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  1. Great question I’m currently cross shopping with the rogue white 70x as well. Have u looked at a ventus blue 7x? Wonder how that would compare
  2. Thank you yeah I got it done with them, they took care of it. Very good customer service too. Thanks
  3. Does anybody know or you can order from Carl’s golfland and specify a custom swingweight on a club? Thanks
  4. Very interested in this as well, also thinking about the LST model too
  5. I notice a lot of people go flatter with the wedges, why is this? Is this the consensus?
  6. Would be a modus 120 tx in both so everything is the same
  7. The i500 is working out better for u then your i210 4i did?
  8. I saw a video of Marty jertson on 2nd swing and he said the g425 crossover was designed to go higher than the g425 iron but lower than the hybrid, it was designed to be in between these two flights. Also was specifically made to launch higher with more spin than the g410 crossover. In case anyone was interested
  9. Thank you for the recommendation. I was thinking about that but decided to try the crossover out- we’ll see how it goes
  10. Who did you order it with to specify the swingweight? If you don’t mind me asking
  11. Just 2 months for the irons and wedges? I ordered the exact same set composition!
  12. What loft is your crossover? Yeah I thought of a g425 iron that could be perfect
  13. I would be replacing an i210 4 iron with the new g425 crossover. Same shaft and loft. thanks for your replies!
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