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  1. Hoping to get some information on Scotty M&G membership information, as I'm thinking of joining next year. If anyone has info on stuff like when they'll open 2022 memberships, what time/dates drops usually are, etc. Thanks in advance!
  2. Yeah looks like they just did the white and black one and I definitely ordered the white one so I'm pretty sure it's a special. Do they do specials often?
  3. I ordered the white cover from last week and received this, is this a special?
  4. Seen a couple Scotty cameron towels like these for sell, are they legit?
  5. Putting disc and ball marker were cool though.
  6. There's only so much Scotty can do with a potato over the years lol. I wonder if he changed up and did releases for some different events if that would get some better creative juices flowing.
  7. I think it's up to everyone in the group. If everyone in the group is ok with it, then go ahead. If even one person isn't, turn it off and wear earbuds if you really need it. Don't inconvenience others.
  8. Obviously something went wrong but if they added an extra 0 then wouldn't they have had to cancel 90% of orders? And obviously it wasn't that high percent of cancelations.
  9. I like it, hoping for a big release since it's basically at Scotty headquarters.
  10. What do you think the release will be like?
  11. Probably gonna sound dumb but what's the TCC release for November 30th? Thanksgiving?
  12. Stitching is always the easiest way to tell, if the letters are connected by threads it's fake.
  13. That's why I thought there might be one.
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