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  1. I thought that deal was too good to be true, there must of be a catch. Unlimited greens fee, unlimited cart fee, there's gotta be some hidden fee. Most course charge that for ONE year of full golf. Makes me wish I lived in Maryland. Unfortunately I would probably spend more time on 95/270 than I would playing golf.... Still very tempting....
  2. Interview questions? I'll bite... 1. Socks please. 2. Mashie and Niblick! 3. Play it as it lies. 4. on any type of gambling
  3. Drivable par 4 with water down right side! Perfect example of tweaking a hole without changing the initial design. That hole is a layup hole (long iron-3wood) off the tee. Pounding driver doesn't give you an advantage unless you're Brysonesque. Shortening it puts it in reach for most with the miss being equally penalizing for all. Would be a great addition to an already well designed course! Is Worthington the official home course of the "Hive"? Is the hive accepting new memberships?
  4. The course does seem disjointed and forced with the long transfers between holes but I think that it has some of the best holes around. Great use in elevation, gives you various options off the tee (not just pounding driver), greens have lots of slope but are fair, everything is generally in front of you (all holes are framed nicely from the tee) with very little blind shots, drivable par 4, tough par 3's, reachable risk/reward par 5s. Negatives: Not walkable, very little rough separating fairway from penalty areas which punishes stray drives, high green fees
  5. For all you PoSho haters, I would be willing to host a foursome (still have gift certificates from tourneys left over) when things calm down (covid). Give the course another chance. I could probably shave 5-10 stokes just giving you course advice. What's sad is that I bought a cart bag last winter specifically for playing PoSho but now I have now use for it. I lugged that thing from Korea before the pandemic hit, it was a real pain in the butt.
  6. I believe so. Before I left I remember there was talk of making the change. I think they had to get permission from Jack.. Not a fan of the change. The old 2 (new #18) is a long iron/hybid/3 wood off the tee. Something about taking driver out of your hands on the finishing hole doesn't sit well with me.
  7. You're right, It's a shame what the townhomes did visually to the finishing hole (old 18). Now it's 16 I guess, haven't played it this year. At least the homes don't come into play on any of the holes. Haha, we always gave them hell for false advertising... The staff is great though, from pro shop to the restaurant/bar as well as the members. Gonna miss it but I was coming from Arlington and it was a pain in the a** to get to. Laurel Hill is a much easier drive for me, I hear they have a good membership but something about the course just doesn't do it for me. P
  8. Agreed, its very unforgiving if you just miss the fairway. Strength of my game has always been Driver (don't really miss many fairways) . Course has always fit my eye for some reason... On #10, the trees only come into play if you lay up just short of them. If playing it like a standard 3 shotter, I would suggest laying up down the left side (left of the trees) and you'll have 100-120 in (the hill will funnel your ball down). It really depends on you tee shot and what your strategy is on playing the hole. If I'm not in position to get on in two, I play my 2nd down the right s
  9. One of the easiest* holes at Posho, making 5 almost feels like bogey.... (*need to know where to hit it...was a member there for a while) Can understand the difficulty if you never really played there, can be said about the entire course. Course (Posho) gets lots of hate but still one of my favorites in the DC area. Hello all, new member and found this thread. Took the year off for obvious reasons but have been itching to get out. It's been fun reading up on this local thread, entertaining to say the least. Hopefully can join one of your events in the future since I'm with
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