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  1. Obviously something went wrong but if they added an extra 0 then wouldn't they have had to cancel 90% of orders? And obviously it wasn't that high percent of cancelations.
  2. I like it, hoping for a big release since it's basically at Scotty headquarters.
  3. What do you think the release will be like?
  4. Probably gonna sound dumb but what's the TCC release for November 30th? Thanksgiving?
  5. Stitching is always the easiest way to tell, if the letters are connected by threads it's fake.
  6. That's why I thought there might be one.
  7. My old man has an American Classic III that we’re looking to re-shaft to make it longer (dislike using plugs to lengthen) and was wondering if anyone knew what shaft size it requires?
  8. Was there a "special" headcover for the PGA release?
  9. Yeah might've been your internet, had no problem getting the headcover and path tool at about 9 am MT. But still, kinda dumb that Scotty has to go to random times to give his site a chance. Best thing to do is just be logged in super early. I was able to get stuff from the Masters release because I was logged in at 9 MT, but I understand not everyone has the luxury of time to sit around refreshing.
  10. Is it possible to order a combo set of Mizuno Jpx Forged with mizuno mp 20 hmb? Or will they not do it because they’re different lines? Also how does the MP 20 MMC compare to the JPX forged?
  11. Got this CS Piretti on the way to me right now. My father also has the Scotty Golo S5 that I wish I could steal from him, things sweet.
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