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  1. I am in a simulator league this winter and the ball we use is a nondescript (no brand) ball with markings on it to help the simulator track spin i assume. I would estimate the ball quality is similar to a decent range ball. The distances i get on the simulator are very much in line with what i would expect for my game, however I'm not sure how reliable the spin data is. Wedges are only spinning 2k-4k RPMs Irons between 4.5k-7.5k Wood and hybrid 3.5-4.5k Driver: 3.5-4k The iron spin #s seem reasonable and from my research it sounds like it is not uncommon for range balls to actually spin much less with wedges than other clubs so I'm guessing this is just a matter of the ball (ball still stops quickly on the simulator with wedges despite the extremely low spin). My question has 2 parts: How reliable do you think the driver spin #s are using essentially a range ball? They are higher than what i would have thought. If they are materially accurate, how much could I benefit distance wise from reducing my driver spin? For reference I am gaming a Cobra F8 driver 9.5* Hzrdus red stiff shaft. I was not fitted for this setup, I am relatively new to golf (1.5 years) and bought the driver with regular shaft then got the stiff shaft a few months later on the advice of a friend. My swing speed is typically 105-110 mph with total distances between 250-270 yards average under neutral conditions. My miss with driver is usually a pull, hook or pull/hook but i have made major improvements over the last couple months and have been fairly straight but still working on being able to play a fade as needed.
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