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  1. Should pop up at social medias within some hours from now.
  2. They will drop at the same time as Forged Tec Copper which means shops can show them on Thursday. So I guess we might see something on social media tomorrow already if we are lucky
  3. Cobra will release 7 new putters. Release in the beginning of June.
  4. Hey all, Shops can unveil those this Thursday already which means it's REALLY soon. Earlier date (12th of March) probably means delivery starts by then.
  5. Hey guys, Got updated release schedule for this (EU atleast). Selling starts on 26th of March but shops can show them next Tuesday already (9th of March) which means Cobra probably will make them public the same day or the day before.
  6. Looks a little bit(e) better in this picture than the GolfDigest one. Not sure if they will be delayed or not but initial date was set to 12th of March.
  7. Put in the order 2021-02-13 at my local golf shop in EU. Ping promised delivery before 2021-04-16. Picked it up yesterday 2021-02-26 at my local store. Exact specs: 10.5° LST, Ping Tour 173-65 (Graphite, flex: Stiff), standard length with ARCCOS Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 (thickness: White) and a total of 3 tapelayers. I knew the grips were smaller than other brands but it actually feels alot smaller than my cobra club grips with 2 extra tapelayers.
  8. Ordered a LST 10.5 Tour 65 Stiff and got it delivered today on the 10th working day, pretty impressive! PING said two months at first.
  9. Has anyone tried the LST FW? My shop says they will not even have demo clubs of LST FW in the stores because they don't sell. Is LST Driver and Max FW the only way to go?
  10. I've heard it will cost more than original color. Not sure if it's not clear yet and shops is just taking it for granted but it's around 100$ more expensive in my currency.
  11. Just had a custom fitting done and ordered the LST version, 10,5 degrees, stiff with tour 173-65 shaft. Estimated delivery: 16th of April. Let's hope it comes quicker than that... It totally beat every other club in dispersion.
  12. There are already some pictures of this in other threads. But release is 12th of March.
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