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  1. Wristy, those are all things I considered when I did the measurements of the loft/lie the other day in addition that I am sure my technique of using the machine is questionable. Have you seen the video on youtube showing how PING bends the lie angles and how it is measured? there are a few different videos out there but this one is titled "tour van build"... or something along those lines. If you have not seen the video it is worth searching for if this type of thing interests you. They use a fixture with cameras to measure the loft and lie angles. IRRC, the fella gets the loft and lie angles dead on... I know folks talk about how PING adjusts the lie angle with a hammer and the video displays just how little it takes to move the angle.
  2. I am with you on the loft/lie measurements... I had not used my Dad's machine in 20+ years. I very seriously doubt my angle measurements were "dead nuts". I talked with a shop today and am taking the clubs next Monday to get them bent. Prior to bending them I am going to have the fella measure the loft/lie just to make sure. I watched a video last night of a fella in the PING "tour van" adjusting the loft/lie angles... I was shocked at how lightly struck the heads with the mallet to change the lie angles. I can see where hitting balls off of matts could get them out of spec. The measurement I did for the length was just a "rough" measurement to get an idea of where the clubs were... When I put clubs together I have always measured the length before I put the grips on... out of curiosity I went out and measured the length of the C-Taper Lites that were originally in my i210's... below are the measurements: 4- 37 3/8 5- 36 13/16 6- 36 5/16 7- 36 5/16 8- 35 1/4 9- 34 11/16 PW - 34 1/16
  3. They were not new but had very little play when I purchased them. I have since put maybe 30-40 rounds on them... The lie angles are off by an average of 1.35 degrees with the greatest difference being 2.25 degrees and the least difference being .35 degrees... The loft angles are off an average of .84 degrees with the greatest difference being 1.7 degrees and the least difference being .35 degrees. I have since reshafted them but measured the lengths before with the original shafts as they were built delivered. The lengths were as follows: 4 - 39 3/16" 5 - 38 11/16 6 - 38 3/16 7 - 38 3/16 8 - 37 1/8 9 - 36 11/16 PW - 36 3/16 The measurements were to the top, or "dome", of the grip cap... The swingweights were consistent at D2 for the 4 - 7 and D3 for the 8 - PW... I did have to add a 10 gram tip weight to the 7 iron head to get the swingweight consistent when I reshafted. Maybe it was one of those early "Monday morning builds" or they were built by a trainee...
  4. What are acceptable manufacturing tolerances for OEMs for irons? For example, are loft and lie angles of +/- 2 degrees within acceptable range? How about head weights? I was messing around with my Dad's old loft/lie machine this afternoon and put my i210's on there just to measure... I have not used this machine in over 20 years, it is the "Golf Club and Economy Loft and Lie Machine" GAM final (golfworks.com), and I am sure there may be some "user error" but I checked them three times with a small digital level and was getting the same results within a tenth of a degree each time. Needless to say, I did get some odd results...
  5. I would have Howard but I was in a "pinch" and needed to get the set back together... I ordered another 6 iron shaft and it came in at 126 grams... Oh well... I did, however, order a more precise scale.
  6. My recent experience with Dynamic Gold X100's was NOT the tolerance of +/- 1.5 grams... I put a set of X100's in my i210's SS 1x and measured the raw weights before trimming... below are are the raw weights and measurements: 40 - 128 39 1/2 - 128 39 1/16 - 130 38 9/16 - 124 38 1/16 - 131 37 9/16 - 131 37 1/16 - 130 37 1/16 - 130 I ordered another 6 iron shaft and the weight of that shaft was 126... my scale does not measure in tenths so the weights are not as precise... I could definitely feel a difference with the 7 iron... remember these are soft stepped. I love the feel of the Dynamic Gold but have come to the conclusion that I need to adapt to a lighter shaft if I want to continue to play and practice at my current level... After playing several days in a row, which includes 30 - 40 balls on the range before the round, I feel beat up and exhausted around the 13th - 14th hole.
  7. I used to play Rifle 6.5's... The are a descending weight shaft. The last time I really played them was back in the late 90's. When I got back into playing last fall I replaced them with S300's in my PING ISI's...
  8. A few months ago I purchased a set of mint PING i210's with C-Taper Lite shafts that were 1/2" over standard length. I did NOT get along well with the C-Taper Lite shafts and found I was about a 1/2 club short compared to my old ISI's with SS 1X DG S300 shafts despite the i210's having "power spec" lofts. At the suggestion of some of the better educated in terms of golf equipment on the forum I added some weight to the C-Taper Lites to equal that of the S300's and put a mark on the grips to simulate a shorter shaft. Immediately, I was hitting the i210's the same or greater distance than the ISI's with much better dispersion compared to the full length C-Taper Lites. Until last fall I had been out of golf for ~20 years other than playing in the occasional company "tournament" that was the usual captains choice format... Prior to that I carried a HC that was between a 3-5 and always played DG X100's... that last couple of years when I was playing on a consistent basis I played Rifle 6.5's in my ISI's. Upon getting back to playing last fall I re-shafted the ISI's with the DG S300's SS 1X based the fact that I am now 20+ years older and really did not care for the feel of the Rifle 6.5's... While I was searching for a set of i210's I ran across a smoking deal on a set of s55's with the CFS stiff shafts. I played these for a few months and hit them decently until I found the set of i210's... After reshafting the i210's with the SS 1X X100's my ball striking improved and felt like I was on the way to playing some decent golf. The only problem is that after playing I feel like I have had the living $hit beat out me... Everything hurts, forearms, shoulders, back, etc... My normal routine is to go to the range and hit 30-40 balls to get warmed up and then off to play 18. In a normal week I will play 3-4 times. Even taking 4 days off in a row does not provide significant relief. I know getting older sucks but I had never experienced anything like it before... So today I decided to put the S55's back in the bag to see if the lighter weight would help with my physical suffering... The S55's have a SW of D1 compared to the D2 SW of the i210's and weigh, on average, 20 grams less per club. With the i210's lately I am gassed by the 11th or 12th hole and really sucking by the 18th... I only played 13 holes today with the S55's due to darkness but found I felt just as good on the 13th hole as I did on the 1st... The ball flight is higher with the S55's with CFS shafts but the distance is equal to the i210's despite having weaker lofts. I felt like I did not have to swing as "hard" with the S55's as with the i210's to achieve the same distance. I have been doing some research the last few days on the Nippon Modus3 shafts... Most say they are "smooth" feeling shaft which is how I would describe the CFS shafts in my S55's. I know the CFS shafts are a descending weight shaft but I am wondering how the Modus would be in the i210's. I have done some rough calculations based on the total club weight and it appears the Modus 120X would result in close to the same overall weight in the i210's compared to the S55's. Any words of wisdom from those that have played the CFS shafts and the Modus shafts? How they compare in feel, weight, "kick", etc... I recently picked up some prosoft inserts that I have yet to put in the i210's but I don't believe it is the vibration causing the problem as much as it is the weight... Any suggestions, advice, etc... will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Impact... 20+ years ago I got down to a 3 HC and wanted to get to scratch or better. Then I quit for 20 years and just got back to playing late last year/early this year. Part of my problem was when I started playing at age 27 I was able to become a fairly decent player rather quickly. I broke 80 for the first time on the first anniversary of playing my first "real" round of golf. I got down to a 5 HC within a couple of years and then it became really difficult to shave those few strokes. I was invited to join a bunch of guys that consisted of many of the local pros and assistant pros in the area as well as some former tour players that got together 2 or 3 times a week. The really cool thing about that was not only getting to watch how they went about playing was the fact that I don't believe I paid for a round of golf for about 3 years due to always being with a PGA pro and getting comped. I was always getting free lessons on the range from the local pros and became really good friends with one of them... he was constantly working with me and one day everything just "clicked"... he had me shorten up my backswing and make a bigger shoulder turn. For whatever reason it made my golf swing feel like a baseball swing and what I had been familiar with all of my life. The next time out at my home course I shot 68 from the tips, followed that up with a 70 then an even par round... We went on a trip to Pinehurst the following week and got out of the car after a five hour drive and went straight to the first tee and shot 73 from the tips... I don't recall which #course it was at Pinehurst... the following day we went out and I believe I parred the first 3 or 4 holes then pulled a wedge "left of left" on an approach shot. The "feel" that I had was gone and for the life of me I could not get it back. I think I ended up shooting 88 or so that day and everything went to "hell in a handbasket"... I worked with my friend the pro and beat bucket of balls after bucket of balls and could never recapture that feel... my HC was going in the opposite direction, my daughter was just born and I was just sick of golf so I gave it up... Now that I am back to playing my HC is currently a 10.4 and I have a horrible ugly flip of the club and a slight early extension... I have watched every youtube video on the subject and just can not get rid of it... my son is currently a pitcher in college and he and I work on his mechanics in the off season... I take that back, I run the video and radar gun and he works on his mechanics. He called me over the weekend and ask how my golf game was coming along... I told him "I just can't get my hands in front at impact and am flipping the club and it just feels horrible". He told me to stop looking at static pictures of tour players and trying to get into those positions and "the reason you can't get into those positions is probably because you are doing something wrong way before impact"... so I picked up an old baseball bat and went out into the back yard and started making some swings trying to pay attention to how my arms felt as I was swinging. One of the things that immediately jumped out at me was I felt like the back of my left hand, I am right handed, was pointing straight down to the ground in my follow through... so off to youtube I went and started watching videos on forearm rotation through impact... what I have been doing is trying to hold off rotation to force my hands forward at impact... I went up to a schoolyard yesterday and hit some 75 yard wedge shots trying to feel as if my the back of my hand was facing the ground through impact. I immediately hit much lower trajectory shots that were 10 - 15 yards left but they felt solid. I took some video and sure enough my hands were ahead of the ball at impact... not as much as I would like but felt it was a good start. I then recalled some pictures my Mom and Dad had on their wall of me hitting in baseball when I was in high school. With my baseball swing my pelvis would be completely open facing the pitcher at impact... so I started to focus on feeling the left wrist face the ground at impact, I realize this is not actually happening but it what it feels like, and trying to get open at impact... for two shots I felt EXACTLY what it felt like 20+ years ago before I quit playing when I was striping it. I thought to myself "damn, was that pulled wedge at Pinehurst just because I could not get open"... anyway, the other 50 or so balls I hit did not feel nearly as good as those two but it's a start. Sorry for the long winded answer... I am sort of rebuilding my swing and hoping I can recapture that old feel.
  10. I agree Kmagnuss... typically I don't ask to play through as most of the time slower groups in front of me or my group will allow it when it is a convenient time... usually at the next tee box. However, there are always exceptions... a couple of months ago my brother in law is in town and I take him to a local public course for a round. We arrive, hit a bucket of balls and notice no one has gone out in front of us for 20 minutes or so... on the first tee box my BIL even comments how open the course is... we play the first hole, hit our tee shots on the second hole and come up over a rise in the fairway to see a foursome on the second green. I am thinking "wtf did they come from???" we stand in the fairway waiting for a good five minutes for them to putt out... I am not exaggerating it was a good five minutes!!! they finally clear the green and both of us hit our approach shots, two putt and leave with pars. The third hole is an island green par 3 of about 150 yards. We come up over another hill and down to the third tee and they are still firing at the green with not one single ball on the green... all of them walk back to the cart and get more balls... all four hit them into the water. They then return to the cart to grab more balls. At this time I spoke up and ask "hey, do you guys know there is a drop area over there about 20 yards from the green?" to which one answered "yeah, but we want to hit them from here"... to which I ask "do you mind if we play through?" They reluctantly agreed to let us go through... not the shot you want to be hitting when playing through but both us did manage to hit the green and walk away with two pars... but I left the tee box thinking are people just really that inept when it comes to golf etiquette??? When I first started playing golf I remember my Dad telling me "as long as you play at a decent pace and have good golf etiquette you will always have someone to play with"... the first few times he took me out to play all he did was give me lessons on golf etiquette and always stressed that part of the game.
  11. Not exactly a driving range story but funny nonetheless... My Dad had come up to visit and we were going to meet up with a buddy of mine to walk 18. At the time I was about a 5 HC, my Dad was probably a 3 or 4 and my buddy was a +1. We hit some balls at the range and walk over to the first tee. There are two guys in a cart that drive right past us to the regular tee us as we were playing from the tips. They didn't even acknowledge us but it was no big deal we figured being two of them in a cart they are not going to hold us up. The first hole was a double dog leg par five with a large lake along the left side. The two in front of us both hit their tee shots in the lake and start walking back to the cart. The next thing you know they are walking back to the tee box to hit again... We were a little irritated but again figured what the hell they are taking mulligans and are not going to hold us up once they get going. Again, they both hit their tee shots in the water. We over hear one guy say "lets go take a drop by the lake" and the other guy replies "no, hit till you're happy". Before I could really process what was happening my buddy yells out "hey, the f-cking driving range is over there!"... the guy that said "hit till you're happy" yells back "who the hell are you?"... my buddy yells back to him "I am the guy that is going to come down there and stomp a mud hole in your Word not allowed if you don't get the f-ck out the way"... they ended up skipping that hole and that was the last we saw of them. The look on their faces was rather amusing... I don't recall the size of the two fellas but I played D1 college baseball and was 6'1 probably 190 or so and my buddy played in the NFL for four years...
  12. "They hit the ball comparable distances to my previous irons - which is great. Very little adjustment needed. Beyond that, they do really mask sloppy ballstriking (which I am constantly challenged by)." that is an understatement when speaking about i210's... The other day I was out on the course messing around... I had a 150 yard shot to an elevated green and could barely see the top of the flagstick. I hit an easy 8 iron and pushed it to the right and knew I just missed the green... I dropped another ball and hit it off the toe. It didn't feel very good but it was right at the stick and I figured it would probably be on the front edge the green... I dropped another ball and caught it slightly in the heel and again it went right at the stick and I thought that one would surely be short as well... so I dropped another ball and pured it all over the stick. When I got up to the green my first shot was in fact about a yard off the green but the other three that I dropped were all within 5 feet of the stick... I thought to myself "these damn things should be illegal... there is just no way those two mishits should have turned out anywhere near that good". What I have found with the i210 is the yardages are EXTREMELY consistent and they are remarkably forgiving.
  13. Just tell FedEx to hold it at the distribution center and have it ready to pick up... call UPS and have them go by the distribution center, pick up your package and deliver it to you. I had to do this years ago with UPS... the driver kept forgetting to deliver the package... seriously, that is what UPS customer service rep told me... he was forgetting to deliver the package... When I told them to hold the package and I would have DHL, remember them?, come by their distribution center and pick it up the customer service rep guaranteed I would have it the next day... I guess the driver tied a string around his finger or something because my package arrived the next day...
  14. 54 years old driver swing speed 103 - 112 Srixon Q-Star Tour 10.2 HC I want to try out the Vice Pro here in the next couple of weeks... I love the Pro V1 but with my game and the frequency that I play I would go broke paying $52/dozen...
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