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  1. I'm still on aeroburners! It's the perfect club for Ontarians - you get to play max 3-5 mos in a year only anyway... And for someone who grew up in the tropics, it's 3mos only lol. Anything below 20C/68F, I'm glued to GC lol. But above 35C (90F), what heat alert nonsense is this? Let's go run half marathon!
  2. sadly, this is the KPMG, I can't do my "who is <insert name>" anti-jinx = win quote LOL... will have to wait for nxt yr's US Open for now, I'll just keep quiet and hope my player(s) play consistent... (they can play inconsistent like last year - ill take rounds 2 and 3 but not 1 and 4 :P)
  3. these aussies, they make it hard for us... Su, Hannah, Minjee...
  4. at -15, and nelly at -20, i think it's safe to say my name doesn't change
  5. well, she's young for one but as a melburnian (or victorian, for that matter), i don't think she'll sprint -- more like, ease into Sunday is more like her - like other melburnians ... or for that matter, perthies aka minjee LOL... (I've got tons of friends living in perth rooting for minjee so i don't need to add to it )...
  6. full throttle a la de Chambeau LOL...
  7. If she wins my sign on name shall change to Su Per Mil Oh
  8. ahhh! this one SHOULD AND WILL DEFINITELY make the cut! ☺︎
  9. wouldve been more interesting shoot if aza was paired with stacey... might have had to video it instead haha
  10. Did you have time to tripod this shot? Seriously though, appreciate the pics! (also, I think you would have a ton of time to take this shot, serious too! )
  11. my eyes fail me, who is the one on blue with driver on the ground, the one in red driving and the one in aqua looking at whatever book - let's be thorough and maximize the shot
  12. Congratulations Matilda! You had to win as that's the only way I get to see Bianca on TV today - spraying champagne on you! Haha
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