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  1. So I just tryed to hit five decent balls.... Didn't happen. I'm quiting this sport. I'm done. No matter how much effort you put into something you will never be able to do it. Four hours of practice a day to no avail.... I just snapped my 7 iron. Because I finally realized you can try your hardest and set goals, but you will never achieve them....
  2. I really appreciate the advice. I really really do! It's more of the fact even in practice I have lost my golf swing also. I can't hit a pure shot anymore. It's not like focusing and being calm helps. The swing is gone....
  3. So recently I lost my golf swing, it's no where to be found... So last year I got back into golf after a couple years off. I got better through the year and was scoring mid 80's by October. This past winter i took it upon myself to practice for next year's golf league. So during the winter I was unstoppable, like I couldn't mishit a ball. I worked on everything, like everything. I got so good (to myself, that's relative) that I was hitting my irons so well I took the hybrids and the fairway woods out, and put a 2 iron and 3 iron in the bag. Any shot you want, I had it.
  4. Yes I do know my distances, and with wedges I'm a huge feel type player. Wedges are my strongest part of my game. And I understand what you guys mean by it's all relative. I'm not trying to be tiger. I wanna be better then your average course going guys. I wanna be a scratch player one day, and be the best golfer I possibly can! But to all those who said it is subjective, it absolutely is. I just have noticed in doing very well lately, after dedicating my whole off time this winter to getting better at golf. Thanks for all your opinions tho!
  5. I guess that's not what I meant, I didn't mean I'm a professional now. I just meant I'm improving really fast and getting way better. I never said I'm trying to play with kids who are going to possibly be on tour. I meant more for like the average everyday golfers, I feel as if I'm starting to get really good at this. When I scored a 79 I finally was really happy and had thought holy s*** I'm getting better. I was just asking for people who have this thought before when they started to get really good.
  6. So I have dedicated my winter up here in upstate NY to improving my golf game. It just got me the other day when I was at the range. I'm getting really really good for the time I've put into this. I went to a simulator recently, this last Saturday actually. I scored a 79. I had 12 green in regulations, 3 birdies, and it seemed like alot of pars. I got a couple bogeys also. I went to the range this morning before work, and didn't mishit one single ball. Low small fade/draw, high fade/draw, and the famous stinger are now in the bag... I'm now playing mizuno jpx 900 tour irons, and re
  7. As lowering my handicap down to 10, I have finally become really good at striking the ball! So I have gotten for Christmas my new (used) irons! I got Mizuno jpx900 tour irons and I love em! Check the whole bag out!
  8. Hey I've been trying to post my new clubs I got recently on "what's in the bag" forum. It will not let me add any file. Actually when I tap add files it won't even work, like I tap the add files button and nothing happens. I need help if your so kind enough to reply!
  9. Me and my dad go ball hunting at night with ultraviolet lights, we found a titlest acushnet k..... Yeah that's an old ball, it's even got a balata cover.
  10. So I recently as of a month ago got a simulator in my basement. Nothing much just a launch monitor and a canvas tarp with a driving range mat. My family has been getting annoyed that it sounds like a shotgun going off everytime the ball hits the tarp. I also have a thick thick blanket in the front of the tarp hanging as well. If anyone knows how to make this more quiet it would be greatly appreciated! Any advice I'm willing to try, as my family is coming to their wits end.!!!! Thanks much, Joe
  11. No, I have to swing so far inside out in order for it go straight with a slight draw. If I set up normal and swing normal I pull left everytime. I'm bout normally swinging inside out this much I'm compensating for this pull. I forgot to mention I'm getting new clubs tomorrow. They have stiff shafts and I'm not pulling them. I just wanted a second opinion on this matter, because I was thinking about having regular shafts put in them like I'm used too
  12. So I have recently fixed my problem with early extension! But now since I can finally hit a seven iron above average distance (160 yds), I have been slowly developing a pull left almost to the point where is consistent now that I have more swing speed and proper shaft lean at impact. I almost have to swing so far inside out to get the ball straight I feel like I'm drawing the ball a little, butt it goes straight for the most part with a little draw. I am playing regular shafts and need to know if this is the issue. I deffinetly hit harder and swing faster then ever before. I need some advice p
  13. Wanna know something funny??? I'm 24 lol. But hey I'm still a kid at heart!
  14. Yes honestly if you go to a golf course at night, and use a UV flashlight, it's almost insane they light up when shined by the light like they were produced by the chernobyl disaster. Especially the colored matte balls...
  15. So I found out you can find golf balls at night with a UV light. I ended up buying one, and found 342 balls tonight with my father. I found this, it may be special it may not be... But I need a little info... It's not letting me add a picture like I normally can so I'll describe it, ugh. It's a titlest prov1, but instead of just saying prov1 on the side it says "ProV1-392" if someone could help me and give me some help that would be great. I'm just wondering if it's the first model? Maybe the second year of production? Please let me know!
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