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  1. Yes, that makes sense. I especially like the idea of imagining what the shot is going to feel like. For me, it would be feeling what a good swing feels like. Which I think means loose, good rhythm followed by the feel of solid contact. Thanks
  2. Could you explain that some more? You would think about your mechanics until a certain point in your routine, and then stop thinking?
  3. So ... new golfer here. I am taking lessons, I hit at an indoor range and I have a mat and net in my garage. I work on my swing several days a week and in general I would say I have progressed to the point where I am "competent." Not "good' but "competent." When I hit a ball it generally gets in the air and it goes straitish ... at least in the garage and at the range. Yesterday before we played I hit about 10 balls with my irons and 10 with my driver - in my garage. Pretty much all those balls were centered on the club and I was happy with most of my 20 swings. Bu
  4. Thanks for the helpful replies. I like to keep my eyes open for used clubs. My Ping irons and driver were used. What makes a sand wedge and sand wedge? Is it more than loft? My 54 degree wedge is labeled a sand wedge but I would think that the 56 degree wedge would serve the same purpose?
  5. I'm new to golf and I am assembly my collection of clubs. I have quality 45 degree and 56 degree wedges and a not-quality 54 degree wedge. What should I add to this collection? If it matters, I would say that on a good swing I can hit the 45 degree wedge about 100 yards.
  6. I want to upgrade my smallish stand bag to a bigger cart bag but I am worried that a cart bag without legs will fall over in the parking lot, on the driving range and in the garage. Is this a legitimate concern? Or do they stand up ok on level surfaces? Thanks
  7. I went to Golf Galaxy and found a gently used Ping G410 10.5 degree loft for $290. After my rewards points it was $260. I'm very happy with that. Now I need to go to the range and try it out where I can see how far and straight the ball goes.
  8. I haven't played there yet but I'm taking lessons there indoors with Marty Nowicki.
  9. So I bought a used set of Ping irons at a good price and so far I am very happy with them. So that's done. I am still obsessing over upgrading from my boxed set driver to something a little more technologically advanced. When I hit the drivers at Golf Galaxy I was tired and my swing was more terrible than usual but there was a noticeable difference in distance and trajectory between the 2 new drivers I tried (Sim2 Max D and Ping 425) and my existing driver. I don't really want to pay top dollar for the latest and greatest because I know that my swing doesn't warrant i
  10. Tiffandgolf What did you end up with?
  11. My instructor gave me the green light on the clubs. I am picking them up tomorrow. Thanks
  12. What do people think about this set of used Ping G clubs for me? Golf Galaxy says that I am standard lie and standard length. Which these are. I think standard grip is also what was recommended for me. The main takeaway I got from comments above was to go by "feel" more than by the data at my fitting. To be honest, I didnt feel anything different from my Top Flight to the Ping G425 or Taylor Made Sim2. The data showed that I was hitting the ball further and straighter with the Ping/TM but honestly I couldn't feel it. I say this because it kinda takes "feel" off the table for me ri
  13. I like the idea of starting with used clubs. I went to the AZ location of 2nd Swing.com and narrowed the search for irons. Here's what they currently have. Do any of these fit into the category of game improvement? I notice they have the Taylor Made Sim Max. The fitter recommended the Max2 for me. I assume that the Max2 is just an evolution of the Max? Might these used Sim Max irons be appropriate for me? https://www.2ndswing.com/search.aspx?searchterm=taylormade&sortField=Relevance&facet=CategoryID:golf-irons-and-iron-sets,Dexterity:Right Handed,Material:Steel,ShaftFle
  14. I had my fitting today. He had me try the ping 425 and the Taylor Made Sym. In both irons and drivers. He said they didn't have anything else appropriate. I am standard lie and standard length. We didn't try anything but the stock shafts - steel for the irons and composite for the drivers. Irons - What I came away with was that both were better than my Top Flight box set. With the Taylor Made I was more likely to square the ball up. With the ping it was harder to bring the sweet spot of the club to the ball. The Taylor Made shots also flew further and straighter. Probably because
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