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  1. Played Soboba yesterday, greens were in the goldilocks zone(medium-to-moderate firmness and fast). Everyone of my full swing approach shots that hit the green surface, stayed within a 4 foot radius of my ball mark! As usual/typical, I'm the only one in our group with MB's, and, with these smaller 'ball mark to ball finish' green results. True muscular player's CB's, are pretty close in performance to MB's, for this type of result, IMHO. This 'ball mark to ball finish' green miss(or dispersion is a better word for it), is what I'm more interested in. For the full spectrum of greens firmness that I regularly encounter(soft to hard), I usually see MB's with the better average results in the whole spectrum. My observations are from real play, and not virtual flight tracers. My MB's make me more confident, and, feel more like a surgeon on well struck shots. Cheers,
  2. Refinish those blades and fall in love with them again!
  3. Knock down shot...tinker with a shaft, tee height, technique and head bias weights, so that you can effectively have a repeatable knock down shot with the ST200. This may turn out to result in 250yd fairway splitting shots on non-windy days. Besides, this is good 'go to' option to have over others anyway, on blustery days! Cheers,
  4. Liked, Lobo on duty and keeping the fairways and greens from running afowl and getting an un-intended overseeding! Anyone else know of, or have a K9 greenskeeper(Karl Spackler) on payroll too?
  5. Mt Woodson. Fits the bill for hidden gem and off the beaten path. About an hour from Diego, and memorable. Definitely not a walking course though.
  6. I played my mojo inspiring grips(Sur-Tac's) for way too long as well. They ranged from pristine on the 2i, to progressively deteriorated on the PW, before a re-grip with Chamois during C19. The new grips inspired when I first tried them out(theme song from movie 'Rocky'), now my fx-101's are permanently back in the bag! I don't own a set of FG-17s, and I've never owned or played a 1 iron. Told myself to always be on the lookout. I spotted this butter knife right away, confirmed it was a '1' and a Wilson...lifted and turned it around to read fg-17..."no way...nooooo waaaay...this is mine!" Now I had to act like I wasn't excited as I approach the counter to pay for it...so I blurt out, "I'll give you $3 for this walking stick", and he says, "sold". Just like finding buried treasure, it is!
  7. I have a FG-17 1 iron to match that set...recently found it for $3 at thrift.
  8. Found this fun read when researching... https://archive.lib.msu.edu/tic/golfd/article/1969jan19.pdf *wanted to know what my irons retailed for back then. Good stuff wasn't cheap then either. Notice how often aluminum shafts are mentioned... 1969jan19.pdf
  9. range of carry yards for each club, i.e. from high to low trajectory and the normal carry number between them.
  10. Here's interesting information provided in the past by another WRX'r, found on the packaging of a set of First Flight irons from the 80's...would the number usually found on the original set ferrules, usually match one of these codes or specs? *see my ferrule number photo as an example...
  11. My prescription Ray Ban Wayfarers, are durable and quality, stay put during the swing, are polarized, and are kinda semi-wrap around due to the wide sides. I've tried both the Green and Amber tint, the Amber works best for me to see the white ball at a farther distance.
  12. Use a can of foot spray...it will both implicate, and exonerate. I will often hit too high on the face, and not realize it.
  13. Played Eberhart-Petro GC in South Bend, IN today. Opened in 1929, updated to a full 18 track in '49. Small greens, narrow tree lined fairways, and you get to tee across the St Joseph River 3 times from the whites...4 times from the tips. Really nice all around conditions for only $30. Thanks to the posters for helping me to pick a track with character...Eberhart was certainly good for that. Here is a pic from tee box on hole 18. Today, I lost 3 balls to the golf gods, and still shot below my index(and with borrowed clubs)! Recommended. Cheers,
  14. An inquiring mind wants know... On First Flight irons from the 60's, in this case 1968; are the numbers on the ferrules a unique serial number, or a basic build code for the set, or, possibly like a vehicle VIN code(basic build options and serial number combined)? See here...and mucho thanks for any assistance.
  15. Thank you. I'll be in South Bend, in near future and will likely get one round in. The Warren course is nearer to our lodging...but, I spotted a muni near Mishawaka, Eberhart-Petro. Looks to have some character and your shots will cross the river 3 times before the round is up. Any advice to try vs avoid this muni?
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