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  1. Ping G425 best looking cb iron? Yikes. Maybe best looking game improvement iron, but there are so many better looking cavity back irons.
  2. I agree. In terms of play, a scotty putter (let’s say newport) is not going to make you drop more putts than a newport style putter from every other brand (assuming weight, loft, lie, etc are the same). That’s why it really comes down to looks, and Scotty putters are going to win out in terms of looks for most golfers, as long as they’re willing to pay the price. And most other brands aren’t far off in terms of price. Obviously personal preference is hugeeee in golf (as you can see from this thread lol) so I won’t discount your dislike for a product. It just isn’t for you, nothing wrong with t
  3. Makes it easier to adjust loft and lie angles on a cast iron head. But I don't like it's looks either, or any ping iron besides blueprints for that matter.
  4. To be fair, try to find a putter maker that doesn't use a design from Karsten. Ping pioneered modern putters, and they should be the number one putter maker in the world as a result, and the only people they can blame for not being on top is themselves. For most people, those "knockoffs" feel and look much better than what Ping is creating at the moment.
  5. There's a reason most free agent tour players will play vokeys, a Scotty, and a pro v ball. And anymore everything else is priced the same. What is there to like? Performance, looks, and tour validation.
  6. How often will new stuff appear in the speed shop?
  7. Which part of your game do you consider weaker? Whichever one you think will save you the most strokes is the one you should get fit for.
  8. Despite the BXS being the "spinny" model of the B series, the BX isn't very far behind, it is still a mid/high spin ball from what I've seen.
  9. The BX is going to spin a lot more than the left dash, there actually isn't a lot of spin difference between the BX and BXS. Both pretty spinny.
  10. Can't argue with that, DJ is on fire right now. But Brooks at his best vs DJ at his best last group in a major on Sunday I'm taking Brooks, but DJ is obviously playing the best right now, we'll see if Brooks is really back to form.
  11. Awesome, thanks for the info. Do you happen to have a link to the thread?
  12. You sure about that? There are plenty of people that will b*tch any time he does something about the pettiest things. He's also arguably the best player on tour at the moment, like it or not.
  13. Just another petty reason for Brooks haters to reach to dislike him. Find me a pro that's never thrown or broken a club.
  14. I've seen multiple videos where people cut open a full dozen, and find multiple off center balls. You're likely going to find one off centered ball in any dozen, but Callaway obviously had a glaring issue, they wouldn't invest $100 million into quality control if there was no issue. Don't like their balls in the first place anyways, there's a reason over half of their tour pros use an off the shelf firmer variation.
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