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  1. Maybe try posting in the “classic” section….there seems to be a HUGE amount of Hogan knowledge there. For example:
  2. I’ve used this before: https://www.amazon.com/Alien-Pros-Wrapping-Tapes-3-Pack/dp/B07R9W2MMQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=grip+wrap+golf&qid=1632268765&sr=8-3
  3. If they were raw, wouldn’t they have some rust, even a tiny bit, 20+ years on? For example, I have an old Cleveland 588 raw wedge that I never played, not once, in a closet. It’s completely and evenly “rusted”…meaning there’d be no way to mistake it for chrome. And it’s never even been wet or struck.
  4. Golfworks has the full line, I believe.
  5. Own my own cart, and pretty much never walk. Just went from Titleist 15 to a Ping DLX, which is 14 way. Best bag I’ve ever owned and couldn’t imagine going back. I think the key is finding a club order that works for you, and the vertical orientation on a cart. JMO.
  6. I’m with Stuart on this. I really wanted this shaft to work for me; but at the prescribed weight for my swing speed, the flex is unworkable. Too many other great options to frustrate over these.
  7. Due to wrist/elbow/shoulder, I pulled LZ 5.5 mid-summer and replaced with Recoil 95 F4 I had laying around. P760 irons. Fairly smooth tempo. No swing change, but based on “new” ball flight and distances, I believe the Recoils play soft to flex and definitely softer than the LZ 5.5. However, how much of that is graphite vs steel, IDK. It’s also a 20g weight change, but I don’t have swing speed numbers to indicate any change there either. We’ve all read here over and over that shaft weight is key…so maybe I was misfit with the LZ 5.5 to begin with? Point being, Ive always thought the 5.5 were pretty firm for a shaft with an R (or “R+”) describing them. A set of JPX 921s should hit my doorstep this week with Modus3 105 in Regular…hoping to find a middle ground between my LZs and Recoils with those, but won’t hesitate to play graphite in both sets if the results aren’t there. Howard is the savant around here and shouldn’t be ignored, but I’d try the 105 R first with the swing changes you’ve made. Good Luck!
  8. I play a 48° RTX. Then 54-58. I occasionally swap the 54 out for a 52 if the course has less or firm-ish sand (more of a bounce thing that loft)
  9. I see a little shorter carry with the 5S, but very slightly lower flight/more roll…it’s basically a wash. It’s my understanding the Red isn’t much higher than Blue but feels very different in handle. I’ve never used a Ven Blue in driver but have tried an EvenFlow Blue, didn’t really get along well. What happens in my case is, I subconsciously know it’s the S, so tend to swing harder, and then get blocky, and start missing right…or smother into a dead pull. Then I switch back to the R, recapture my natural tempo, and it’s like butter again. I can game either, but the R seems to be a better weapon for me…as a “tweener” as well…it’s a different game from the fairway!
  10. This was my initial experience almost exactly, @eric61. Mine was a Red 5R in a SZ Xtreme. About as close to “automatic fairway finder” that I’ve ever used. I hover around 93-98mph, smooth tempo I have since acquired a 5S that I swap in and out, as well as a PXG Gen 4 that is waiting for a 5R to arrive on Monday. Can’t wait to start dialing THAT monster in.
  11. Considering a couple clubs, and wanting to pick a members brain if you care to share. Thanks!
  12. GungHo Golf has a divot action type mat that I this is superior. Called the “Holy Grail” on their site. Won’t save you $/be as cheap as DIY, but it’s fantastic (and I’ve owned/used FB, DivAct, and TrueStrike.)
  13. How about $400? https://www.golfworks.com/economy-iron-bending-machine/p/gw0053/ Biggest problem is the back-order log. I ordered 8/25, and they say 10/15 “available for delivery” now. So ~2 month lead time
  14. I like a step back from the 790s…I play the P760 which aren’t made any longer, but the current P7MC is close. JMO, but more controllable than the 790, less sole width for sure. Ive always preferred the cavity back type iron, DCI and Hogan Edge back in the day.
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