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  1. + another one for the Ping Pioneer if don't buy a c-130. I've had a few cart bags and the Pioneer has been the most stable standing on its own. Like many have said I've left it up in a parking lot, next to the practice green, and for shorter times on the range and it's never fallen (never was too windy though too). Another bonus is the pioneer sits well on my push cart for a cart bag.
  2. Does anybody know of any public course practice ranges in the twin cities or surrounding area that use golf balls that are not range balls? I've been to a couple private courses that use game balls, but don't remember if I've been to a public course that does. I ask as I'd like to dial in distances outdoors this spring with a launch monitor. I know it won't be exact unless the range has the same ball I play, but it'll at least be much closer. *aside from hitting indoors with a tracker to get distances, any other additional methods others have used to get to what I want??
  3. I can't argue with the c-130s. I know I'm not answering your question and you say it is a must, but is push cart + cart bag an option? I was going down a similar path that you were not too long ago and opted to do the push + cart. It just opens up a lot more bigger bag options, and you are probably in better shape than me, but carrying a big stand bag stuffed full could be a burden.
  4. It's a great question and I don't follow the practice of considering frequency and equipment investment. I may consider it though.... I'm assuming like many others, I read an article, post, or hear from another golfer about a piece of equipment and that typically has me researching and more times than not purchasing to test/try for myself. Not to hijack your thread and I'm sure it is already discussed in another post, but I need to balance the time and $ investment more wisely when it comes to the buckets of equipment, practice, fittings, lessons, and playing. I probably over skew on equip
  5. It seems to me you are going down the right path like many have stated. If you are having issues off tight lies in fairway with your 5i maybe you experiment with a hybrid at that loft/distance too? Like you and many I go back and forth with hybrid to iron and where that transition is.
  6. Thanks browne11. Once I put in cart I saw the discount. Anybody willing to share size recommendations or their rough height/weight? When I searched I saw a couple comments about this wearing one size smaller, but that wasn't always the case and don't see a ton of reviews out there with size comments.
  7. The SIM enticed me and just recently started my relationship with her. I don't think my m5 knows yet and we really haven't officially broken up. I was thinking of taking them on a date together to the range to compare, but that will sure cause some conflict. I'll provide an update after.
  8. Looking for this 25% off deal today. I don't see it on Ping.com. Can you share a link or site? thanks.
  9. In my 40's and finally getting back into playing more golf again. I probably only averaged 3-4 rounds a year for the past decade due to work and raising little minions. Anyhow I probably got 15 rounds in this year and the bug is back. Aside from spending way too much time on this site updating my equipment through BST, I like this post as I've been thinking this very thought as I can't golf in the winters here in the midwest. My driver SS averages about 110 so want to gain some speed over the winter and thinking about doing the speedsticks program.
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