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  1. I picked up a set for cheap on the bay. I've played played about 6 rounds with them so far and love em. I have the modus 120x in them and can do whatever I want with them. I'm used to more of a click on solid strikes with blades I've played in the past (mizuno mp 33, spalding tour edition, tourstage x blade) but these feel more substantial on the hit, not dead feeling but just solid. The big plus for me is how easy it is to flight them 8 iron down. I've always really had to work to get the ball down, could be the modus since I've played DG for 30 years. For the price, a brand new, high quality JDM blade.... kind of hard to pass up.
  2. Went with the Honma. Not the prettiest blade ever but I couldn't say no to the price.
  3. Those shafts definitely are intriguing. I had kbs tours in a set of pings and was not a fan of the balance point but the heavy tip sounds great.
  4. New member here. I need help choosing what to pull the trigger on. If you had the choice between Honma Rose Protos (new), Adams Raw mb2s (used), King Cobra mb/cb combo (used)- all in modus 120x- and the wild card Cally razr x mb with kbs $ 125 s+ ht (used). All around the same price. My current gamers are 2005 Tourstage X Blade mb with dg x100. LOVE them but I could shave with the leading edge. Playing in the PNW, I need something that won't dig so much in the muck (which is most of the time).
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