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  1. soloman1 cmon lighten up you're being disingenuous.. give a very slight effort to speak any language and people are extremely grateful and accommodating.. I've got plenty of experience in corporate america japan w this fyi.. iirc from what I heard rahm learned the language in like 18 mths and I can barely detect an accent from the rahminator!
  2. good points on the numbers, but the fact is Woods and Nicklaus did do it, and within the last 35 years, which is actually somewhat surprising, since it was 2 players back-to-back basically, and relatively recently in the sport's timeline they can't be excluded, the player we're talking about will be like those two, a "besides" guy who comes along every half century or whatever
  3. someone always comes along I don't look at 18 like some records in other sports that you just know can't be touched, like wins in baseball Low to mid 20s is doable and will happen, maybe not for 100 years but it will
  4. DJ big-timed Na and Kevin rightfully called him on it
  5. only hardcore golf fans know justin rose e.g. janzen>rose?
  6. we've seen this over and over and over through the history of the game with very few exceptions ... these old guys show up here and there in big tournaments in rounds 1-3 and invariably fade and never get the W, esp. guys that putt and chip like westwood expecting 72-75 from the leader with BDC for the title or maybe a comeback from the Rahminator if he gets it rolling
  7. golf's not a team sport and these are paid professionals give the olympics back to the ams
  8. don't blame him one bit olympics and golf is forced they'd opt out of presidents cups too if there was no backlash
  9. review both tournaments guys, and I understand the economics, what I'm saying is that big DJ played way better than Koepka and would've beaten him by 5 or 6 shots this week whether at Augusta or your local muni, and I put the AZ course at about a par 68.5 this week we know how poorly the last groups scored on Sun in AZ this week
  10. coming off a business like win in Saudi this week, I can't be alone in thinking that DJ would've finished low to mid-20s or so in AZ? Made no putts in the euro event and still didn't break a sweat in beating that pretty damn good field out there the final score at waste management was an obvious underachievement this week
  11. I'm thinking 22 playoff 23 win and Schauffele at about 75% to take it down Someone from the 14s and 15s will get up there with a chance late
  12. he leaves more putts short than any pro I've ever seen, by far and not just a little short, I'm talking not even close
  13. that's exactly right Kilo1545 ... we know the current system is strictly for TV and getting a feel for where a player stands in relation to the lead before the field finishes for the day movement to more of a "strokes-gained" system more accurately captures your standing anyway I always get a kick out of our heroes at CBS at Augusta when a guy out in front of the leaders finishes hole 15 and they say he's making a charge and he's within 3 shots no he's not he's within 4.5 or 5, because 13 and 15 aren't par 5s and the leaders will bir
  14. reassess "par 5" as a measurement tool, or obviously knock down 72s to 70 or use par 4.5 on shorter 5s nothing mandates the use of integers in an already artificially created scoring system
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