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  1. I have had a lot of success with heads up putting after reading the paper published by Sasho Mackenzie, https://www.researchgate.net/publication/320295205_Evaluation_of_Near_Versus_Far_Target_Visual_Focus_Strategies_With_Breaking_Putts Curious if anyone has tried to implement the same with their chipping (2-10 yards off the green) considering the value of picking and hitting a landing spot? Seems like the concept is close to the same?
  2. Thanks for answering everyone. Question for those who know more. In the videos he never really explains why he does it. He says “feel brings it over”. Does anyone know why this works/helps? Is it an alignment thing?
  3. I have been watching the Dave Stockton videos to try help my putting. In his pre shot routine and set up to a putt, he places the putter infront of the ball, directly on the line. Is this illegal to do? In my head I always thought it was, or seemed like it would be something deemed illegal by the rules for tampering with the line.
  4. Every time I buy a pair of white golf shoes I kill them in the matter of a few rounds. Last season I bought the FootJoy Flex shoes and within 4-5 rounds they were completely stained with dirt and sand. This season I got the New Balance Fresh Foam and again after 4-5 rounds the uppers are stained. As a disclaimer, I play in typically warm/dry weather. I walk my course which is 6,700 yards. After each round I clean the shoes, once or twice a month in the wash machine. At the point where no matter what I do, the shoes look completely destroyed on the upper p
  5. I live in Western Canada. I play on a course that is 6,700 but has additional tees that make it play out to 7,200. The greens tend to be on the harder side at all times, same with the fairways. Few folks if any (even top pros) generate any significant spin on greens, it is just not the style of play here. Right now I have a gap between my Driver and 6 iron (26*) which I obviously need to fill. I am between adding: 3-4-5 iron 5-7-9 wood 2-4-5 hybrid A little more about my game. High single digit player, play
  6. I have owned too many training aids to count (impact snap, tour striker, click release, hanger, puttout, eyeline mirror, raflewski ruler, medicus, momentus, speed whoosh, putting arc...among others). I just like trying all sorts of things and seeing if something sticks. Usually I have a break through stage that lasts about a week, then they sit in a door and go on resale. I have found that of all this non-sense that comes and goes, Orange Whip seems to be the one I see in lots of bags and acting as a part of peoples games (for better or worse). I have never owned one
  7. Got these earlier in the month and have played a number of rounds with them. They are my first set of Ping irons and all I can say is that they have that special "something" you do not find often with irons. I don't know, it is just the combo of how they look and sit behind the ball that inspires confidence. My swing is very inconsistent at the moment, and as a low ball hitter, it is awesome to see my well struck shots get a height that really suits my eye. On a bit of a side note, it has probably been discussed in here, but the grooves on all of the wedges are the same as the gli
  8. I would if they were available in Canada and in left handed.
  9. I played one length irons (King F9) all last season - about 80 rounds. In 20 years of golf I’ve never hit it better, even when I played well as a kid. Because I could not find left handed wedges (anything above 48*) or a 4/5i (anything less than 23*), I sold them at the end of last season. This year I switched to ping g425’s. Complete confidence, consistency and launch over the 6-7-8. Smash them. But I am struggling immensely with the 4/5 and 9-LW. Long irons thin weak slices, short irons strong pulls. No where close with alignment. Did I kill my swing with the o
  10. Up here in Canada throughout the first six weeks of the season, I have been on the joggers and hoodie/dressy collar sweat shirt. Feels comfortable and basically what I wear every day off the course so any purchase was sort of dual purpose. I have been using the Lululemon ABC joggers, so there is no belt and they have a draw string front but are fitted and dressier. Haven't had an issue with tucking/untucking because hoodies or sweatshirts just hang over. Now that it is warming up here and it is too hot for hoodies or sweat shirts, I am looking for a course acceptable
  11. I am left handed and explaining this left handed so bare with me if it causes confusion. My ball flight is almost exclusively right to left (cut/slice). If I want to hit the middle of the fairway I move my target to the right side/edge and work it back. My miss tends to be a pronounced pull to start with aggressive slice at the end starting right of line and finishing left of anticipated target. When I try to compensate for this, there is a point as I keep aiming right for a bigger cut/slice that I can consistently hit the ball dead straight or with a slight draw
  12. Well, it is a last ditch effort for me. After hitting 14 greens in regulation and shooting 85 last weekend, I went into the store and bought the only left handed armlock in stock (rational decision). I have just had enough. I spend so much time working on my game, strike it so well and then am as inconsistent as a first timer on the greens. What makes matters worse is growing up it was by far the strength of my game. I have completely lost it. So with that, I ask for advice. Where do I start? What is going to be the biggest learning hurdle? What do I start working on?
  13. Reeks of desperation, but this is my last ditch effort Hail Mary to find something that works. Ping Harwood LH Armlock 41.5 inches, 8* of loft, lie angle 80*, head weight of 385g. Wish me luck... IMG_3932.HEIC IMG_3929.HEICIMG_3930.HEIC
  14. I should have never started this thread, haha. I’m even more confused and frustrated about what the move is or how to try and feel it than ever before. Hope one day it finally clicks.
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