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  1. I like the look of scenario 3 personally, from what you have said with your arcos data the extra club inside 150 makes sense. The only thing you would need to watch is the yardage gap between the 6 and 7 irons because they are from the different sets. Might need to alter them slightly but I think that would be a good starting point. I would start from there and do a gapping session on a launch monitor and see what the carry distances are and then fine tune here and there to suit the yardage progression. Start from the wedges and work up adjusting from shortest to longest. Then work out which club you hit best from the 4 and 5 iron and which one is giving the most consistent results and put that in. You might find the shorter 5i with a little more loft actually give better launch conditions and ultimately the same carry numbers and tighter dispersion than the longer lower lofted 4i or vise versa. Testing will confirm.
  2. This change was the difference between my handicap creeping up every time I played hitting a 20 year high of 8 at the start of this season to getting back down to 5.7 by the end of the season. I haven't made any swing changes or done any more practice or anything like that just add the extra wedge and figuring out my new yardages to suit the wedge setup. Just to add I did also change ball to a higher spin ball which helped my short game. Changed from tp5x to Bridgestone tour bxs and don't get as many fliers into greens on partial wedges as I was with the tp5x.
  3. I have 5 wedges in my bag from the start of this year. I changed my irons at the start of 2018 and the new set pw (mp18) went about 10 yards further due to a combination of slightly stronger loft and a shaft change that was giving me a bit more speed than my old wedge. This then left a weird gap between pw and my 52. I changed wedges from 52,56,60 which I had played for about 15 years to 50,54,58 and just didn't get on with those lofts at all and my distance control suffered on partial shots. I went back to 52,56,60 at the start of the season and put in a 49 to match the 52 with the same shaft as my irons and it made a massive difference to my wedge game and scoring this season. After analysing shot scope data from the previous 3 seasons I found I was loosing a lot 9f shots between 115-130 my pw goes 135 and 52 110 so I was either trying to rip a 52 or take a bit off the pw and wasn't getting close to the hole and costing me shots. I took out my 5i which I hadn't hit for 2 full seasons and put in the 49 and haven't looked back. I'm actually considering taking out the set pw and putting in a 45/46 to match the 49 and 52 I like the 49 so much.
  4. I dropped a long iron and had to add a 2nd gap wedge when I changed from mp68 to mp18 because everything was a couple of degrees stronger and I couldn't get my gaps to work at the bottom end. Found that a 49 worked well and bridged the gap nicely between the new slightly stronger pw and the 52 gap wedge that I am used to playing. That way I managed to not affect the bottom end of my bag that was working well whilst maintaining a sensible gapping through the bag. I had to tweak a couple of lofts by a degree here or there for everything to gap nicely but it was purely for yardage gaps and not to make the lofts look good on paper.
  5. Another update on this, after waiting almost 3 months for the shafts to arrive I have finally got them in the MP18'S. I played the last 2 mo ths of the season with the MP68's with PX6.0 and had some pretty good results out of them. After going up to a 20 year highest handicap of 8 for a week I started firing in some pretty decent rounds with the change in irons and managed to finish the season at 5.7. The couple of months with the PX6.0 has confirmed that although I was right to change them out when I did a few years ago they are a better fit for me than the Modus 105x. I have had pain in the top knuckle in the middle finger of my left hand along with pain in the first metacarpal of my left thumb which is something I have never had since moving away from these clubs. Just been out to make sure the heads have set OK and have a hit into the net to make sure the heads didn't fall off, I didn't bother switching the flightscope on because it's it's bit late to be hitting balls here just now and I really just wanted to get a quick feel for them without any numbers. First impressions is very good. I am loving the weight of the clubs with these shafts, I also did a swingweight test prior to stripping the old shafts from them and found that D3 seemed to be a good spot for me for strike consistency so I built the set to this swingweight when fitting the new shafts. Head awareness is much improved and I don't feel like I need to time it as much as I did with the modus. I always felt I had to be ultra smooth or I lost the head behind my hands through impact. I feel the head is were I am expecting it to be with the X100 which is what I felt and liked about the PX6.0 just without the harshness of strike. I have reshafted my 19 and 25 hybrids to 4 and 5 iron shafts and length playing D3 swingweight, then 6-pw and 49gw all to D3 swingweight then my 52,56 and 60 are in standard TI S400. I hit every club working up from 52 to the 19 hybrid then just hit a few at random jumping up and down the bag and I am happy with how everything is feeling. I am liking the comparable feeling between the wedges and irons with these shafts, I know they are slightly different in weight and profile but they are better feeling hit back to back than the Modus 105 was with them. Looking forward to doing some proper practice with them over the winter now. Just a pity the shafts didn't turn up 2 months ago when they were supposed to so I could have gotten some decent on course work done with them before the end of the season.
  6. Exactly, my post may have come across wrong, I was endorsing what you were saying I wasn't disagreeing with you.
  7. Exactly, in agreement to what Nard_S was getting at. Stinger is an off the tee shot with lots of speed at impact and tons of spin. The OP said they couldn't stop ballooning when trying to hit a stinger with 7-pw which isn't surprising if they are using a stinger technique to try and hit a low shot 170 yards as stated in their earlier post. Knockdown for me is as much club as you can get away with hitting as slowly as you can swing it. Comes out low and flat and no ballooning.
  8. Stinger has too much speed in my opinion to be a low spin shot.
  9. Have you tried putting less speed into your shots into the wind? I have been slightly high in spin for the last 15 years which is as a result of some swing changes. I used to balloon every iron shot I hit, everything I hit would just keep climbing and stall then drop almost straight down with no forward momentum and bounce backwards because of the spin that was on it. I was a combination fast swing speed, flipping at the bottom adding loft and low strike which put my spin through the roof. It was so bad there was no point in me playing when it was windy. I am now very good in the wind because I have developed a shot that comes out low and flat with much less spin than a normal shot. All I do is take a lot more club and put a lot less speed into it. I have seen me hit a 5i from 130 yards to keep it down into the wind. If you don't want to spend money on shafts or go see a pro for swing lessons then try taking 3 clubs too many and hit it with a long and slow swing and see what happens. It works for me. You referenced growing up in the tiger era and hitting stingers, this is the same thing he does to take spin off is take extra club and take the speed off. Don't hit down excessively or be aggressive or quick through the ball, just take extra club and bump it forwards.
  10. Finally got all the parts needed for doing this. Had a cold snap this week so had to get creative. Currently got them sitting grip up with a smaller fan heater pointing at them with some insulation behind them to reflect the heat.
  11. The 2 grips thing is meant for broom handle style putters like Adam Scott uses. There needs to be a gap between them and the both need to be the same cross section with no flat surfaces. I would say this alone makes your illegal since your grips are not round and not separated by the 1.5 inches.
  12. I'm pretty sure the fact it has the flat surfaces on different orientations and different circumference between the 2 grips with the step at the join it would be non conforming. I'm pretty sure there is a regulation about the contour of the grip, without looking it up I'm not sure what the exact wording is but I would say it couldn't be used. There is plenty info on the usga and R&A websites that will help you figure it out for definite.
  13. I have definitely noticed a difference with the wedges in dew, the mg2 56 which is starting to rust up has a definite loss of spin that I don't see with the 49 or 52 in the T20 in similar conditions. I also feel like I get a flier sometimes with the mp18 and also had similar with the pw from my mp68's there was occasion where I had one that went a bit too far on a full shot. Wondering if distance control will be a bit more consistent with a T20?
  14. I get on really really well with my t20 49 and 52 and I am thinking about replacing my mg2 56 and 60 with them due to them seeming to cope better in morning dew conditions than the mg2. I mostly play early morning so this is a good thing for me to have the benefit of. It's also made me consider changing my mp18 pw out for the t20 46 since it has the water dispersion grooves on the face which the mp18 doesn't. Anyone changed out of a set pw into a 46 can give some insight into if there was any difference in gapping or potential negatives I may not be considering?
  15. I'm considering trying one of these on a spare wedge over the winter, got some hand pain over the last month or so of the season and wondering if these will help. How accurate is the sizing guide? I use a medium mens glove, have slightly strange hands in that I have larger palms and slightly shorter fingers, wondering if I should try a small and progress from there? Anyone notice a change in club delivery going from standard size grips to these? I'm not looking to change anything delivery wise just looking to reduce the pain in my left hand. I have just bought a spare wedge that matches my wedges I currently use because it was going really cheap so thinking about using it to test back to back with a standard one. Currently using golf pride tour velvet +4 with 3 layers of tape.
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