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  1. ^^^ Ryan said it best. It’s a shame I just finished building my gamers for the season
  2. Hard to stay without #’s tbh
  3. Modus 125 for $18 cheaper per shaft than $ taper would get my moneys. I just made the shift to TI X100 for lower trajectory. Loving them
  4. the weather is permitting, the moisture isn’t
  5. no experience with graphite. What flex do you currently play?
  6. Baby brother might need the ZX5’s
  7. We’re right around the corner from golf here in the North East. A lot of courses opening but the CC I’m a member of is waiting until everything is dried up. I’m so ready
  8. This could be true but completely depends on your swing release. #’s wise the 125 is the closest. 120 could launch lower or higher than 125 depending on release.
  9. I just use their normal tape for build up tape. Works great
  10. I think rickie may be looking for more than just spin
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