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  1. I have done a similar thing with my ts2 hybrid, I bought a spare adapter and fitted a steel shaft that matches my irons and cut it to length to match a 5 iron. Had to add a 12g weight in the sole to get the swingweight to where I wanted it and it now works exactly as I intended, gaps nicely and more forgiving than a long iron.
  2. Thanks for the detailed post that very good info. The 125 isn't a custom fit option from anywhere online unfortunately. Looks like I am reshafting to get something that works for me.
  3. I have a wedge matrix with yardages for full 3/4 and 1/2 swings for my 50/54/58 wedges but found i was getting to many shots on course that were coming out like a flier with the 50 on partial swings so looking at dropping the partial shots with 50 and just using it as a full swing club only. I have already put a modus 105 x in it to match my irons. I am looking at the TW wedges being full swing with the 56, then 3/4 and 1/2 with both the 56 and 60. Dont see the point in hitting 60 full out but thats another discussion all together. I am wondering if putting 105 s in t
  4. Looking at putting the milled grind 2 TW wedges in the bag this year. I don't get on very well with dynamic gold shafts since changing my iron shafts from px 6.0 to modus 105 x. I am OK with the kbs hi rev 115 in the hi toe that I am using but I mistakenly got the 50 in a hi rev 120 and haven't got on with that for some reason so I have swapped that with a modus shaft to match my irons. Of the custom options available on most of the sites I have been looking at the closest to my shafts are modus 105 in stiff or modus 120 in stiff or x flex. Nowhere seems to do them wi
  5. Might and I emphasise the might part see a difference in strike location height and subsequent spin numbers. Personally I find lofting up a hybrid to its max adjustment lowers strike location and I end up with higher spin rates. Lofting down raises the strike and I get lower spin. You might find different happens with you but you won't know till you try it. I always align the face to what I think looks square behind the ball before taking my grip properly so face angle doesn't affect me when adjusting lofts on hybrids which may explain the strike location
  6. I am very shallow and don't take much of a divot so no don't hit down much. What spin i do generate isnt from spin loft but from low strike and the ball.
  7. Just over a season but hardly played due to covid in 2020. My 58 has about 2 rounds on it 54 and 50 still has the grey finish showing on the faces (taylormade hi toes)
  8. I have been playing tp5x for the last couple of seasons and as much as I love it with the long game I feel I am giving up too much in the short game with it as I seem to be getting too many shots with partial wedges that seem to be dropping too much spin, flying too far and releasing out too much meaning I am overshooting pins drastically from inside 100 yards. I used to play tour bxs around 2017/2018 before switching to tp5x and I loved that ball with short irons, wedges and around the green but just felt it too spinny I the long game especially in the wind. I am a h
  9. I currently have a set of hi toes in 50/54/58 that I have bent to 50/55/59 to fit my yardage gaps better. I am considering dropping the 50 in favour of weakening my pw and 9i a touch and putting in another club at the top end since I only really use the 50 for full shots and can probably hit the gap with 3/4 pw if needed which i am comfortable doing. I love the sole grind on the hi toe particularly out of semi rough but my wedges are a few seasons old now and could be doing with being changed so was thinking about putting in the MG2 wedges and I am intrigued with the
  10. I have just put an iron shaft in a hybrid and love it, I have hardly played recently (2 kids under 3) so when I do play I am trying to get a little forgiveness in the top end of the bag. 4 and 5 iron was suffering with the odd toe strike that went nowhere and ended up missing the fairway left so I picked up a ts2 21 hybrid with tensei blue in it and instantly clicked with it. The problem was it went too far so I got a ts2 23 hybrid with the same shaft but it still went too far and I hate looking down at a hybrid with 25 or more degrees of loft so thats when I started
  11. http://www.adoregolfgrips.com/ping-pp58-midsize-classic-putter-grip-black/ Unfortunately not blackout but at least its not corded.
  12. I'm trying the same thing myself with my TS3 driver, the shaft I use in it is a 6.5 75g T1100 evenflow white which I have bought a spare to match and extended to 48 inches. Problem is it has ended up like Thors hammer as expected. I have taken the weight cartridge out of the head which has made it feel less unwieldy but I'm now concerned about flex due to lighter head weight. I have played hzrdus yellow 6.5 in my 3 wood which I get on with really well although I felt the head was a little light feeling as the club came with the standard weight in the head. I'm wonderi
  13. I have taken a tensei blue out of my 23 hybrid ts2 and put in a modus 105 x flex 4 iron shaft in cut down to just shorter than 5 iron length and I am loving it. I play 105 x soft stepped once in my irons and feel this works out well for me. Both in terms of feel and yardage gapping since the full length tensei shaft in the hybrid went too far for the gap I was looking to fill.
  14. I remember seeing a few videos with a taylormade staffer lady golfer who had the most repeatable swing i have ever seen that they did. Think her name was Lindsay or Lesley?
  15. I got great numbers from my G400lst when I had it but couldn't get on with the open face. I swapped it out for a TS3 and haven't looked at another driver since.
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