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  1. That is actually my biggest worry of this whole off season change…set PW to the RTX 48°. 4° sounds good but until I’m up to speed with the new shafts/heads and the new 48°, it’s an educated guess at best. I can bend to gap, but I’m still trying to decide about a shaft for the 48° too…same issue re set vs. specialty head differences, etc. (Then again, the HM Forged presents the same issue, as it’s not a HMPro piece, just a good loft gap that happens to be Mizuno) To me, this is half the fun…just like a car guy tuning a motor.
  2. For some reason the picture editing isn't letting me delete/change the correct ones. The PX LZ set that is left are all 5.5 standard length and pictured in last three photos. HOWEVER it is a 5-PW + GW set now (the pic has a 4iron included and ends at PW), ferrules have been removed and tips have been cleaned up; grips also removed. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. I’m planning a switch from P760 to 921HMPro over the winter. Currently have a set PW & 50/54/58 RTX, with the 54 at 12° bounce for fluff. The HMPro PW is 44°, and there is no set GW (although some advocate the HM Forged GW), so I’ve bought a 48° & a 52° RTX, and plan to carry both and yank the 50°; so 5 wedges. PW/48/52/54/58. I use the 54° almost exclusively from sand, and the 48° almost exclusively full swing. 52° becomes my jack-of-all-trades GW. PW at that loft is basically a traditional 9 iron anyway…so it’s only a label. MMTs going in this week or next, then I’ll gap it all out, but this is the plan.
  4. Sorry, can’t help with that model, from my 15 7iron heads collection.
  5. I’ve got a Uneekor QED, and just recently grabbed a Mevo to throw in my bag for the range. Btw, my QED has been compared directly with a GC2, and it’s very accurate. So I set the Mevo up in my sim room, and so far, it’s pretty much dead on relative to the QED in side by side use…possibly a yard or 2 longer. I have seen the thin/bladed shot get some weird results. I chalk that up to QED camera vs radar hitting the ball/club head. IMO, for $500 (or $450), it’s pretty darn accurate and a good tool for practice. A GREAT, mobile companion to my indoor set up
  6. Anything but the 2g considered...trying to avoid buying a full set just to use 1 or 2
  7. All prices shipped in US. PayPal preferred. PM inquiries. 1) Ping G425 3 wood head. Used March thru August. Very clean other than face strike marks. Includes shaft adaptor and head cover. $225 2) PX LZ 5.5 iron shaft pulls. 5-PW, standard length (37" 7 iron). Used all last summer in P760s, pulled them over the winter. Pictured grips have been removed. I'll throw in a matching GW shaft. $135 3) PX LZ 5.5 iron shaft pulls. 5-PW, +1/2”. 4iron included, but is 5.0 and also +1/2”. Played 3 rounds, P790s. Switched to graphite, then sold them MCC +4 Jumbo $150 SOLD 4) MMT .370 80S. 5-GW. Length as shown, but I never installed them. Bought these used here 9/19/21 on a good deal, but subsequent fitting shows they’re too light for me. I’ll take the hit. Original owner says “pulled with extractor, low heat”. They are uncleaned, and can be tapered from current state. Winn DriTac Midsize in great shape. $150 SOLD 5) PX EvenFlow Black Pulled Driver Shaft. 5.5R 65g. Untipped, no adaptor, no grip. Length as shown, butt trimmed slightly. Pulled with extractor. $50 SOLD 6) PX EvenFlow Blue Pulled Driver Shaft. 5.5R 65g. Untipped, no adaptor, no grip. Length as shown, butt trimmed slightly. Pulled with extractor. $50 SOLD 7) EvenFlow Red “Max Carry”, Hand Crafted. 5.5R 55g. Untipped, no adaptor, MCC+4 Jumbo. Length as shown. This was my gamer prior to going Ventus Red…one full season of use. Pulled with extractor. $75 SOLD 8 ) Paderson Kinetixx Launch Fairway shafts. KG65-F30 (Reg). 3w/5w. Pulled from my Epic Flash combo, tried the 3w in my Ping G425, so it still has the adaptor installed…I can extractor pull it if you don’t want it. Length as shown, no grips. Gamed all last summer, great condition. $75 each, $140 for both. SOLD
  8. Ventus Red or the Fuji Pro 2.0 irons! #biased
  9. My 3w & 7w shafts are the Tensei Raw Orange. 5w had the Alta. I find I can swing the 5w w/3w shaft (ordered w/out Arcoss, so it’s full length) & lose nothing off the tee, maybe 3-5 yards off fairway (but waaaaay easier to launch, so net positive), then choke down 1-1&1/2” and get my 7w/3hy distance. I’m likely going 5 wedges next spring, and Dr-5w-4hy at the top.
  10. Interesting. I took my 7w apart, and it comes in at 217g w/10g weight. (I actually game a G425 3hy currently, which is 234g w/10g weight)
  11. 213g w/ a 10g weight installed I play the 3w shaft in a 5w, and it’s exceptional for me. Good luck!
  12. Not too particular about the shaft, but Nippon wedge is a plus.
  13. I was playing G425 3w and 7w with the 3w lofted up 1°, so 15.5 & 20.5°. But unless I caught the 3w really well off the fairway, it never went more than 8 or 9 yards farther than the 7w…maybe 50% success, with the other 50% low runners and ending up shorter than a full carry 7w. It became a tight tee only club—which is two holes at most at my course. So I replaced the 3w with a 5w (17.5°) but use the 3w shaft in it. Then I bounce back and fourth between the 7w and a 3hy (19°) for now, gapping to 4hy & irons. The fairways and hybrids being adjustable (all G425) really help dial this in. I’ve had good success experimenting with choking down an inch, inch and a half on the 5w and getting my 7w/3hy distance; yet with the 3w shaft, I can use it off the tee and not really lose anything at all vs the 3w. So I’ve turned one club into a 3 way tool! Due to this and the strong lofts of modern irons—a 44° PW!—I’m thinking about going with 5 wedges (P-G1-G2-56-60) and just the 5w between Driver and 4hy. Unintended, but it seems more valuable to me, arming myself with more scoring/recovery options for 18 holes rather than long clubs with 8yrd gaps that I might use 3 times a round at most.
  14. Maybe try posting in the “classic” section….there seems to be a HUGE amount of Hogan knowledge there. For example:
  15. I’ve used this before: https://www.amazon.com/Alien-Pros-Wrapping-Tapes-3-Pack/dp/B07R9W2MMQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=grip+wrap+golf&qid=1632268765&sr=8-3
  16. If they were raw, wouldn’t they have some rust, even a tiny bit, 20+ years on? For example, I have an old Cleveland 588 raw wedge that I never played, not once, in a closet. It’s completely and evenly “rusted”…meaning there’d be no way to mistake it for chrome. And it’s never even been wet or struck.
  17. Golfworks has the full line, I believe.
  18. Own my own cart, and pretty much never walk. Just went from Titleist 15 to a Ping DLX, which is 14 way. Best bag I’ve ever owned and couldn’t imagine going back. I think the key is finding a club order that works for you, and the vertical orientation on a cart. JMO.
  19. I’m with Stuart on this. I really wanted this shaft to work for me; but at the prescribed weight for my swing speed, the flex is unworkable. Too many other great options to frustrate over these.
  20. Due to wrist/elbow/shoulder, I pulled LZ 5.5 last spring and replaced with Recoil 95 F4 I had laying around. P760 irons. Fairly smooth tempo. No swing change, but based on “new” ball flight and distances, I believe the Recoils play soft to flex and definitely softer than the LZ 5.5. However, how much of that is graphite vs steel, IDK. It’s also a 20g weight change, but I don’t have swing speed numbers to indicate any change there either. We’ve all read here over and over that shaft weight is key…so maybe I was misfit with the LZ 5.5 to begin with? Point being, Ive always thought the 5.5 were pretty firm for a shaft with an R (or “R+”) describing them. A set of JPX 921s should hit my doorstep this week with Modus3 105 in Regular…hoping to find a middle ground between my LZs and Recoils with those, but won’t hesitate to play graphite in both sets if the results aren’t there. Howard is the savant around here and shouldn’t be ignored, but I’d try the 105 R first with the swing changes you’ve made. Good Luck!
  21. I play a 48° RTX. Then 54-58. I occasionally swap the 54 out for a 52 if the course has less or firm-ish sand (more of a bounce thing that loft)
  22. I see a little shorter carry with the 5S, but very slightly lower flight/more roll…it’s basically a wash. It’s my understanding the Red isn’t much higher than Blue but feels very different in handle. I’ve never used a Ven Blue in driver but have tried an EvenFlow Blue, didn’t really get along well. What happens in my case is, I subconsciously know it’s the S, so tend to swing harder, and then get blocky, and start missing right…or smother into a dead pull. Then I switch back to the R, recapture my natural tempo, and it’s like butter again. I can game either, but the R seems to be a better weapon for me…as a “tweener” as well…it’s a different game from the fairway!
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