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  1. As lowering my handicap down to 10, I have finally become really good at striking the ball! So I have gotten for Christmas my new (used) irons! I got Mizuno jpx900 tour irons and I love em! Check the whole bag out!
  2. Hey I've been trying to post my new clubs I got recently on "what's in the bag" forum. It will not let me add any file. Actually when I tap add files it won't even work, like I tap the add files button and nothing happens. I need help if your so kind enough to reply!
  3. Me and my dad go ball hunting at night with ultraviolet lights, we found a titlest acushnet k..... Yeah that's an old ball, it's even got a balata cover.
  4. So I recently as of a month ago got a simulator in my basement. Nothing much just a launch monitor and a canvas tarp with a driving range mat. My family has been getting annoyed that it sounds like a shotgun going off everytime the ball hits the tarp. I also have a thick thick blanket in the front of the tarp hanging as well. If anyone knows how to make this more quiet it would be greatly appreciated! Any advice I'm willing to try, as my family is coming to their wits end.!!!! Thanks much, Joe
  5. No, I have to swing so far inside out in order for it go straight with a slight draw. If I set up normal and swing normal I pull left everytime. I'm bout normally swinging inside out this much I'm compensating for this pull. I forgot to mention I'm getting new clubs tomorrow. They have stiff shafts and I'm not pulling them. I just wanted a second opinion on this matter, because I was thinking about having regular shafts put in them like I'm used too
  6. So I have recently fixed my problem with early extension! But now since I can finally hit a seven iron above average distance (160 yds), I have been slowly developing a pull left almost to the point where is consistent now that I have more swing speed and proper shaft lean at impact. I almost have to swing so far inside out to get the ball straight I feel like I'm drawing the ball a little, butt it goes straight for the most part with a little draw. I am playing regular shafts and need to know if this is the issue. I deffinetly hit harder and swing faster then ever before. I need some advice p
  7. Wanna know something funny??? I'm 24 lol. But hey I'm still a kid at heart!
  8. Yes honestly if you go to a golf course at night, and use a UV flashlight, it's almost insane they light up when shined by the light like they were produced by the chernobyl disaster. Especially the colored matte balls...
  9. So I found out you can find golf balls at night with a UV light. I ended up buying one, and found 342 balls tonight with my father. I found this, it may be special it may not be... But I need a little info... It's not letting me add a picture like I normally can so I'll describe it, ugh. It's a titlest prov1, but instead of just saying prov1 on the side it says "ProV1-392" if someone could help me and give me some help that would be great. I'm just wondering if it's the first model? Maybe the second year of production? Please let me know!
  10. Honestly I have a set of blades I bought this year after getting back into golf after 5 years off. I was hitting them absolutely fine. The set I bought isn't a name brand. They are Merc Taurus irons, I know I've never heard of them either. I went to this guy in my area who owns a shop and is an expert. He gave me three clubs to hit to try out. One were the blades, two were cavity backed irons. I went and trued then and I was hitting the blades better, I went in and told him that I hit those better and he smiled. He said "your gunna be good at golf stick with it..." So we bought th
  11. EXACTLY!!!!!!! I had to learn this on my own! It's not difficult to hit at all actually! I'm actually quite please with alot of practice I have been doing the past two weeks, I have become as consistent with my 4 iron as my 7 iron. It's so crazy to think that all your golfing life you have been told "long irons are hard to hit, it's difficult, it's hard, it's not consistent, your an amateur you cant hit them, and only the pros and scratch golfers use them." Being told these kind of things out brains automatically think we can't hit them. It might even be subconscious! But then I was bound and
  12. Honestly he says you should try to sweep the ball of the ground. I couldn't hit the ball that way. I was topping the ball like crazy. Honestly as long as you know how to hit the ball first and ground second, I have learned there is literally no trick to hitting them. If you put the ball in the front of your stance and swing as of it's a 7 iron, you will be able to hit them fine. Honestly I stopped listening to these PGA coaches and "certified instructors" and learned long irons by myself. It's not hard at all. I'm going to have to say it's the stigma of the long iron, and automatically assumin
  13. Me and my dad had one course that was just god aweful. What I mean by that is the stuffy, stuck up vibe and crappy regulars who play there. So me and my dad were going to play golf about two months ago. I always went to the courses driving range and practice facilities, but never got to play the course. The course was always looking beautiful and was a very well-groomed course. The courses name it's Brighton golf course, it is a town of Tonawanda NY municipal course. So after always going to the driving range here I wanted to play it. I ask my dad if he wants to go, he
  14. I used to play golf up untill I was around 18-19, took a couple years off now I'm 24. Got back into it after my dad signed us up for a league. So the day is August 17th 2020, me and my dad are playing ghosts for this week in our league because the guys we were supposed to play didn't show up. We played the back nine that day. My dad has about an 18 handicap. He wasn't playing good at all that day, like at all.... Then we end up at the 17th hole, it's a 158 yd par 3 uphill over a pond. You can't see the surface of the green, but you can see the flag. I ask
  15. Well thanks for the info guys really appreciate it!!!!
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