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  1. I have purchased a couple of shafts from them... other than slow shipping, which was the fault of usps, I have had good experiences.
  2. A buddy of mine used to refer to Scotty Cameron as "Scotty Xerox"... he would say you could tell whenever a Ping patent expired because Cameron would come out with a new putter... LOL!!!
  3. Does anyone know the thread size and pitch of the screw for the G410 driver shaft adapter? I need a longer screw to pull an adapter using my shaft extractor... I went by Home Depot this afternoon with an extra screw and it went into the 8-32 thread display nicely. Of course, when I got back home it will not screw into the shaft adapter. Thanks!!!
  4. I always start with 13 in the bag... I grew up playing baseball and I guess being superstitious just carried over into golf. Sometimes I come home with more sometimes less...
  5. Very interesting topic... I have never considered graphite shafts in my irons/wedges. I used to play DG x100's but now play soft stepped DG s300's. I enjoy hitting balls at the range almost as much as playing. It is not uncommon for me to hit 200-300 balls a week at the range... 20 years ago when I played just about every day that was not a problem. I never had any stiffness in my wrists, elbows or shoulders. Now that I have started playing again and hitting balls at the range I have some pain in my left elbow, both wrists and occasionally in my left shoulder. It typically takes 25 to
  6. I watched a video on youtube last night with Tiger, Rory McIlroy and Jason Day... McIlroy said he replaces his wedges every two events. I can't recall if Day or Tiger commented...
  7. I used to play a Founder's Club 14 degree "Tour" 3 wood with an EI-70 shaft. I hit it fairly decent from the tee on shorter par 4's and had mixed results from the fairway when going for a par 5 in two. When hitting it from the fairway my swing thought would be to hit down on the ball almost like an iron. This is when I would have decent results... About a month or so ago I purchased a Ping G400 3 wood and put an Aldila 2KXV Orange shaft in it as I tended to hit big hooks if I really went after it with the stock Ping shaft. Hitting the Ping is really a night and day difference...
  8. 20 years ago when I played damn near everyday one of the local pros I played with a few times a week carried Mizuno MP-14's. At the time I played Tommy Armour 845's and would hit his MP-14's on the range from time to time. I felt the MP-14's were really easy to hit and every bit as "forgiving" as my 845's. A couple of years before I stopped playing I purchased a new set of Ping ISI's and am currently using them since I just started back playing a few months ago... Last week at a range I stopped into to hit balls they had a cart of clubs so the "non-golf" patrons could hit balls for enterta
  9. Looking back at the tracking information it departed Mesa on 12/4 @ 523pm and arrived in Phoenix on December 8 with no specific time for that arrival. The distance between Mesa and Phoenix is 18.5 miles. They literally must have strapped my package to a usps worker's back and set them off to walk the package to Phoenix... LOL!!!
  10. I have ordered three shafts from vendors off of ebay in the past few weeks... the ease of being able to try different shafts on the range in my PING G410 is becoming an addiction... LOL!!! I found a smoking deal on a HZRDUS Yellow Smoke that arrived in a timely manner... If I recall it took about 4 days to get from the other side of the country to me but it arrived as a two piece shaft... no bueno!!! I sent photos to the vendor and they had no problem refunding my money in about 3 days and didn't require me to send the two piece shaft back to them which I would have had no prob
  11. I purchased a Ping i20 2 hybrid off of ebay just to try it out... back when I played just about every day 20+ years ago hybrids were not that popular so I wanted to check them out. The i20 I purchased has a Project X 6.0 shaft. I used to hit a 2 iron off the tee on short par 4's and was fairly consistent with it but it does not compare to the i20 hybrid! I liked it so much I purchased a G400 3 hybrid... Now I am considering getting getting 2, 3 and 4 G410 hybrids so I can fine tune the yardage gaps with the adjustable lofts.
  12. Thanks guys... you all have put my mind at ease!!!
  13. Hey guys... I epoxied an adapter tip on a driver shaft Friday evening at around 6pm. The temperature in my garage has been 55-60 degrees. After installing the adapter I brought the shaft inside our house where the temp is approximately 70 degrees. As I am sure all of you do I left the left over epoxy on the cardboard swatch I used to mix it up so I could monitor how the epoxy cures. I didn't realize it until this morning that I forgot to bring the cardboard swatch with the epoxy into the house along with the shaft. When I touch the epoxy on the cardboard swatch it has a slight
  14. thanks for the suggestion!! I will definitely check out the Alta shafts. I did a quick search on ebay and was able to locate a couple for a reasonable amount...
  15. After being out of the game for ~20 years I have started playing again on a somewhat frequent basis. Well at least hitting the range a few times a week as I always enjoyed practicing. Intrigued by new equipment I was able to find a mint PING G410 Plus 9 degree driver head on the book of faces for a decent deal. Not at all familiar with new shafts I simply went on the True Temper site, entered my distances, etc... and it was suggested to use an Evenflow Blue 5.5 flex shaft. After getting it all together I went out to the range today and made some swings with it... I absolutely DO NOT like
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