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  1. that’s funny - I did the same thing, waiting for a new Betti to come tomorrow. Maybe I’ll settle into the stability shaft but as of right now, doesn’t feel like it’s for me. It’s too bad because from the second I picked up my bb1 (pre stability tour shaft) I loved it and had tons of confidence in it/my putting.
  2. Dying to see this - since I just pulled the trigger on a 2019-2020 QB5 today...
  3. I’ll say this, I find the Callaway truevis to be an ugly ugly golf ball, but they’re easier to find almong the leaves - white or yellow, I’ve found them to be helpful.
  4. Wow that’s interesting, thank you very much. I’ll check back with the club builder I use. Thanks a lot!
  5. Interesting- same with me. I tried it in a Vega and it felt great. Not so much with the Bb1. Maybe w stability tour shaft will be going up for sale.
  6. I have been putting with a 35” Bettinardi BB1 with a super stroke putter grip. After trying a friends stability tour shaft and loving it, I bought one and had it installed. Now, first day out, I’ve noticed a drastic change in the feeling of the head weight. It feels much lighter and as I take the putter head away, it feels like it’s wandering. Additionally, the sound at impact is different. It now delivers a *ping* sound. Any idea what’s going on? Wondering if the grip isn’t right or maybe the tour’s balance point is different. Any thoughts would be great. I’ll add quickly that I hav
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