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  1. Thanks. Happy to be here— I’ve lurked for a long time but have never had a problem bad enough to post about until now. It may be true that relative to other people I hit the 52/54/60 long, but for me the problem is if I hit my 52 only 100 yards then I have a 40 yard gap between it and my PW. And that 40 yard gap happens to be at a distance where I (and lots of other golfers I think ) tend to hit into—shots between 115 and 135 yards seem to be very common for me. So with my wedge distance lost I have a real problem at a real common distance.
  2. I’m a pretty good, but not great, golfer. I typically shoot somewhere between a 78 and an 85, and typically play tees at about 6300 yards. This summer something weird has developed with my wedges. In years past I consistently hit my 60 to 85/90 yards, my 54 to 105/110 yards, and my 52 to 120/125 yards. This summer, however, those distances are all WAY down — think like 20 yards off those distances. It seems I’m hitting the ball higher with them, too (which surely correlates to less distance). But none of my other distances have really changed. Has anyone else had this happen? How do I fix it?
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