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  1. I don’t know how much a range ball costs but these Kirkland signature were in large supply and they are only one dollar per ball. If range balls are in short supply then this would definitely be a good alternative option. I went to my local Costco today and saw a pallet of balls right up at the entrance and I got excited thinking they were the new four piece but it was just a new pallet of the 3.2. They had the pallet upfront as well as a pallet in the back where they normally keep them.
  2. Nothing like watching your 3.2 land and then spin sideways away from the hole because of your nasty slice. Can never seem to land left of the hole and then spin towards the hole. They are a very spinny ball, IMO.
  3. Day I found out they were discontinuing those ice cream bars was one of the saddest days of my life. You get the bar right when the chocolate is still soft, small slice of heaven.
  4. Played my first round with the Pro V1 left dash and holy **** is there a major feel and performance difference between the 2 balls. I know they are on opposite ends of the spectrum as far as how they are supposed to perform and feel but I was shocked at how big of a difference there actually was and how much I could tell a performance difference. Before that round, I don't think I could ever really tell much of a difference between balls whether they were 2/3 piece or much performance difference. The left dash was hard, clicky, and did not spin worth a darn compared to the KS 3.2 I'm actually surprised I feel this way but I think I like KS 3.2 more.
  5. In response to your comment in the last part of the post, I think this is a valid feeling. The one place I think I could see the "excessive" spin being an issue with the Ksig is if you battle a slice/hook and theoretically this could exaggerate it? I actually just picked up a dozen of the ProV1X Left Dash balls to see if I see less left to right movement on my drives than I normally do. My swing isn't consistent enough to know if my ball came up short because the ball had too much spin vs contact just not being great. If I start slicing my drives "less" than normal then I might be a lot more inclined to stop using the Ksig.
  6. Went through my local Costco today and there were tons of balls, wedges, and putters but not a single glove to be found.
  7. They do seem to have an affinity for Titleist and Snell balls. As far as distance vs spin, some of my longest and shortest drives ever were with the Ksig. I chalk most of it up to the fact that I'm not a pro and don't always hit the ball the same way. I love the greenside/entry spin and since they say to choose your ball from the green to the tee, I'd say I'm happy. I started playing the Ksig because I hated paying a fortune to lose balls but since I've gotten better and don't lose many balls anymore, it's still my go-to ball. It's what I play and I like it. I could hit other balls farther but that's not my priority. I'm not playing from the tips and I miss more greens than I hit so my short game benefits from the added spin.
  8. They say that the higher the spin the lower the trajectory.
  9. Wouldn't it be something if what happened to Rahm a couple weeks ago happened to DJ on this tour? Certainly DJ has been around his bro so he would be being monitored/tested to make sure he didn't get it from him.
  10. Anyone have any info on why DJ caddie Austin isn't caddying for him this weekend?
  11. Been cruising a number of local Costco’s lately and each time I go there seems to be fewer and fewer 3.2 balls. Also noticed the gloves were starting to dwindle as well.
  12. I know this is the golf ball thread but today only the KS1 putter is $50 off for a total of $100. This is an insane price. online only
  13. Every Costco here in Vegas has full pallets of them. I've never not seen one in store since they were introduced.
  14. Went to the local Costco here in Vegas and they had a whole pallet of the 3.2 up front along with the wedges and putters. Same.
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