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  1. Completely understand. I get a massive import charge so it’s even more expensive for me. Don’t rush it. Be happy with your decision knowing either one is sound. Such a shame it’s so hard to try these out first !!! Let us know which you decide !!
  2. I had exactly the same challenge. for background I spoke to Bobby about this and 90% plus choose the a** kicker (but that’s how it’s marketed I guess) - I didn’t ask “which do you think is best?” but he did say “it depends on what you’re used to” ?!?!???! And that “both are amazing” I had the same issue that without trying it I had no idea which is best for me. I guess as the comment above it’ll come down to personal preference. ive never used a putter with this style so I went for the centre shafted option. Fundamentally I didn’t want to spend hundreds of do
  3. Please change my username to CanPuttWillPutt. since I’ve now learned how to putt. thanks !
  4. Ok. I finally gave in. Despite lockdown making me unsure when we’ll even be playing again, I have now FINALLY ordered my Bobby Grace f22 with a standard centre shaft. 45 inches (I’m 5 foot 10). Having only been side saddling for a few months I have loved playing with my STX but the face is just too soft for me on the slower UK greens (kept leaving putts short and for longer putts you nearly had to take a full swing at them ). That and I occasionally jabbed the right side of the STX into the green when putting more upright. anyyyyyway, f22 should be here in a few days. W
  5. Hi Has anyone here used a Bobby Grace Lucky 7 side saddle putter? It looks like it would be great for upright putting and I quite like the look of the design. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has any experience of it. thanks
  6. My first competitive round putting side saddle today. No referendum on putting for me, I putted really really well. 33 puts which is WELL below my usual but better than that, I had a number of pressure four footers today which i would have missed before (guaranteed). All went in the middle of the hole. I actually look forward to the putts, with takes the pressure of the rest of the game. If I miss a putt it’s because I’ve not got the pace right or misread the green, NOT because I’ve hit it offline which was my BIG issue when putting conventionally. My friends even admitted the style “didn’t
  7. Wow ! That is interesting. Thanks. I think I’ll keep persisting with this for the time being then! as bluedot asked, if there’s anyone else on here using this grip (or has used it) it would be great to know ! thanks
  8. thats all great advice bluedot. Thanks. I’m certainly very interested to get the reactions of friends and fellow competitors! in terms of technique there’s something I wanted to run past you experienced side saddlers. I’ve been experimenting with a variation on the claw grip and have noticed that if I “loop” my index finger round the club it holds it firmer and is a little less prone to twisting (and therefore putting offline). I’ve attached a photo of the grip and would be interested in any comments or if you have a putting mat, to let me know what you think. I seem to
  9. Thanks for this bluedot. Much appreciated. I’ll have a chat with Bobby but about which he’d recommend. I have to say it’s a real shame it’s not to possible to try each and see which works. Oh well. Having never putted with a backstryke or putter with anything resembling an AK shaft I’m a little nervous about ordering that. Might stick with standard as it feels like too much of a risk !! . ive been hitting a million putts at home with my “new” STX. I take both it and my new side saddle putting method on the course for the first time next week (Wednesday) and play my first m
  10. Hi Chaps. On the F22, considering it’s not easy to try these things, is the a** Kicker shaft the default recommendation? on Bobby graces website he states “Note if you order the "a** Kicker Shaft Position" it is a custom order and takes a few extra days to make. ” I wondered why this would be a custom order? does anyone know what the “standard shaft position is” or the general difference is? any advice appreciated. thanks Matt
  11. Ok. You guys are killing me!!! Having decided I couldn’t afford an f-22 but then re-read for about the 3rd time all 43 pages of this thread - I’ve decided if I’m going to buy ONE side saddle putter (and only one!!) I might as well get the one the vast majority (from what I can tell) think is the best ?!?!? With import tax and delivery to the UK this is going to be expensive. Now I’ve finished drying my tears, is there anything about the spec I should consider for the F-22? I assume the a** kicker shaft is the recommendation? (If there is even a choice?) What are your thou
  12. That’s a cool idea. I wish I’d seen that before !!! however I have a used 45 inch STX putter turning up in the next day or so. I might need to get the lie angle adjusted a little bit at 5 foot 10 and having played around with a 43 inch putter i don’t think I will need anything longer than the 45. I’m trying to get my settings right before I order a JuanPutt or f22. (Likely JuanPutt due to cost) how tall are you and how upright do you use your f22? The uk have just entered a four week lockdown (courses closed) so I can’t have a play on real greens.
  13. Yeah. I seriously looked at the GP but feel it will be too light to my taste. Honestly. I’d love to be able to try it out but not possible.
  14. That’s great thanks. I might get my odyssey 2 ball with 43 inch shaft changed to lie at 79 and have a play with that. It’s not backstryke but I can see the line ok I (Though I did want to sell it after) . it’s not centre shafted although it is face balanced. Is that an issue for side saddlers? The majority seem to be centre shafted and that’s where I’ll end up, but while I’m toying with it, does it make a big difference? How tall are you with your 46-47? I might have a play with a longer length belly putter in that case before I splash out on JuanPutt. At
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