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  1. Nice job. Did you give any consideration to the Garmin R10?
  2. foamhead

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Anyone from Canada order ?
  3. they ruined such a good thing with the tour 360's
  4. Currently playing HZRDS Red 6.5. (In a TM M4) The shaft feels good, but at times feels like im swinging a 2X4, where it lacks feel. I think I want something slightly softer, what would you recommend? For reference, In my 5 wood I have Tour AD F65X, which I love the feel of. And PX 6.5 Rifles in my irons.
  5. I had an ardmore for two seasons, the head cover looked like it went through a meat grinder
  6. I've been on TM MG for the past two years.... Would love to try Artisan, but too rich for my blood
  7. I'm playing 46-52-58. It's key to know how to hit diff yardages i.e. full-half-3/4
  8. Im driver, 5w, 4i. I turned the 5w down from 19* ---> 17* its a beast
  9. Got fit at TXG last fall, Miura TC-201, PX 6.5. love the irons, best ball striking ive ever had. I hit the 4 iron decently however, my only qualm is that the 4 iron is THIN, especially sitting next to the 5 and 6 which sometimes, I feel like it reduces how much confidence I have with the club. I do not want to swap the 4 iron for a hybrid, I want to keep an iron in that loft, just slightly larger looking.
  10. I think im the only one that likes the pear shape edge on wedges..
  11. ditched my 3 wood and 3 iron, swapped in a 5 wood (17*) best decision I made to date for both accuracy and distance.
  12. nah no judgment... I meant it as, I would rock the Mackenzie over the links master
  13. those bags are fire... would like to see another Mackenzie drop too
  14. g410 for less offset, fairly easy to elevate. My only complaint is the lack of shaft options with Ping
  15. Wonder how the corks will hold up on the course. I had lebron 10 corks years ago and they cracked quickly
  16. I have an old TM Ardmore sitting around (Single Bend - 69 Lie/4*Loft). I was contemplating playing around and adding an extension (https://www.golfworks.ca/long-belly-putter-shaft-extension/p/le9001/) and new grip. I would obviously have to adjust the lie angle, which im not sure if I would be able to get it up right enough (thinking 78?) Would this even be feasible or am I wasting my time?
  17. Has anyone else's raw face wedges not rusted? I purchased mine new at the beginning of the season, played 24 rounds so far and not the slightest of rust has formed. I do wipe my wedges (and all clubs) after every shot, not sure if that affects the result. Just curious if anyone else has had the same issue.
  18. 84 with 4 doubles on the back. cant putt
  19. I replaced my 3 wood with a 5 wood (turned down to 17* for distance and a more open face) I cant stand a closed face on fw
  20. look great OP hope you enjoy. is Rickie still bagging these?
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