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  1. Thanks for the advice guys... I really appreciate it!
  2. yes, they are Royal shafts in 6.5 flex with .355 tip diameter... One of the other reasons I am reshafting is because I noticed the 2 iron shaft is just slightly bent just above the hosel of the club head. it's barely noticeable... I have no idea how it got that way or how long it has been that way. I have always hit the 2 iron really well so maybe I should consider bending all of my new shafts... LOL!!!
  3. The Dynamic Gold shafts I ordered are starting to come in and I am planning to pull my Rifles on Saturday... Many, many years ago when i would reshaft clubs I would always line up the painted "True Temper" logo at the bottom of the shaft with the club face. On two of my three shafts that have come in I noticed there is no logo... As I was looking at the shafts I noticed the internal weld where the steel has been welded after being rolled into a tube. I never paid any attention to the internal weld before... Do any of you all put this weld in a specific orientation with the club
  4. Guys, thanks again for the replies and advice... I went to the True Temper site and did their interactive "shaft fitting"... I know it's not as accurate as going to a club fitter but right now my swing is so inconsistent and the closest club fitter I would trust is over an hour away... the True Temper site suggested either a R300 or S300 as I hit my 7 iron between 155 and 160 yards not trying to "stand on it". I ended up ordering a set of Dynamic Gold S300's and am going to soft step them one step.
  5. Hey guys... thanks for the replies... I will be doing the work myself. I will have to dig all of my stuff out but it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Before the ISI's I played 845's with DG X100's and really liked the ball flight. I could do more with the ball as far as keeping the trajectory down. I put the Rifles in my ISI's about a year or so before I got out of playing and never really liked the ball flight. I also feel the Rifles gave sort of a "muted" feel and had to really work hard to keep the ball down. As a comparison, I went to the range today and hit my son's
  6. I have been out of golf for a little over 20 years and recently got the bug to start playing again... I am using my Ping ISI 2-GW with Rifle 6.5 shafts. Back when I played on a consistent basis I got down to a 3 HC and had a decent game. Obviously, my game and my swing are not nearly as strong as they were 20 years ago. I still hit my irons roughly the same distance as I did but I feel like I am swinging telephone polls and would like to re-shaft my irons with Dynamic Gold S300 or R300... What I have noticed is the prices in golf shafts have increased dramatically in the last
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