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  1. Hi, I have purchased a brand new Ping G425 #2 hybrid. It came with a Tensei CK 80 Orange Stiff. I am looking to swap for a Ping Alta CB 70 Stiff from a G425 or a G410. Any interest? Thanks TF
  2. Hi, I carry a 3 wood but rarely hit it. Probably due to confidence but also due to course length. I have a Ping G410 3 hybrid which I really like and am thinking about replacing my 3 wood with a #2 hybrid, possibly delofting it to around 15 degrees. Any thoughts in this? What are the best hybrids people are using? TIA
  3. Thank you. It’s fairly exposed and windy where I play and so the idea of a lower, penetrating ball flight also appeals. Sadly, we’re on lockdown and so I can’t go and hit some balls and test a few out.
  4. How would the Hzrdus smoke black 60 stiff compare to the Diamana d+ 60 stiff?
  5. Hi there, I’ve got a SIM Driver with a Hzrdus Smoke Green 70 6.0 stiff shaft but want a Diamana S 60 stiff or something equivalent for mid launch. What equivalents are out there?
  6. I have just seen firm proof from the guy I purchased the driver from that it is genuine. Thank you for all of your input, much appreciated.
  7. So, given that my scales only measure in whole numbers, the sliding weight seems like it could be genuine. I have no reason to question the club aside from paranoia of reading online about fakes doing the rounds. How does it look from a visual point of view? I have also taken a picture of the plastic packaging.
  8. On further inspection, the black weight itself has a ‘4’ inscribed and does weigh 4g. Should the weight alone weigh 10g or is the 10g a combination of the weight and the silver attachment?
  9. The weight on the sole is 9g. Should the rear weight be removable with the same tool? I am struggling to remove it, the tool is too big.
  10. Hi, I have bought a TM SIM 9 degree driver from an individual on a Facebook group. However, I am a little dubious as to whether it is real or fake. Could someone tell me what weight the head (including the shaft screw still being in there) should be? Maybe if they could weigh theirs and post a picture that would be helpful.
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