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  1. I don't think they're overpriced because I can't make that judgement without ever have tried there stuff. I'm just saying the name makes them sound like a $50 putter company.
  2. They have some pretty cool headcovers, that's for sure.
  3. If they're good quality then that's what really matters at the end of the day. Maybe I'm the only one off put by the name, but the name is so 2012 haha.
  4. How good are the Swag Putters? Their whole brand and the name are just really off putting (no pun intended) to me. Even if they are really high quality, "Swag Putters" just sounds like a cheap $100 putter brand, and I think it will just continue to age badly.
  5. Longshot but anyone here a member of the Mane Club for Piretti and if so is it worth it? I like some of their headcovers, but not all, and its not any cheaper than just buying one every 3 months and there I could pick one I like.
  6. Yeah I work at a golf course and I saw a Mizuno order sheet for 2021 and it had listed an M-Craft 4,5, and 6. Haven't seen pictures yet tho.
  7. Oh really that’s cool! Where did you hear that?
  8. Yeah, the keyword there is "should" because for me it certainly not over haha.
  9. His swing is way too athletic for the average joe or even many pros to replicate, best part of golf is that there are many ways to "skin the cat" or swing the golf club. His isn't realistic for the majority of people, works great for him. Very athletic swing.
  10. Is it just the P wedge that has this problem? If all of your other clubs are performing as expected, then there could be something wrong with the single club.
  11. That's what great about putters, they are so unique to everyone and there's a beautiful putter for everyone.
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