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  1. I can tell you it’s not false. I can’t make anyone believe me of course. The only reason I posted was because I couldn’t find anything like this on this forum and was curious if anyone else experienced this issue. I don’t know what else I can say to convey that what I experienced was real. I just don’t want to seem like this is a hoax and that I’m branded a “liar”.
  2. I stored them in my garage. I’m in southern Cal so it does get hot but I don’t think enough to make the cover come loose.
  3. I hit into the net thousands of times with other balls. Even the Q Star and the Z Star is the only one that has warped. Also you are correct @SPIF. There is erratic flight when the cover warps. I’ve seen it in the air on the course. This only happens with long irons. Usually my 5 or 4. And not with driver for some reason. Also, I only hit cheap balls into the net so I don’t waste my premium balls. The only reason I decided to test the Z Star on my net was because of the funny flight pattern I saw on the course. Although I can see how it t would be hard to believe that a cover can do that. I’m almost sure it’s the impact of the club and not the impact on the net that’s causing this issue. I have a soft blanket on the impact zone so it cushions the impact.
  4. Speaking of Srixon Quality...I JUST posted this about Z Star Balls I bought. It's not just the issue with the core. Their cover is poor quality. It literally falls off the core and warps shape after a hit. @arbeck these ball made my shots go in very weird flights. sometimes left, sometimes right... but the warping shoots back into it's normal shape after about 20-30 seconds...so by the time you get to your ball on the course...you NEVER will never know that this happened.
  5. Hi. I'm new to this forum. I bought 2 boxes of 2020 Srixon Z Star Balls. I noticed when I was hitting my long irons on the course that the balls had a funny flight. So I went home and hit some balls using my monitor and FOUND OUT WHY! The cover warped when I hit it with my long irons. Has anyone ever seen this before with a ball? I've been playing for over 20 years and probably hit and lost hundreds if not thousands of balls...LOL...but this is the first time I've EVER seen this happen. The warping goes back to normal in about 20-3o seconds. I could see why when you hit the ball on the course...and then reach the ball it's already gone back to normal. On my net in the garage I was able to capture it before it shot back into it's normal shape.
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