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  1. They said nothing of our times, just that we had to be 300 yards behind the group in front of us at all times. The group behind us was never waiting for very long, probably long enough for their caddie to give them the info on the hole. But you have 4 walkers with carts in front and behind us. I guess we should have walked faster??? I honestly don't even remember how long our round took, we had an hour lighting delay on I think hole 16. We were mostly hassled on the front 9 and I think it took us a little over 2 hours on the front.
  2. I have only played the Black and our 4some walked with the push carts and won't do that again. We all played solid, no lost balls or anything or big scores on any holes however it was tough keeping up with the group in front because they were all in carts. So we were constantly being told to pick up the pace and we are all looking at each other scratching our heads on how we can play faster. We each hit the fairway most of the time (very wide fairways) and were on or around the green in regulation. Our caddie would just say, "hey this guy might say something about your pace" but that was about it. They tout this as a walking friendly place and to me it was anything but.
  3. How did you get on? I thought there was a tournament that day, you're playing in it?
  4. Also this is Florida so most morning tee times are booked out as far in advance as allowed especially on weekends, that afternoon sun is brutal along with t-storms. Resort course with multiple courses you need that morning tee time to get in 36. So tee times being booked in advance really doesn't say much, but this is just the opinion of a 7 handicap who has been playing for 25 years.
  5. @jerebere Since you are a Steamsong expert, any caddie recs? I really don't want a caddie that might try to fight our group or just throw down balls that are not ours (we all play 1 ball and mark them ) .
  6. Playing Saturday, don't have a caddie reserved however emailing them shortly. I've heard the names of good caddies in this thread, Obi, Jax, Maverick, Justin, Eddie Fray... Any others?
  7. Thanks for the replies. Feather Sound got back to me but was not able to commit fast enough before the initiation fees went up 3x. It was mentioned that St. Pete CC has a wait list but on their website says accepting Summer Memberships starting March 31st. Anyone know of members that are willing to sponser me?
  8. Moving to St. Pete soon, will be living downtown. I like to play lots of golf when I can. Big thing for me where I live now are getting tee times so I've been looking at private options. St. Pete CC - looks to be Semi private Seminole Lakes CC - Looks to be semi private Bayou Club Feather Sound Bardmoor Vinoy Pasadena Vinoy and Pasadena look to be the most expensive options. Can someone fill me in on these courses? Cost/Quality/Membership/Tee Time availability. Thanks!
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