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  1. I really have no idea. Not sure if it's a personal stamp, or the makers mark
  2. Picked up a bag of old clubs today, and this putter was in the bag. It's an old brass putter, common design, but I have no idea on the "KK"??? Thanks in advance
  3. Yes, The shaft is straight up and down. I was told that croquet style putting was banned in the 1960s??? Is this a putter from that time?
  4. Bought a bag of clubs over marketplace because I could see a Ping Anser. Got them home and the irons are common Spaldings, but these 2 putted were in the bag... Kro-Kay mallet Royal Scot. Can not find anything about this odd guy. Also found an old Acushnet. Is this pre- Titleist?
  5. Another good find for me today. Found a set of these Nicklaus Golden Bears by MacGregor. It's 3-PW. Appear in phenomenal shape. Faces are clean, grooves sharp. Looks like original grips. Any insight on the age of these? Also does the golf ferrel identify type of shaft? Thanks for looking
  6. Not sure if this is a jackpot or not. Found a set of these Wilson X31 forged irons. I believe these were from 1966. They are in very good shape, I think the grips are original. They are dirty, but when polished up will look awesome. Any insight would be great Cost me 16.00
  7. Hello, Picked up this bag at Goodwill today. It's a Wilson Professional Sunday type bag Any info on age or proper name would be great!
  8. Hi there, Picked this up today while at a thrift shop. Can not find any info on it, do I assume some sort of 8802 knockoff Says Precision II Champion S.S. with ref milled inlay Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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