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  1. Thanks browne11. Once I put in cart I saw the discount. Anybody willing to share size recommendations or their rough height/weight? When I searched I saw a couple comments about this wearing one size smaller, but that wasn't always the case and don't see a ton of reviews out there with size comments.
  2. The SIM enticed me and just recently started my relationship with her. I don't think my m5 knows yet and we really haven't officially broken up. I was thinking of taking them on a date together to the range to compare, but that will sure cause some conflict. I'll provide an update after.
  3. Looking for this 25% off deal today. I don't see it on Ping.com. Can you share a link or site? thanks.
  4. In my 40's and finally getting back into playing more golf again. I probably only averaged 3-4 rounds a year for the past decade due to work and raising little minions. Anyhow I probably got 15 rounds in this year and the bug is back. Aside from spending way too much time on this site updating my equipment through BST, I like this post as I've been thinking this very thought as I can't golf in the winters here in the midwest. My driver SS averages about 110 so want to gain some speed over the winter and thinking about doing the speedsticks program.
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