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  1. Loft is 3 degrees and I think the lie angle is 72. The grip is the standard Piretti grip. Forgot to add the grip picture
  2. All prices include shipping to lower 48 via UPS. I refuse to use the postal service! Piretti Matera Elite in black finish. This was my gamer until I bought a flatstick from Lamont. 35". A little wear on the bottom. Comes with weights, tool and two headcovers. $300 Graphite Design AD IZ-85s. Used a handful of times in a G410 hybrid, played to standard length, that I no longer have. I can pull the Ping tip if needed. $SOLD Srixon Z U65 2 iron with Modus 120 TX shaft. Standard L/L/L. I bought this for yardage gaping but my negative AOA means I can't get it in t
  3. Sweet!!!! So if I ever sell anything and the buyer has any questions or issues after the fact, I can just ignore them? As long as I shipped it, I can go ahead and not respond to anything? That rocks! Customer service for the win!!
  4. What help?!?! I'd take anything over nothing! All I'm asking for is if he insured the shipment and if he would also try to contact the post office he used and start a trace on his end. Not asking for them to resolve, just asking them questions and getting no answers.
  5. I'm going through this right now with USPS. I've contacted USPS about running a trace last Thursday and haven't heard anything from them other than the "thanks for getting in touch and we really care". Bad thing is I'm not getting any communication/response/help from the seller too.
  6. I've always been interested in trying out KZG blades or Wishon's blades, but lack of access is detrimental to that. I live in Houston and there isn't even a KZG dealer within 500 miles. If I want to go with Wishon, I have to contact some random guy and go to his house and get fit. Sub70 will let you try before you buy and Haywood used to let you try out their 7 irons, don't know if they still do or not. I'm not saying that if KZG or Wishon would sell direct, they'd start taking a huge chunk of the market, but they'd definitely generate more revenue. Also, when has getting your
  7. Here's a couple more. When I get the finished putter, I'll post it in the Mannkrafted thread I just saw today
  8. Of course Lamont is teasing me with pics. Can't wait to get this out on the course!
  9. My impatience might get the better of me....maybe. I'm tempted to pull the trigger on the black but it's soooooo bland. The Radar Waves looks amazing, but won't be available for 6-8 weeks
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