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  1. Did winn make it? I assumed they did, they make the Scotty matador "mallet" grips.
  2. Can you order wedgeworks wedges through anyone with a titleist account? Or do you have to go straight through wedgeworks?
  3. Already has been playing it. Srixon has been making this ball for 10+ years for Japan market and tour players. Anyone tour player that wants to play it would already have been using it.
  4. What Sdemo said, just the hula girl with her top off is the special.
  5. Well at least we know they will go back to doing some random monday releases, site can't handle the normal tuesday release when everyone expects it. Can't understand how they refuse to address site issues.
  6. Sneak peak of the special as well vs the normal one.
  7. They renew sometime in April, or at least they did last year.
  8. Ping is on a 2 year release cycle. They released last year. We'll see a new one next year.
  9. No one had priority. Anyone who could buy one in time could.
  10. If you signed up for the membership you should have created an account, so just sign in with that account and they'll recognize you are a member.
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