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  1. Obviously the departure of Matt is a tough one and from what we can tell, a bit abrupt. It does sound like he realizes that he had a pretty good gig with TXG where he could take on a bunch of other projects while running TXG youtube channel. Unfortunately, when you are basically a contractor, that freedom can come at a cost and an acquisition can change quickly change your situation. Hopefully it works out for all. I have to disagree with the comments saying this is the beginning of the end for TXG youtube. Those expecting Mike to jump in and fill the spot right away are being completely unrealistic. They have also said they're not going to try and fill the role with a single person. Pieces of it, such as video production can easily be replaced. They need to get some other people hitting balls, Ian is best when he's behind the desk. Matt and Ian had great chemistry and that will take time to build with other people. The one thing in TXG that is not replaceable is the deep knowledge that Ian brings to every basically every subject they touch. As long as that is still there I think they will figure out ways to make it work.
  2. I'm honestly not sure which tests you're referring to. Please enlighten. Anecdotes about tour pros gaining a few mph are not tests so I hope that's not it.
  3. Statistical significance is a concept that isn't discussed enough in club testing. Now that TXG is being discussed here, I enjoy watching their videos, but they are bad at this too. Will be interested to see how they frame this when they get back to their studio. I agree that I haven't seen any reviews yet which would lead me to believe there has been any measurable improvement over Sim2 here. You would think that if it was actually there, at least a couple of the many review videos would have picked up those gains by now.
  4. One thing I see Dr Kwon keep mentioning is the idea that taking the club back fast tends to lead to greater pelvis rotation/activation in backswing. Especially in the most recent video he keeps telling the guy to take it back fast but not to rush it down from the top. I haven't heard this much before. I'm far from an instruction expert however.
  5. For sure, I definitely got a good laugh out of it. Especially considering that even if I was double my age, I would barely be the same age as the youngest boomers haha.
  6. No doubt. And if he wins this, it will be all about how he overpowered Bay Hill.
  7. Worst bunkers on tour, right there
  8. I agree with this. NBC doesn't help it when they immediately flash a graphic showing 170 yards between Bryson's and Lee's balls, leading uninformed people to start the narrative that Bryson outdrove Lee by 170. And then I got called a boomer on here yesterday for saying Bryson isn't much longer than Rory, which is a fact. I don't think anyone is saying Bryson isn't long. It's more that when you hear the way people talk about him, you would think he's 20+ yards past his nearest competitors on every hole which just isn't the case. He's 4 yards longer than Rory on average for the season.
  9. Bryson jumping around on the 6th tee, fist pumping etc. Then Rory comes up behind him and knocks one within 9 yards of him and it's just business as usual for Rory. Funny how the narrative around this stuff gets pumped up.
  10. Like bladehunter said there is some personal preference. If you feel like you're covered with your wedges, have room in the bag for those clubs, and like the way it covers your gaps I wouldn't get too bogged down over the lofts being tight. I've been tinkering with the top end of my bag as well. I played this season going from a 19 degree 5w to a 24 degree 4 iron which was a big gap. Late in the season, I added in a 20 degree hybrid. Still in the early stages of this set up, but I think the 5 wood and hybrid are different enough that they both warrant a spot in the bag even though the lofts are close. If I was buying new I'd probably grab myself a 21 deg hybrid but it's not worth it for 1 degree. I have about a 15 yard gap there as well. I can control the hybrid better and my track has a couple 220 yard par 3's that I like it on. 5w is better when I want to get one up in the air. Crossfield (love him or hate him) had an interesting video out the other day talking about how many am's overdo it with wedges in the bag and don't think about the top end of the bag as much. Also how strokes gained data shows most people are losing their most strokes from 180-220ish and having more options from that range would do many people good (assuming they practice with them). I'm going to try this approach and see how it works over a longer period of time.
  11. Thanks for the initial review, especially the comments on the long irons. I had suspected these would pretty much play like blades, good to get the info first hand.
  12. For anyone who was on the fence between tour and forged, what did you go with and how did it turn out for you? I'm playing 10+ year old irons and looking to get something new for next year. JPX are on the radar. I'm a low single digit with pretty good speed and consider my iron striking to be a strength. I was thinking combo set but now wondering why not just go all forged for a little help on days when the striking isn't 100% there.
  13. Yeah I hope srixon gives us some guidance on combo'ing these sets (unless they already have and I missed it). Mizuno did a great video on their whole 921 line and how to mix and match, hoping for similar here. The lofts in the long and mid irons are pretty similar between zx5 and zx7.
  14. anw79

    White Hot OG?!

    Funny how things come full circle. I put my OG 2 ball back in the bag a couple weeks ago, still as good as anything out there.
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