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  1. I don't know which era is the worst, but I certainly know which one is the best Paige is a darling... Photo credit: the internet Muse: Paige Spiranac
  2. Yes, finally, MX-300 owner here. I completely agree with u, mate. It was my second set of irons, and I played it for almost a decade before switching to Miura. I loved that set, and still do. Mizunos are known for their soft irons, and that set is an exemplary example. They play even softer than my Miuras. Only if my vanity did't get the better of me, I would have never switched to Miura. Now they are sitting in my closet collecting dust. Maybe I'll take them out again someday...
  3. Holy mother of putters... That scotty looks out of this world. I've never been a fan of long neck, but this just changed my mind. And that bag too. U cant go wrong with a vessel. Damn, I need a sugar mama
  4. Welcome to the forum, mate. The Hogans are gorgeous. I'd love to own a set myself. If ur funding is not capped, go for a set of Miura cavity back. I'm playing the CB 1008 and love every bit of it. Forged, with plenty of forgiveness. Good luck on ur search. Cheers
  5. Love my Itobori and Yururi wedges. The Itoboris are easy to play with plenty of bounce. And the Yururis just grab the balls like carbon brakes. Good luck with the search, mate. Cheers
  6. Sickkkkk They've been popping up all over my insta feed. The outsole looks out of this world. My only concern is that they are not fully water proof. The courses where I live are wet this time of year. Might still snag a pair tho.
  7. The Miuras look so clean Fantastic head and shaft combo. I've always wanted a set of Miura blades, mainly for the bragging right and street cred Are the baby blades Miura's smallest blades out there?
  8. Same here, mate. I leave quite a gap between my driver and 3 hybrid, but just can’t seem to hit the 3w consistent enough to stick it in the bag. It’s my trouble club...
  9. Good for u, mate. That’s inspiring to see an 9+ hdc can scratch it on a good day. Cheers
  10. Top (right) hand for me. Tiger often talks about how he likes to feel the shots with his right hand, so I just do what the Tiger does. Works wonder.
  11. Nice improvement, mate. Very impressive change of swing in such a short 3 weeks. I salute u. Cheers
  12. This set is gorgeous. The lines and angles are so crisp. The lack of branding makes it pure. Good luck with the sale, mate.
  13. I believe it all comes down to preferences. It’s true that u’ll lose some distance and mishits are not as easily forgiven; however, if u like the blades enough to pick up a set, u’ll figure out a way to make it work for u. I’m assuming that u are not competing in any professional tours, so performance is not the most important factor when considering a set. If it looks good and feels good, then who cares if it it doesn’t perform as well as the others. Just go for it, mate. She’s never out of ur league. Cheers
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