to “correct lie.” You could also say you’re playing the uncorrected iron on the left, except your specific swing, like in my case, allows you to place it on the ground correctly like the center image. Long story short... left image = me with a +1” black dot or sta
  4. I see what you’re saying, but I think more upright means the shaft is more perpendicular to the ground when the iron head is placed even/parallel on the ground. Meaning the toe is “closer” to the shaft. what I should’ve said is that adding 1/2” makes the club more flat, but only if the toe is then corrected by bending it down a degree.
  5. He was a certified Ping fitter, and was called a “Master Fitter” by GG. Another reason I’m curious is that he said I was 1/2” long only after taking my wrist to floor measurement, which was “confirmed” while watching me hit it. But I never hit blue dot standard length, and their hand marked measuring stick didn’t really line up with my WTF when I looked at it myself. Edit: He did not measure my height. He was kind of obnoxiously confident in his fitting, which either means he’s that good or possibly not listening to customers well enough. Seemed to know his stuff an
  6. So I recently got fitted for ping irons (g410’s were used). The online fitter told me standard length blue dot (1* upright). The golf galaxy fitter told me I was +1/2” and black dot. He also told me that adding 1/2” is basically the same as going 1* flat, which makes sense. By that logic, couldn’t the online fitter and pro fitter both be right? Couldn’t I also hit a standard length blue dot? Reason I ask is used standard length irons are much easier to come by... I’m 5’8” with 35.25 wrist to floor.
  7. Yes they are authentic Scotty weights, and I have the originals. Edit: The originals are flawless, no scratches, kept in padding.
  8. Of all the putters I’ve owned, I wanted that one to be “the one” more than any other. Maybe I didn’t give it enough time, and maybe I’m wrong on this, but if my stroke is solid - and I believe it is - A putter suited to my stroke should be draining putts almost immediately (more than my current putter at least). Yes there can be an adaptation period, but I don’t want to relearn everything I have learned in all my years of putting to fit a putter that I want to like. Probably many that disagree with me here, but that’s my personal take on it. Long story short, I just couldn’t si
  9. Thanks everyone. Sorry I’m a newb.
  10. Thanks for the info. I didn’t understand what pinning meant. Do bumps have any effect at all? Mine were informational or questions from buyers; I didn’t just type the word “bump” btw.
  11. Strange! It’s been bumped but it’s not getting to the front page? I’m a Club WRX member. I did just sign up but surely that’s not how it works? Thanks for the heads up!
  12. I can get to my ad by going through my activity stream, and I’m getting PM’s about it, but I can’t see it in the live BST ad page. Is that normal?
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