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  1. I legit miss every single putt right. Ive been told I slice or cut across the ball. I started using the line on the ball to line up and its helped but I'm still struggling. Can anyone suggest any drills to stop or get the putts online? I haven't putted a putt in years!
  2. Hello Is there much of a difference between the T100S from 2019 to the new ones? How are the T100S in real world golf? Similar Distance / Forgiveness as the old model? Any reviews would be helpful.
  3. these irons are amazing Super forgiving. I love them. I don't like the feeling of the shafts though. Going either DG120 or $taper and they will be perfect (also adding gap wedge) Is the gap wedge more blade like or iron like?
  4. any other pics? Especally of the mid MP irons?
  5. i ended up ordering a stock set and have been playing them for 2 months now. I really really like them. They are super forgiving and feel great. Not in love with shaft - would like a more solid feel and possibly higher launch - PX ZL 6.0 or DG120 would be a better fit.
  6. ive been playing these for a month now. ZX7 with Stock Modus (Hate the shafts) but the clubs are fantastic. Super forgiving, long and feel great. Will get another set with different shafts in 2022 but will be gaming them again. I will opt for the gap wedge next season though over the 3 iron
  7. hit these today during a complete titleist fitting. I wasn't overly impressed. Feeling was good - same as last years. The 100s are smaller than last year. The 200s are ugly and felt meh and clicky. I was hoping the T100S would blow me away but they didn't. Harder to hit than my ZX7 and less confidence at address.
  8. the 223 look pretty good. Can't wait to see real pics
  9. mizuno hasn't made an amazing MP Iron since MP53
  10. TSi3 is amazing. Im loving mine right now
  11. my driver doesnt allow woods lol Every tee time is packed so i can't just go out and mess around that's why im asking here lol Ill try a few things next round thanks for the suggestions. I never looked at that chart - higher and flatter may work
  12. Hello All I have a TSi3 10 deg driver which I love. It looks great and is long and forgiving enoguh My Miss has been a hook and I hit it relatively low. My good shots are really good maybe the best Ive had so I'm not going to change drivers If I wanted to hit it slightly higher and less hookey what setting should I put the neck on? I know if you go higher it usually closes the face. Any suggestions? Please don't tell me to change driver / shafts because I love the combo and can't afford anything else (was a gift). Plus there are no fitters around I like in the middle of nowhwere
  13. Hello I'm looking for a few fairway wood. I play the ts2 driver from last year and love it but I'm looking to replace my M2 fairway. The TSI3 fairway looks amazing to me but I didn't have a chance to hit it. Anybody play the TSI3 fairway wood? How is it off the tee / turf? Is it long ? Forgiving? Thanks!
  14. I had a set this year but with TI S400 too much shaft for me. They look amazing and would love to try them again
  15. thanks so do you have a review? I’ve read most of that lots of fitting and simulator talk
  16. Hello All Looking for Some Srixon ZX7 on course reviews. I know they are great in the Sim and in testing but looking for some real reviews Anyone compare to T100 / T100s or 770? What are the flight characteristics of the stock Modus 120 Shaft? The Looks / Size are perfect but there is nowhere to try these around here.
  17. what are the flight characteristcs of the STaper Shaft?
  18. Hello All, T100 Player here. The T100 are great no complaints but I want to try something different and my heart is always with Mizuno. Looking for some long term reviews here. Feel / Forgiveness / Distance / .... Any comparisons to T100 or T100s? I love the loft set and included Gap wedge. Also want to give STaper a go as well.
  19. these clubs are amazing. I ll be using them again in 2021
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