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  1. Lots to work on! I really appreciate the pointers. I’m counting down the days until the warm weather returns, and I can practice some of these things.
  2. Attempting to plan a few rounds during a long weekend for a friend’s bachelor party Does anyone have experience with planning golf outings around OC MD, Delaware beach area, AC, Philly, NYC?
  3. My swing has many flaws. Stubbornly stand too far away, over the top path, chicken elbow... Any tips are welcomed FullSizeRender.mov
  4. https://www.pga.com/archive/your-favorite-games-play-golf-course what are your favorite games to play out there?
  5. Does anyone have experience getting a junior involved in golf in the Tri-State area, or more specifically NYC? What are some pointers for creating fun introductory experiences?
  6. Short Par 4 membership https://www.shortpar4.com/ Thought the concept was cool, as I have a few other monthly membership type of programs. My relative who I gave to was appreciative, but I was disappointed. Each month the box had almost all “short par 4” brand items, with maybe one name brand mixed in. Even that item was a disappointment.
  7. Cool topic! I’d also include some fellas that go back further than 30 years, but I’d rock with... Chi-Chi Rodriguez Seve Ballasteros Miguel Jimenez
  8. Is a player responsible to pay for damages if your wayward shot hits a house, a parked car, or causes any sort of damage?? asking for a friend...
  9. Very excited, indeed! Being in a big $ fantasy golf league helps build that excitement for sure. Look forward to watching golf every week
  10. IMO, there’s not anything more important than showing up for your tee time early. When I’m early I feel notably more relaxed, focused, and prepared. It allows time for stretching, practice, and getting into the headspace I need.
  11. I frequently record my practice sessions, and shots while playing. It helps me recognize flaws in my swing path, footwork, etc. I just start recording using my phone’s camera, then set it on the ground propped up against a club headcover. Have considered using a tripod, or other similar type of gadgets. Does anyone have a recommendation? IMG_5938.mov
  12. A friend I played with literally pulled out a battery-powered leaf blower to clear his putting path on the green. Of course there were a lot of jokes, but in the end everyone conceded-it was ingenious. Was it legal? Have you ever seen anyone pull out a trick like this?
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