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  1. Just closing this post out ... 4 of us shared one forecaddy. The member took care of his tip with a phone call rather than with cash trading hands. I also stuffed some cash into his apron on the way off the 18th green. Thanks for the input.
  2. Now that you say that, based on my brother's previous experience at this club I think the tip may be billed to the member. We will feel them out. Thanks
  3. Does the standard fee go to the Caddy?
  4. I'm a new golfer and will be playing with a caddie for the first time on Friday. We will be at a private club in NJ. The member is getting four of us on to the course but he wont be playing with us. My understanding is that we will have 2 forecaddies who will hop onto the back of the carts with us. None of the 4 of us are competitive golfers so scoring well isn't our concern. But we will need help keeping an eye on where our balls ended up, raking, reading greens, etc. What would be an appropriate tip for each caddie for 18 holes? Thanks
  5. Can you share some details of your build? It looks like you can shim it to get different slopes. How did u construct the base? I see pressure treated 4x4s? and plywood. What does it look like underneath? Thanks
  6. I like the basement/garage pics too. Here's my 2 car garage with my mat and net. The net can be folded away in about 5 minutes but I dont think it's been put away since probably May. But pretty soon my wife will insist on her parking spot back and my attention will turn to snowmobiles.
  7. I could see the advantage of the holes and building a system that allows you to create slopes. I dont see the advantage to making the green perfectly flat. I assume that my concrete floor is more flat than any real green, right?
  8. Those of you who have your putting green elevated off the ground by a few inches - what's the purpose of the elevation? Why not just have it on the floor? Maybe with some foam or padding underneath?
  9. I'm looking forward to using it. Winter is coming fast here in Syracuse. I already hit balls into a net in my garage. This will give me the opportunity to putt in the basement.
  10. After seeing your set up I just ordered one of these off of Amazon. I ordered the 3'x11' one. My work out room floor already has rubber flooring. Did you have to do something to get the mat to lay down flat? Like double sided tape? Thanks
  11. Yea, this is what I had in mind. I can probably fit 4' by 20' in the basement workout area. My goal would be to get a consistent stroke so that I can sink straight shots of a reasonable distance. I can't do that now, so if I could sink the straight and flat putt that would be an improvement. That Delta thing looks pretty cool too. And the pro-putt system looks like the ultimate - but that's not in the cards. Thanks for all the feedback.
  12. I've never used any of these indoor set ups. Is the consensus that they are realistic enough to be worth spending time with? I am new to golf and have never really worked on my putting. This would be part of my winter routine. I have enough room in my basement for 10' to 15' of simulated putting. But only if it's worth the time. Thanks
  13. With fall on the horizon I am thinking about getting an indoor putting set up. I've never used one so I am not familiar with them at all. What kind do people like/not like and why? Thanks
  14. "If you mishit you can just click the side button when the watch asks what club that shot was for, then it marks that one down blank for club selection" I didn't know that. Thanks
  15. I like it. I dont have a range finder so I cant tell how accurate it is. But for my purposes it's accurate enough. It's neat to come home and review your shots on the PC afterwards, especially the distances. The only struggle I had was in understanding some of the prompts when I walked onto the green. Because it never detects putts and only sometimes detects wedges, you have to enter those manually and be aware of whether it detected the wedges or not. Once I understood that it was asking me to enter both total strokes and then number of putts, it worked well for me. I am a new golfer and I take A LOT of strokes including pitches and chips around the green. Sometimes I lose count of how many and don't want to linger to try to count them up. As a result my scores on the watch are a little suspect. But when you're shooting 120 a couple of strokes either way ... In the future I will consider getting the gizmo that goes on the butt of the club and tells the watch what club I just hit - including wedges and putts. That would presumably make the scores accurate and relieve me of the (not hard at all) responsibility of telling the watch what club I just used.
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