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  1. at least tried to "rally" her way in Costa Del Sol... but again, came up short...
  2. she hasnt been accurate at all this year (so that should factor in).. to be more precise, she's got a ton of work to do with accuracy on the fairways (both off the tee and 2nd shots on par 5's) this year... let's see if her rounds the next wk or two still show that (or she's worked hard enough to correct it)
  3. i speak the truth, and I’m sure some players (and their folks) would concur with me LOL...
  4. Carlota will "on the clock" her way to victory despite shooting 2 double bogeys offset partly by 3 birdies on the last day LOL... all chasers will be lulled to a siesta as they're in Spain...
  5. If that's the case, Shibuno, assuming she passes QSeries, may struggle in the LPGA then. She's only hitting 260yds these days and that's been a result of adding 20yds in the past 2 yrs after she won the Open. G Guess we'll find out whether Shibuno's iron game matches with most other Japanese PGA/LPGA players have (Eg exceptional iron game).
  6. I've never really bothered to follow her game closely, what is her "go to" strength of her game? Certainly not length, is it iron play or putting? She certainly did well enough to keep her card for 2022 ...
  7. I know it wasnt directed at me but... TBH, i don't find Muni worth following on IG - I actually follow Alex Albon and Yuki Tsunoda LOL (I find Muni to be "third wheel - esp when she was in Texas for COTA race and Alex and Yuki were chatting in the paddock before/after the race). Neither do I follow Paige LOL. Call me oddball... Nonetheless I do follow Hinako and Yui - and it wasn't initially bec of their golf "ability" actually - as most of you guys know Hinako didn't even make it in her first attempt at the regular JLPGA tour. Needless to say, I follow Shota Hayafuji and Hideki as well... It would be interesting to see if someone has done "analysis" of % of followers in terms of demographics of Muni and Paige -- as in age (never mind gender LOL).
  8. Ah Cisco -- Maverick McNealy's father, Mr Scott --> to Maverick+DK = Sponsorship for the LPGA --- but not enough, if you ask me LOL... As someone who's in the finance sector, I'm actually surprised there's not a bulge bracket investment bank in LPGA (eg Goldie, Morgan, etc)...
  9. Let's hype it up some more! Methinks Shibuno is already in the US... https://www.wowow.co.jp/sports/lpga/info/detail_211022_01.html https://www.wowow.co.jp/sports/lpga/ WOWOW will broadcast the play of these two people live! https://www.instagram.com/p/CWvNscDvVxS/?fbclid=IwAR2W0Iy2KUQPsQOotU8-oAaVfI_8Ylysu0gScTLysHXn521qoVYM6m6Z1Jk
  10. my concern will be her length... (which you rightly pointed out). i dunno if 240 yds cuts it in the LPGA consistently -- as shibuno said she was 240 before and had to be able to do 260... we will find out next wk or two as a preliminary -- after all LPGA is more a wedge and iron game, in my view, relative to PGA (Morikawa and Matsuyama be damned LOL)...
  11. We Samurais have been "eradicated" from the face of Japanese realm... These days, I just bake... (google Kimuraya) (Blame @KBong for putting a loaf of bread on the other post).
  12. I would've gotten my "hall of fame/shame" BEFORE hinako did (had I ran across LOL)
  13. Shibuno was <100k pre-the Open win... and was <50k pre-any JLPGA win... but she has stalled the past year or two (just like her results - well, not the results the past few weeks and excl 2020 USWO, but you get the drift) Muni has the most "potential" in terms of growth -- but that greatly assumes a game with it... Hinako is already well known so I suspect the number of IG followers will not grow sizeably even if she succeeds to get her LPGA tour card... (I'm proud to be follower <10k for Hinako LOL - I shouldve ran across the course in the rain and asked to have her autograph her own towel when she won her 2nd title in 2019 - JLPGA followers know what I'm talking about eg own towel).
  14. Sure thing! I'm thinking who'll be my third! NVM, I think you know they're all across the Pacific (or maybe one is coming from the Atlantic!) Edit:come to think of it, one doesn't even have to fly across an ocean lol.
  15. I know! Unbelievable but that's how she is / how she plays - the anti Bryson in a way. "Throw out the analytics with her lol"
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