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  1. Sunday fun day with a lil exotic dancing... #badabing #thesopranos
  2. I think everyone goes thru the same phase every now and again. I have a habit of filming myself on the range. During a slump, i’d go back to the vids from a better time then compare the swings. I often find the culprits rather quickly, but changing back to the way they were might take some time. Good luck, mate.
  3. I have a friend whose swing resembles watching an online video with bad connection, constantly stopping and buffering. It literally takes him 4 separate moves with full pauses to complete his back swing. He still shoots low 80s. Golf is a strange sport...
  4. I don’t think any players would say no to chasing distance. Everyone wants to hit it a lil further. Tiger went to the gym and hit it over 300 20 years ago. Rory has been hitting the gym and carried the ball for miles way before Bryson did. Bryson just took a different and more scientific approach to distance, which is a hybrid of a long drive contestant and a pro golfer. I don't see anything wrong with chasing distance the way Bryson does it. All credits to him if he can send it straight to the moon.
  5. I’ll plant my trail (right) foot a little firmer on the ground during the down swing. Im other words, I’ll keep my lower body more “quiet,” or delaying the weight shift to my lead (left) leg until after ball contact. I hope it helps. Cheers
  6. That wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Count me in for a quick 9 holes before or after work.
  7. You are right that "appropriate attire" is more of a tradition. Some traditions become obsolete over time, but I truly believe that certain traditions are worth keeping, i.e. keeping your shirt tucked in during a televised tour level competition. If u read my comment, u'd see that I really don't care what people wear on the course. All I'm trying to convey is that when it comes to the PROS on tour, I don't think it's a lot to ask for slacks and tucked in shirts. They are athletes, but also entertainers and role models. They just look more professional and presentable that way. I kn
  8. As a grinder, I wish I’m a bit more talented. Grinding can only get u so far. I’ll chose to be like Phil every single day.
  9. I wouldn’t risk changing what already works. Why fix something that’s not broken? Spend that money on ur wife so she’ll let u golf more often .
  10. Everyone is chasing distance nowadays, not just Bryson. He just happens to be the poster boy due to his dramatic physical transformation. Mickelson at 50 yo is still chasing it daily. He talks about hitting bombs every other sentence. I think distance and accuracy are pro golfers’ life long pursuit. The chase will never stop.
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