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  1. A lot of good points that could transfer to most sports. In life, careers, sports you have to wonder once the kid is old enough to realize their parents fame and the 'golden parachute' it provides they ease off the gas. I would guess most children of prominent individuals(CEO's, Presidents, etc) have zero desire to reach those lofty goals as they see the cost of time and the toll it takes early in their life. Rarely does a child have the same interests as the parent and even more rarely the same desire. That said, you have to give the edge to JD. Not for talent, coaching, or
  2. I've only read a few pages of this thread so forgive me if it has been mentioned. His choice of words would be completely forgotten if they didn't drop him. It was covered by golf channel for 12 hours after but thats it. There was no story on ESPN, nothing on CNN, Fox, Good Morning America, no Facebook posts calling for action on JT or RL. RL dropping him and the eye rolling and mild backlash is the story, not what he said. I understand RL is much larger than golf, and appeals more toward the LBGTQ than anything golf ever will. But RL lost in this ordeal and the PR, not
  3. Agreed. This should be a 'blue' or even 'red' profile. It's great having choices but Project X is getting pretty muddy with their naming and colors.
  4. Yep, looks good, feel great, and goes a mile. But it goes left. If I can't lower loft a degree and get the face open(and freely switch shafts) then it's not playable.
  5. That's why I had high hopes for this line after the Mavrik. It performs great(the Mavrik) but bonded is an immediate deal breaker.
  6. I hear ya, I don't like judging something before hitting it. Shape from address, face shape, no adjustability, no full face scoring lines, lack of a true SZ option.
  7. I understand looks are subjective and clubs always grow on me. However, there is not a single appealing thing about these.
  8. It definitely looks real, but at that price he's either really desperate or has no intention of shipping.
  9. Triple D and Max LS. Spot on. Face shape will likely be much different too. Just pointing out Callaway is getting closer to having their best head available to the masses.
  10. Seems to pic up a handful of yards/ballspeed with a non fitted club versus a fitted club only 3 months old. Not too shabby. Would like to see the numbers with Pro White after a couple range sessions to get it dialed in.
  11. Anything would be more interesting than this thread. We're stuck talking about Jon friggin' Rahm, Cuator(!) shoes, and the tired subject of Callaway's tour only clubs.
  12. Anyone try to order from PGASS? I want to order but also want them to actually ship...
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