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  1. Yeah just looking at the ball speed compared with club speed I would have guessed smash was lower than 1.48 just did the sums 1.48 smash at 102mph club speed should be 150.98mph ball speed. Or taking it as ball speed is correct then club speed would be 98.64mph. I have started to ignore the club head speed and smash numbers and just look at ball speed. Whatever is giving the highest output is obviously working best regardless of the other 2 numbers assuming other launch parameters are within good ranges obviously.
  2. I'm intrigued by this idea myself. I have a stroke lab tuttle that I have taken out of the bag because I just don't get on with the microhinge insert. I love the putter just hate the insert, if I could get something else in there it may just rekindle my love for that putter.
  3. Try switching to Bridgestone tour b xs balls and see if that helps. Cheapest option before you go down the changing shafts route. Don't think your driver numbers would suffer too much with it.
  4. If you can get a hold of a spare screw put that into the head and screw partway into the adapter but not fully in or tight then use a punch and hammer and hit the head of the screw to force the adapter out. If it is very tight you might end up wrecking the threads on it but it looks like it is scrap now anyway.
  5. The best thing to do is really analyse your game and figure out where you are loosing the 6 shots to par for your handicap. For me when I did the analysis it was 110-130 yards and a big miss with the driver. I sorted out the driver and added an extra wedge and it has made me score better, unfortunately now my putter has gone off the boil so its time to dedicate some practice time to that! Find out if there is a pattern to what is causing you to drop shots and then that will help with the decision.
  6. I think you are too bunched up with the gaps between the 4-5 iron (8 yards) and 5-6 iron (6 yards) I would think that with normal variance in strike you would end up hitting a lot of shots with those clubs where the different clubs are going a very similar distance. I am longer with my irons than you are and I stop at a 6 iron because of this reason, my 4,5 and 6 irons were all gapped too close. I have put a hybrid the same loft as my 5 iron with a 5 iron length steel shaft that matches my irons in the bag and it was the best thing I have ever done. It's an easier 200-215 yard cl
  7. I use evenflow white in my driver and hzrdus yellow in my 3 wood. Both at 6.5 flex and get on fine with them both. Had a 2 iron with hzrdus black in 6.5 and couldn't get on with it at all as I felt it was too stiff for me to get anything out of it. Also had an evenflow in the green/blue colour in 6.5 in a hybrid and couldn't get on with that either. Just depends on how you get on with the shaft and what feels best to you.
  8. Or it was just a coincidence that the cheap one suited him ok?
  9. When I say high I'm talking a couple of mm but enough above the ground to cause a strike issue, I don't mean teeing it up so there is masses of clear air between the ball and ground. But yeah I agree I am going to go back to irons off the deck to see how I get on.
  10. Exactly a problem I am having on par 3's, think I am teeing up too high and strike is suffering a bit so I am hitting irons into par 3's off a tee shorter than I hit them off the deck into par 4's. I was just thinking earlier that I am going to go back to just knocking up a little bit of turf and playing off the deck on par 3's.
  11. I use a ts3 15 degree fairway and my miss is big left over draw. I was playing about with the settings and c1 seems to be my sweet spot, if I'm not on line it's a slight push which is manageable so I tried moving to b1 to see what difference it made out of curiosity (same lie angle back to standard loft instead of -0.75) and the difference in face angle goes from 1.5 open to 0.5 open and it produced a over draw that started online and ended up turning more than I would like. Going from b1 to c2 is changing face angle open and upright, is it worth trying A1 or D1 as an
  12. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I'll try and talk him into trying some new grips, he is playing standard grips and has pretty big hands so I am convinced he has been playing grips that are too small for him his whole life. Hopefully the grips make a big enough difference.
  13. Was talking to my father in law over the weekend, he is having issues with sore knuckles and right wrist after playing. It's getting that bad that he is considering giving up the game. I suggested trying different grips and graphite shafts to see if that would make any difference before he gives it up. He still loves the game but I think the issues afterwards are making him wonder if it is worth the hassle. His clubs weren't fit for him so they are off the rack wilson cavity backs from about 2-3 years ago with whatever the stock shaft and grip was on them, I am waitin
  14. I have wasted far too long agonising over the top end of my bag trying to get perfect gaps right through the bag from driver to lob wedge and have gone though about 20 different clubs trying to achieve it. I spent too long trying to fill the top end of the bag with clubs that would hit off the tee into the widest and safest part of fairways but that was a poor plan due to ground conditions giving different roll out, variance in strike from that distance having the clubs blending into each other and weather conditions. Sometimes I was also leaving myself a much longer second shot t
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