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  1. Totally understand, I hit the 921 forged better. Total understand that CC's Perfect Fit Guarantee covers performance but I think it covers the build as well. In the end I think if you go with the one you want, they'll still honor the guarantee. Makes sense. I've heard the same. Appreciated the feedback Haha!
  2. Thanks everyone! Great responses all around! Had a way better hitting session when I went back in today. Happy to say, I’ll be joining Team Mizuno. Can’t wait for these to come in!
  3. In terms of consistency and distance, the Mavrik was the best. T300 is okay. Weird that Club Champion only took like 3-4 shots before they made a decision on what they believed was best. I'm asking to come back in to hit them again. I agree. Thank you!
  4. Thanks, @Jomatty! Well said.. I did end up emailing the fitter at Club Champion and changing my order. Saved a some of money because I didn't get the GW and 4i (also what was recommended). In the end it also came down to the T300s being out for some time and the still paying full price for them, I'd rather get the newer Mizunos and develop my game with them in the bag since I'm still relatively new. Here's to hoping I can grow into these Mizunos...
  5. I get the biased part.. I've had my eyes on the 921s since they came out. If I'm going to put money into my game, I feel like I should go against the fitter and just get the Mizuno 921s instead of T300s. Towards the end of the fitting, it definitely felt more "sales-y" in her trying to close the deal. Thoughts?
  6. Thanks for the heads up and reply. Not sure about the PXGs. The fitting just came down to the 3 heads I listed. The Mavriks were $1500 (5-GW), Mizuno JPX 921 Forged were $1200 and T300 $1000. I'm telling myself I'll grow into the Mizunos but I really can't say for certain. I do plan on having 2 bags at some point but the focus is really getting a set for myself and not playing the hand-me-downs I've been using.
  7. Hey guys, New to the forum here! I just got fitted today at Club Champion and while I came in with no ego, I did have my eye on Mizuno JPX 921 Forged. I signed up for the iron fitting, after having played some hand-me-downs from 2008 for the last year or so (Callaway X-20). I feel like I've made a lot of improvement in my game and really wanted to get my own set of irons. I went through the process and the fitter recommended shaft that I didn't have any disagreement with it (NS 950 R, -.5") but what it really came down to was the head based off 3 pricing tiers (in the
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