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  1. Experiment gone wrong. I wanted this to agree with me badly but I need more bounce. My loss is your gain. • Miura Wedge Series Forged C Grind • 59* 9* bounce • Project X LZ 6.0 35.25” playing length • BB&F Co. Kingsley Zissou ferrule • MCC + 4 standard navy grip - 3 rounds on it • Removed the paintfill and blended a few nicks in the club from when I bought it. FWIW I own a club building/refinishing/milled accessory company if it gives you peace of mind. $OLD shipped add $10 west of Chicago
  2. Just a heads up that isn’t a Studio Stainless. It’s a Studio Select.
  3. Been searching and searching for a 58-60 wedge that agrees with me and this one was close but not perfect. • Miura “Wedge Series” • 59* loft • 63.5 lie angle • C-Grind 8* Bounce • Project X LZ 5.5 plays at 35.25” • MCC +4 standard used one round I removed the paint fill and touched it up a bit. Was going to do a full rebuild but decided to keep searching for “the one”. I’d like to get $120 shipped or trade for the following complete wedges or wedge head only: - SM7 58/12D or 58/14K - SM8 58/12D or 58/14K - T20 58/12C - T20 59/09M - I’ll entertain wedges with similar grind/bounce
  4. My elbow hurts and I’m trade friendly. • TBC Tie Dye Hybrid • - used gently half this season - no rips/tears or stains $old • Jet Black SM7 60* S Grind • - SM8 wedge flex shaft - Tiffany BB&F ferrule perfectly turned - No grip on it, happy to put one on for you though. Will play 35.25” depending on grip. Excellent condition on this. Bought the head off eBay basically new and built it. Has 2 rounds and an hour long practice green session. Never saw the sand. I’ve never had a 60* and this was a failed experiment. Think it may be the grind, maybe I just love an open faced 56* too much. $old • KBS CT Tour Double Bend • - matte black PVD - will work in left or right handed models - brand new Bought it for a project and used something else. $25 shipped OBO - add $5 west of Chicago • (6) Golf Pride CP2 Pro Midsize grips • -basically new, pulled them off a set of irons I bought. Not my cup of tea. $old
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